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  1. Again in all fairness I'm not saying that its particularly bad for the developers to try it out, I just don't feel that a dilution of the core experience at the developmental level actually serves a purpose. Again going back to core and factual examples. After a code base gets out into the wild, dilution and derivation are an inevitability. Its already happening now. But, If you take DayZ and break down every derivative that spun out of it in A2, the core features of DayZ are still core principles of every single derivative. Building an entire mod around catering to derivatives means a game doesn't have its own identity. When people are talking about multi-player online zombie survival games...they're are almost 80% of the time directly referring to DayZ, not a derivative and not a different title. Why is that? Because DayZ's strong central core principle means that all DayZ derivatives are "DayZ" in the collective internet group think. There are plenty of variants, there are major branches like Epoch and Origins and Breaking Point and minor branches which are derivatives of the major branches...but in the collective group think, they are all "DayZ" and its because of the strong core central mechanics that they all revolve around the main branch from DayZ. Epoch self-diluting seems....kind of self defeating because server admins are going to fuck it around anyways to make it do whatever it needs to do to keep their servers full and donations coming in because lets face it the people that put a buttload of effort into that kind of thing are in it for the donations and the money they can get from nerds and neckbeards that have expendable income....its a cottage industry, I'm not sure why the Epoch team should be concerned with creating assets for them....just create the strong base central core mechanics and...let the server admins actually do some work for their beer money...thats my opinion at least, and I am a former server admin. Strong central mechanics are all a game or a great mod like Epoch needs, adding in fairy dragons "in case someone wants to use them" seems like a gigantic waste of time and effort for the Epoch team because...lets be fair, they'll never make a fraction in donations of what server admins will end up wrangling out of sweaty nerds, using the assets that they created. Just seems like a lot of effort and time put into designing a modular system that will be of very little direct benefit to the guys that actually made it.
  2. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this. Having adaptable content is an interesting idea and I don't think I've ever seen it done, but just because something hasn't been done doesn't always specifically mean its a good idea either. We've never, for example, had a live human being actually ride a nuclear bomb to see what would happen if we did that...cause its simply not a good idea and the veritable science that might be gained from such an endeavor would be largely not worth the ethical cost. Having Epoch be this kind of random table top apocalypse simulation where admins can choose whatever antagonists they feel fits their theme...I think it waters down Epoch's potential to make a large coherent impression of its own. A generic "ala carte" server package where people can add a dash of satanists and finish off with a dessert of mutant unicorns just seems....like a waste of developmental effort. And the reason I say that is already evident in the A2 mod community and its DayZ variants, most server PBO's that have been successful settled into a pretty predictable range of functionality offered. Getting people to play on a server that wasn't 24/7 daylight, that didn't have self blood bagging a million vehicles and whatever else was near to impossible, whats more people that adapted/bought/stole PBO's with single currency solutions had a huge advantage over servers that didn't adopt that and you ended up with large focal disparity. So giving server admins the ability to say "My server only runs para military police forces as antagonists" while someone else says "my server runs mutant rainbow ponies as antagonists"....seems like a waste of development cycles because somewhere in the middle between those two is where the player demand is going to be found and having all those extra assets will be pointless because if you want to run a populated server, it doesn't matter if you want paramilitary police force antagonists.....because the players want mutant rainbow ponies and if your server doesn't have them you'll be paying for an empty server. Simple facts are, antagonists, in my opinion, are a core feature of a game, having an adaptable antagonist resource serves little to no purpose because the general public will end up deciding which antagonists they like and they'll only play on servers that use that configuration.
  3. Sounds good, I'm more than accepting of the current alpha state. Just would like to see Epoch develop out to being on its own level, because in all fairness you guys did answer the survival equation that the original DayZ mod did not answer, and DayZ went on to be its own game and you guys ended up providing the base code for almost 70% of the servers that are still running it....kind of unfair, because Epoch actually finished the mod that Dean started...at least in my opinion. So for A3 I'm just hoping to see Epoch really flesh out into something big on its own, that can capture the same level of grim/dark and neurosis that came along with long sessions of DayZ/DayZ Epoch. You all definitely deserve to really break out, because in all fairness if it hadn't been for Epoch, DayZ wouldn't have turned up as good as it did.
