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  1. Hi Guys, hoping someone can help me. I am trying to add some custom map content but cant seam to export changes made in the editor to the desired format for map.h files. I have tryed with the standard editor and the m3 exporter the 2 closest formats I have achieved are: ["Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F",[13274,14501.5,2.48925],[[0.92015,0.391567,0],[0,0,1]],[false,false]], and "Mil_WallBig_4m_F";213269.96875;14535.321289;138.384;-0;-0;1;2.381439; neither match the format using the {} brackets. also I am not sure if I am using m3 correctly I launch it via a3 launcher and get an extra dropdown in the editor for exporting however I don't seam to have the scroll wheel option thats indicated in the videos. any help would be appreciated Dave
  2. Thanks guys will try this when I get back to my computer.
  3. Hi, I am in the process of setting up an epoch server that I rented from gaming deluxe. Currently on the server when you open your main map your players location is displayed on the map. This is regardless of a GPS being in the players possession. I am hoping to set it up so this will only happen when a player has a GPS but am a bit lost in all the scripts and cant seam to find anything. Thanks Dave
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