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Dead by Armalight


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Came across a cool looking  gamemode that also uses Epoch mod and figured I would share it here.


Dead by Armalight - an ArmA III multiplayer mode, where 4 survivors try to escape from maniac , who wants to kill them. Survivors need to activate 4 generators (out of 5) by repairing them.
They need to work in team to activate all of these. When generators are activated, access to the fuse boxes will be opened. Now begins the final part. They need to use these fuse boxes to open the gates (2 gates in different places) and escape from maniac . If they can't, after short period of time access to the secret hatch will be opened, but, only for one player.
If survivors can't escape from maniac , then he'll exterminate them. His aim is to restrict access to the gates. 


Read more and downloads: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/197400-mp-dead-by-armalight/


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