  4. I agree with this, random salt for immunity on spawn so that player could be valuable as a source of antibodies would also be a neat mechanic.
  5. To be more exact, NPC's don't need to be expressly the only antagonist. I'm somewhat underwhelmed by the reproduction of Minecraft antagonists (without the zombies) as the world antagonists in Epoch. While I can appreciate the design effort thats gone into the Sapper and the Cultist their overall place in the world just seems disjointed and like they're completely out of a different game entirely....which in all fairness other than the 3D design, and the AI management code thats gone into them...they pretty much are. What I really feel would best suit Epoch, and lets just go ahead and agree that I'm not making Epoch so I definitely have no say in what it should be doing, this is merely my suggestion and/or opinion about it, is that since we are dealing with an admitted post mass extinction event, we need to actually have some level of connection to that event which presents the environmental antagonism of the mod as a coherent thread of the challenges the game presents. Now everyone is aware that zombies are overdone and I applaud Epoch's move to try to get away from zombies as the world threat antagonist, but the replacement of them with barely substantiated, quasi-paranormal things is somewhat confusing....is this the tail end of the history where the last few survivors are picking their way through the detritus of humanities former glory to survive, or is this some kind of weird episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer: World At War Edition? Simple facts are I've seen it said that the devs do not wish to identify the actual extinction event source for Epoch but instead they want to make that a bit more ambiguous, but the problem with that is...you don't know why you're supposed to be afraid of the world other than....there might be people with guns out there...which by itself can be a bit scary but lets face it most of us, at least in the United States, live in that world every day already...its not very scary most of the time. That aside, and to get to the meat of my suggestion, I feel that Epoch can best serve a non-zombie based apocalypse to its adherents by assuming a world wide viral or bacterial epidemic was the primary source for the extinction of most of the population. Now how does that make the world an antagonist without introducing zombies (because obviously all world wide viral epidemics evolve into zombie out breaks....at least according to most pulp fiction)? Well its pretty simple, viral and bacterial epidemics can burn themselves out without a host population, but there are many types of virus and bacterium that can actually go dormant until suitable host biologies become present. So what you do is you create a system of transfer vectors, via airborne, food source and water source based transmissions, even infecting animals like sheep and dogs and any other non-human entity you can add to the environment without breaking step with the theme. So then on any given Epoch server you have several different pockets of vector transmission occurring, and these outbreaks of the world killing virus can be mobile, following along with animals or people that are infected...but not, of course, completely terminal with the infection yet, exposing other areas of the game map to the transmission, while other areas that now have no suitable host biology to infect go dormant and less active. This then turns animals into threats, it also requires you to be even more careful with your exposure to other individuals, even your friends, if you don't know where they've been, because any one of them could bring the infection back to you. Then of course perhaps after the infection takes its course and a human player "dies" from it without treatment, you can then have the game spawn a sapper or something to represent the final viral form of that previous individual...until that sapper of course explodes and thats that. Overall making your threat intangible, but ever present and always a danger, is almost better than even zombies...because you can fight a virus or a bacteria, especially in more settled Epoch scenarios where bases are being built, you could set up window sealing and air filtering systems as part of the crafting system, you could set up systems for clean prep of foods and purification of water intakes. You could set up a system in of which medical diagnostics could reveal individual infections early on and the proper ingestion of the right medications or the correct innoculations could prevent the individual from becoming communicable and/or dying outright, if you have the right supplies to do so. But in the end you have the endless and mostly invisible specter of disease to always watch out for. And anyone, even the people you don't shoot on sight, could be a threat to you, even without you knowing it...depending on which way the wind is blowing. Lets face it, the paranoia and fear that DayZ inspired in its original mod version is really what made it as good as it was, but zombies are done to death, but disease...not so much, and disease can be just as scary as zombies...even more scary, with enough thought and effort put into it. Anyways just some thoughts off the top of my head, this is in no way me telling the dev team, et all...that they need to do things my way....its simply just a suggestion that I feel could make Epoch more tense and rewarding and challenging, as compared to its current direction which....admittedly, this early on in the alpha, the direction of the design is a bit hard to discern past the basic...loot stuff/build stuff mechanics in place.
