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SUV's on my server appear to launch themselves into the air after a server restart if they were moving within 60 seconds of the period before the restart.


Yesterday morning a player parked his SUV in their base garage about 60 seconds before the server was going down, He exited the SUV and logged out. Upon re-entry to the server after the server came back up, he reported that the garage exploded and he suspected a hacker. There was nothing in the logs to indicate such activity, nor are satchel charges or any other major explosive other than M203 HE and M67 grenades allowed on our server. This situation was a mystery until later in the evening.


At approximately 2100 CST the server went down for another restart, someone had just bought an SUV at Bash and had to drive it out of the safe zone and park it fairly quickly to get out of the safezone before the restart. He logged out and the car was positioned just outside the safezone and showed as being there on my hive map after restart.


After restart the player stated he could not find his car, and he had heard an explosion to the SW side of Bash. I teleported to the player to investigate, the car was still showing on the hive map in its parked position but it was not there. After moving SW across Bash into the field behind it, there was a destroyed SUV about 150m to the SW of its parked position that obviously had exploded.


These are not the only cases of missing SUV's that have been reported to me in the last week or so. A lot of individuals have reported logging in to find their SUV's missing which I have investigated and in each case the SUV was showing in their general parked area on the hive map but was no where to actually be found. I believe these also may be related to SUV's launching themselves into the air on server restarts.


I have also noticed that SUV's are extremely janky in regards to server physics. I happened to drive one myself down the hill from inside Zub, to go through the gatehouse, before reaching the gatehouse the SUV somehow turned itself upwards onto its back bumper and could not be moved. Upon using another car to give it a very light nudge to try to get it back down on its wheels the SUV literally launched itself into orbit, and came down near Vyshnoye where it then exploded.


SUV's have some serious physics issues that could probably use a look.

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Try setting the Z axis of its default spawn position a little higher so at spawn it drops a bit onto the ground and then the engine can sort it. If on a hill it may roll..

I think the issue is when it starts with the wheels 'underground'. once it bounces about enough to escape the ground it pings off into the sky, no doubt some other arma physics is getting involved here.

Quad bikes are a good example, you'll see them bouncing about trying to settle, similar to the old problem of driving them over the lip on a Bridge..

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