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[RELEASE] Chernarus Racetrack

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So one of the admins on our community has been playing with the editor for a bit now. Hes gotten real good and his attention to detail is amazing.

He made this for our server, and it was so nice, i asked him if he would make a oval track around the racetrack. He kindly allowed me to share it here with everyone to use. The only condition we ask, is please leave the "Elite SLK" made of tires in the middle of the track :)

ALL CREDIT GOES TO OBDURATE, admin on Elite SLK gaming community.

Here are some pics



It is Located South West of Chernarus. About 500m North West of Pavlovo.

You'll need epoch and overwatch for this.


There are some ambient sounds around the track, if you dont like it, search in the code for sounds and delete the block of code associated with it.

Also. We had custom billboards at the entrance of the racetrack. They are commented out in this script im posting (at the bottom of the script). You can make your own texture and uncomment them and change the paths


In your server PBO, place the file in a folder called "objects". If you don't have one, create the folder.

In your server_functions.sqf, find this line

server_sendToClient = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\compile\server_sendToClient.sqf";

Add this bellow

execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\objects\racetrack.sqf";

Re-Pack your server PBO and enjoy.


NOTE: This was in the 1051 legacy forum, but i thought id re-post it here in case some thought it didnt work.  Also on the Git now.

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3 minutes ago, oldmatechoc said:

@theduke wow thats alot of saving and checking! (anyone who's built roads and sandbags will know what i mean haha)

Great work and thank you for sharing!

*Placing a street with the help of another object..
"Yeah! Finally it fits!"
*Saves the mission, everything moves 5 metres


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haha yes roads are a pain...but..imagine the tires how much time he spent on that... he said approx 3 days it took him to do the inner track...

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I have paved roads from Pavlovo to this racetrack.
Add this code in racetrack.sqf :ph34r:


    ["MAP_city_60_10", [1121.7545, 3990.6912, -9.1552734e-005],  -12.619471],
    ["MAP_city_30_25", [1127.7415, 3979.2341, -1.5258789e-005],  -42.519867],
    ["MAP_city_0_2000", [1139.5581, 3966.4751, -1.5258789e-005],  -42.999161],
    ["MAP_city_0_2000", [1151.4063, 3953.6584, -7.6293945e-005],  -42.999161],
    ["MAP_city_0_2000", [1163.2061, 3940.8464, -4.5776367e-005],  -42.999161],
    ["MAP_city_0_2000", [1175.0629, 3928.0505, 7.6293945e-006],  -42.999161],
    ["MAP_city_0_2000", [1186.3615, 3915.749, -1.5258789e-005],  -42.999161],
    ["MAP_city_0_2000", [1197.2601, 3903.9255, 0],  -42.999161],
    ["MAP_city_0_2000", [1209.0505, 3891.1558, -3.8146973e-005],  -42.999161],
    ["MAP_city_22_50", [1224.9907, 3879.9871, -5.3405762e-005],  -66.113228],
    ["MAP_city_10_100", [1241.4501, 3874.3623, -7.6293945e-006],  -76.139404],
    ["MAP_city_15_75", [1241.429, 3874.2954, -4.5776367e-005],  103.91604],
    ["MAP_city_15_75", [1259.6577, 3867.1875, -8.392334e-005],  119.03999],
    ["MAP_city_30_25", [1275.312, 3855.5652, -3.0517578e-005],  133.64854],
    ["MAP_city_10_100", [1282.0507, 3844.5791, -3.8146973e-005],  163.76192],
    ["MAP_city_0_2000", [1287.3409, 3810.1243, -2.2888184e-005],  -6.6086092],
    ["MAP_city_0_2000", [1289.2776, 3792.8184, -1.5258789e-005],  -6.6086092],
    ["MAP_city_10_100", [1292.7366, 3775.7561, 2.2888184e-005],  -16.467207],
    ["MAP_city_10_100", [1299.1058, 3759.5366, -3.0517578e-005],  -26.4375],
    ["MAP_city_1_1000", [1307.0239, 3744.0444, -2.2888184e-005],  -27.568562],
    ["MAP_city_0_2000", [1315.0491, 3728.5562, 3.0517578e-005],  -27.771326],
    ["MAP_city_0_2000", [1323.1005, 3713.1143, -6.1035156e-005],  -27.771326],
    ["MAP_city_0_2000", [1331.1476, 3697.6885, -3.8146973e-005],  -27.771326],
    ["MAP_city_0_2000", [1339.3112, 3682.2734, -2.2888184e-005],  -28.175201],
    ["MAP_city_0_2000", [1347.4457, 3666.8792],  -28.175201],
    ["MAP_city_0_2000", [1355.5947, 3651.511, 3.8146973e-005],  -28.175201],
    ["MAP_city_10_100", [1373.4093, 3621.5671, -1.5258789e-005],  -38.586411],
    ["MAP_city_0_2000", [1363.8267, 3636.1157, -1.5258789e-005],  -28.624836],
    ["MAP_city_0_2000", [1384.4094, 3608.031, -5.3405762e-005],  -39.268188],
    ["MAP_city_10_100", [1396.5428, 3595.5967, -3.8146973e-005],  -49.382229],
    ["MAP_city_1_1000", [1409.8596, 3584.3335, -3.0517578e-005],  -50.318989],
    ["MAP_city_10_100", [1424.2147, 3574.5137, -4.5776367e-005],  -60.590691],
    ["MAP_city_1_1000", [1439.4589, 3566.082, -3.8146973e-005],  -61.616936],
    ["MAP_city_1_1000", [1454.6637, 3557.6743, -4.5776367e-005],  -61.616936],
    ["MAP_city_1_1000", [1470.0828, 3549.5164, -3.8146973e-005],  -62.629887],
    ["MAP_city_10_100", [1486.1757, 3542.8892, -7.6293945e-006],  -72.68605],
    ["MAP_city_10_100", [1503.1947, 3539.1387, -7.6293945e-006],  -82.547722],
    ["MAP_city_10_100", [1520.5844, 3538.3855, 5.3405762e-005],  -92.477005],
    ["MAP_city_10_100", [1520.568, 3538.3669, -1.5258789e-005],  87.575661],
    ["MAP_city_10_100", [1537.988, 3537.5767, 1.5258789e-005],  97.485565],
    ["MAP_city_0_2000", [1555.0032, 3533.7966, -3.8146973e-005],  107.51514],
    ["MAP_city_0_2000", [1571.6025, 3528.457, 7.6293945e-006],  107.89459],
    ["MAP_city_0_2000", [1588.1667, 3522.9978],  108.34695],
    ["MAP_city_10_100", [1621.6155, 3513.2786, -5.3405762e-005],  -81.178818],
    ["MAP_city_10_100", [1639.0062, 3512.1384, -9.9182129e-005],  -91.324821],
    ["MAP_city_10_100", [1656.3256, 3514.0652, -5.3405762e-005],  -101.37513],
    ["MAP_city_10_100", [1673.0405, 3518.981, -6.1035156e-005],  -111.40234],
    ["MAP_city_1_1000", [1672.9636, 3518.9365, -6.8664551e-005],  68.47374],
    ["MAP_city_1_1000", [1689.2516, 3525.1804, -0.00015258789],  69.327232],
    ["MAP_city_10_100", [1721.4298, 3538.4707, -1.5258789e-005],  -119.72248],
    ["MAP_city_1_1000", [1736.5221, 3547.2141, -3.0517578e-005],  -120.90158],
    ["MAP_kr_x_city_asf3", [1748.1904, 3552.9824, 1.5258789e-005],  -205.59091],
    ["MAP_city_10_50", [1736.4832, 3547.168, -1.5258789e-005],  59.119774],
    ["MAP_city_6konec", [1759.4186, 3558.4023, -3.0517578e-005],  -115.6339]
] call {
    private ["_object"];
        _object = (_x select 0) createVehicle [0,0,0];
        _object setDir (_x select 2);
        _object setPos (_x select 1);
    } count _this;



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