  6. semipr0

    Ferris Wheel

    Juggalos to be enviromental threat for Epoch post apoc scenario? Yep...I am officially scared.
  7. The bridge for Taviana was chancy enough in A2:OA....I'm not sure it will work very well in A3 without a serious collision mesh rework.
  8. I uploaded 300 GB overnight so apparently the torrent was working. I figured I did my ratio time though and stopped seeding cause I need my upstream for other things when I'm awake.
  9. Well on the flip side, on the busy servers, Epoch sort of becomes a cyclic experience of building a base with your group, getting settled in, people log off to, god forbid, sleep, then you wake up and your doors have been blown in and all your progress has been more or less lost. Base raiding is a legitimate mechanic of course, and bases should not be invulnerable, but I think the over-abundance of explosives currently on the alpha make attempting to play Epoch somewhat frustrating, unless you can run a 24 hour response watch to keep people off your doors, making a base is more or less a futile gesture at best because generally every day after you log back in your supplies have been raided and you have to spend another few hours hunting down the supplies needed to replace your doors.
  10. Just wanted to put up a concern. I can find tons of Epoch mod servers but generally, especially with the US based server base, it always seems like there are < 10 people on servers at any given time. There are a few exceptions but these servers seem to be more focused around EU based server communities and while thats fine and all, I just don't enjoy playing with 180+ latency to deal with and perhaps a language barrier. I noticed BMRF has a server up and its official, but its never very busy, I'm whitelisted with BMRF and used to play on their servers a lot, but the A3 Epoch server is never very busy. Is it just the early state of the mod that has people waiting to see what happens as it develops? Cause I really like the systems in A3 over A2, but I keep dragging myself back to A2 Epoch for actual stuff to do...yanno, people to get shot at by and all that. Altis is great, but you can't do < 10 people on Altis and ever expect anything near to a tense encounter...and the AI is kinda...not really a threat at this point, other than the AI bandits that can headshot you with PDW's from 400m away...but even then I can usually get two of them before the third one gets me. Anyways...long story short, wheres the challenge from the US clan base/player base? Are people just worried about investing too much effort early on, only to lose it as patches and DB updates come along? TLDR: Where is everyone?
  11. A lean to. I have no real issue with whatever the devs want to use but a standard survival lean to would be far more common to design than a tipi....they are, in fact, far easier to build than tipis.
  12. Its good to see people feeling the same way in regards to dynamic, mobile trader groups. I think traders are a staple of Epoch, I also have no issue with the economy being entirely supply and demand rather than the traders literally being Wal-mart's like they became on so many Epoch servers in A2. I shouldn't just be able to go BUY enough cinder blocks to build a castle...that just took all the challenge out of Epoch entirely and to be fair it shitted up servers so badly that it took ages for them to reload and nothing is more fun than having to deal with a server that has to be restarted every 2 hours and takes 15 minutes to load all objects on a restart afterwards, just cause people infinite stock their traders with enough buyable supplies for someone with an MTVR full of guns to effectively trade for enough materials to build their own Edinburgh Castle. It was just inane. It shitted up the game horribly. It shitted up servers horribly. In all fairness I don't think the SQL tables for server traders should ever be editable in Epoch again but that'll never happen. But at least if they move around, people have to put effort into finding them so they can complete their mission to shit up an entire server for everyone else by insisting on building a 20 bedroom, 12 bath mansion for themselves in the apocalypse.
