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Found 7 results

  1. So i wanted to share a script that make's players navigate a bit easier. I do not know who created this script its been out there for awhile otherwise i would've share'd his Credits for making this. In your init.sqf : // Player Location execVM "marker.sqf"; Create a file called marker.sqf and paste this code into it: if(hasInterface)then{ [] spawn { waitUntil{uiSleep 0.2;!isNil "EPOCH_playerEnergyMax"}; //wait for player to load _playerPos = createMarkerLocal ["PlayerPOS", position player]; //create marker "PlayerPOS" setMarkerTextLocal ""; // Player marker text eg: You "PlayerPOS" setMarkerTypeLocal "Select"; // Player Marker icon "PlayerPOS" setMarkerColorLocal "ColorBlack"; while{true}do{ waitUntil {uiSleep 0.2;visibleMap}; //update marker only while map is open "PlayerPOS" setMarkerPosLocal position player; }; }; }; Now paste both .sqf files into your mission.pbo. I can't remember wich BE filters i added to prevent kicking, But if you need help paste your BE kicks here.
  2. Hi, I am in the process of setting up an epoch server that I rented from gaming deluxe. Currently on the server when you open your main map your players location is displayed on the map. This is regardless of a GPS being in the players possession. I am hoping to set it up so this will only happen when a player has a GPS but am a bit lost in all the scripts and cant seam to find anything. Thanks Dave
  3. hey guys, so i have a custom trader city, which is near green mountain. coordinates: [4577.28,5769.83,0.00140381] But WAI mission sometimes spawn at that location since its a big opening field, I really cant understand the format of the coordinates, for example, this is the blacklist area for stary use_blacklist = true; // Use blacklist: turn false if you are not using Cherno unlesss you know how to do this // If you know how to place world coordinates set regions: [[top left],[bottom right]] // This is only to keep missions from spawning in an area, such as in Stary city // DO NOT ADD SAFE ZONES, these are excluded for ALL maps already blacklist = [ [[5533.00,8445.00],[6911.00,7063.00]] // Stary ]; can anyone explain how this coordinates works, or translate my cords into this one thank you
  4. I currently run an Overpoch Server and everytime a player dies the vehicle disappears and goes back to its original location. I cant figure out what the issue is. Here is my RPT. I get this issue repeatedly in RPT Error Position: <}; > Error Missing { File z\addons\dayz_server\system\server_monitor.sqf, line 458 Error in expression <_done = true; publicVariable "sm_done"; }; Error position: <_ret;> Error Undefined Variable in expression: _ret File z\addons\dayz_code\compile\bis_fnc\fn_selectRandom.sqf, line 24 Error in expression < call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; I just don't know why any of this would affect vehicles resetting their position upon player death.
  5. Hey guys Got a bit of a issue and finding it very tricky to find. For some time vehicles do not update their location in the DB. I find that fresh vehicles "spawned on the same restart" will be fine while re-logging. Once the server has been restarted the vehicles will aways stop in that location no matter what you try. I find that you can move a vehicle, get out and relog and it will move back to its origional position. I cant see any errors what so ever to refer off. My main mods list Plot poles for life single curreny system snap building Jaem I have tried working backwards and even disabling all running mods but no luck. I also added the DZE-forcesave but when daving the vehicle it does nothing. I also found the thrad below regading EMS but that also did not fix the issue. I would be very greatfull for any help what so ever. Cheers Lordgeorge
  6. Hey guys, does any of you have the banks configuration for Napf instead of Chernarus? If anyone has those I would be really grateful! Thanks!
  7. Hi, Is possible fully deactivate location text on spawn? For example: Thanks and sorry for my bad english
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