  13. semipr0


    First of all what does "hippy" have to do with this? Is reactionary language the only language you know? I'm not old enough to be a hippy, I wasn't even alive in the 60's, you'd have to talk to my parents about what being a hippy is. The issue I have is the dogs appear non-threatening and friendly, but, I don't know how to contain that properly because its not reliably clear other than suddenly a dog trying to eat your face that wasn't trying to do so just a few moments ago. Also dogs trail a good way behind the person they've attached themselves to, this gives other players a big hint of what direction to go to perhaps find their next free lootbag (ergo, the player the dog is following). All I'm saying here is that from a feedback perspective the ability to tell a feral dog from a potentially tamable dog would be helpful, simply from a simple game design standard called "visual recognition", I should be able to make certain assumptions about the environment I am currently facing by observing it. I can generally tell, by looking at players, even from a great distance, what their general intent may be. If someones skulking about in a ghillie suit and they've got a Lynx or an LRR on their back, I can almost immediately assume that if they see me, I'm going to be under fire from a sniper. If I see a group of guys with MX variants or TRG's I can assume a certain tactical approach that they will generally use...these are visual recognition cues that allow me to delineate who is a threat to me at any given time. Dogs that are happy to see me do not visually provide enough game based feedback, upon their arrival, as to whether they are beneficial or a threat....which invariably leads me to shooting them as a simple precaution...which I feel is wasteful..if the dog can potentially be a resource to me, or just needless, if the dog was never going to be a threat in the first place...the issue is...its simply hard to tell, so I invariably have to just murder dogs out of concern for my own safety. Its about visual feedback, perhaps my OP doesn't distinctly communicate that, but visual feedback in games is a very important aspect of game design. And it is an alpha...so alpha is when these things should be talked about, so they can be tweaked and adjusted at the discretion of the dev team. Simply saying "its just electronic data, just kill it and stfu you tofu eating, hippy tumblrette." is just...not even really looking at the big picture at all.
  14. semipr0


    Is there a part of the "feedback" process that you don't understand? Its not that I'm being a bleeding heart here, I'm actually providing legitimate feedback. The current implementation of dogs is problematic from a visual recognition perspective. A hostile dog and a non-hostile dog, in the current iteration, is not something you can immediately differentiate. Also, even if the barking is client side only, a dog that is obviously heading in a direction that is not your own direction is more than likely following someone else, making dogs something of a tell tale sign that theres a trail worth following. I don't like having to shoot dogs, but I will if needed cause it is just a game, but being put into a scenario where I can't tell if I need to shoot a dog or not or having to weigh the benefit of having a dog following me around against the dog giving away my general position to others against just shooting it and moving on is kind of an issue for me as a immersion based player. Its feedback, so stop being a man baby about your point of view.
  15. Tactically the trader cities make less sense than mobile trading caravans that randomly shift between locales. Stay with me on this. Trader cities aren't safe because everyone knows where they are at any given time. There is also, big surprise, one way in and one way out. Even a novice tracker/FPS tactician can pretty much understand that if they cut off the flow of individuals at these three sources they can pretty much lock down an entire server. Secondly...the reason static trader cities make no sense is because in a world like Epoch attempts to represent, static trading outposts like this, unless heavily guarded, would be overrun by bandits faster than people could actually make them viable trading destinations. The entire idea that a bunch of people with valuables would be standing around in the same place is relatively ludicrous. The mod is in alpha and thats as good a time as any for feedback such as this. And the simple facts are is having three mobile caravans that visit major cities and move around makes more sense from a tactical and from a realistic perspective. Most of these "trader" groups, in a post apocalyptic world, would be going where the scrounging was best, because thats where they'd get the easiest access to their stocks...and given the way supply and demand works in a world with low means of production is that just like in any hunter gatherer society, areas would slowly get exhausted and the largest consumers, which would be the trading groups, would have to wander around to keep their stocks fresh. Now as this applies to new spawns and spawning in Epoch in general, this works just fine, because spawn points aren't completely random, but they're random enough for it to be a lot less predictable, and instead of you being just some fully spawned adult individual that just blinks into existence on some mystical island with strange alien manhole cover technology on it, you spawn in in the general area of where one of the trader groups is currently set up in....as one of the general area scavengers that supplies them with their wares....what a concept, an actual premise for being where you are at the time you arrive in the world of Epoch, rather than a magical island with alien manhole technology that basically teleports you to one of three murder holes on the map. Spawning in a 400m radius around a city with a trading caravan that changes cities on a schedule that is potentially one of three or four major trading caravans that work various regional routes (at least in the case of Altis), as a general scavenger looking for their next meal and a few bucks sounds far more in line with what Epoch wants to be, than what it currently is.
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