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    Fulcrum Mission System v2.1a

    Right now, it looks at the order of connection to determine what themes to run. I will look at adding code so that instead of an order, you can specify a 'name'. Next update :)
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    ( Help) ESS - Enhanced Spawn Selection

    If for init file im delete bus ( //Bus Route if (BusRouteScript)then{ if (isServer) then { [true] execVM "scripts\busroute\init_bus.sqf"; }; if (!isDedicated) then { [] execVM "scripts\busroute\player_axeBus.sqf"; }; }; ) Then i can't choose cast! If i write back to init then, next to bandits he /she can't sit down! my init files where i delete bus: https://mega.co.nz/#!McllRIhZ!5ppHBZ5nIOrb3rq1z-2OtYkp5xYH7-oIywuZnkTKEhE This init file original: https://mega.co.nz/#!sUdEnZoT!GFFGeDe_8TRGJ5e8vpoaZ466SnBq74LSNRrv8DeyKLo Server RPT log: https://mega.co.nz/#!FAdAnAJK!8AqZ2u-0lxD-wTV5QJPT7T6XYX3-Se5ExTvFDqrRoao Rpt:
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    A certain unnamed server company is trying to pass this off as their own. A lot of work went in the these files by not only myself but to all the creators of the different scripts that are included. After I asked them to not do so they ignored my wishes so now like I said in another post is release time for all. There are a few things that need added like a hud edit which will be added as soon as I can or if some one else feels free to add to it, Mods included but not limited to (if i forgot anyone I do apologize) Single Currency 2.0 ( Extension) - Soul Single Currency 3.0 ( Extension) - Zupa Single Currency Development functions - Zupa Single Currency Traders - Zupa Transfer Money from ATM - Rocu JAEM Chopper Evac SC - Zupa Axe Cop Service Points SC - Zupa Banker NPC's - MGM http://github.com/XerxesIV/Single-Currency-4.0
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    Random Loot Crates v1.25 Many of us among the community are doing custom map addons using various map editing tools, but up until now there hasn't been a "good" way to spice things up with loot crates. Sure you can manually spawn in crates via script, but then you have to go through the laborious process of filling each one with a specific set of loot. What's more, the loot is always the same with no variety, which gets boring for your players after a while once they know what to expect from each crate. So to combat this issue I've come up with a way to have a random and dynamic loot crate spawn system that is fully customizable. You can change the number of crates, their position on the map, what type of crate is used, what loot goes in each crate and how much of it, and add or remove loot items as needed. You can also specify a static amount of any given item, such as explosives, to prevent large random amounts of them from spawning in. To use this addon - simply download and unzip the attached file and place the PBO in your @epochhive folder. You're done! No BE filters are needed for this to work. The coordinates that are currently listed in the script for the crates are for a custom area that I designed for Bornholm, Object X-99. So those of you using will be all set already, especially if you have AI soldiers guarding the area. If you are running other maps then you will likely need to edit the coords for the crates and possibly the number of crates you want to spawn. But using this as a base template you should be able to create a solution that will fit your needs. Included here is a screenshot of the main file and a short explanation of what each section is for and a general idea of how it works. Use these instructions as a guide and you should be all set. Of course, questions in this thread are welcome! I will be happy to help with any hiccups. Script structure breakdown and explanation: DOWNLOAD A3 Epoch Custom Crates v1.25 - Download (Github) UPDATE 4/27 - Ghostrider-DBD- has added the ability to use vehicle crashes at crate locations, similar to Richie's Heli Crash script. This option can be enabled or disabled on line 23. You also have the option to create a crate spawn location offset. Check lines 150-152 to set those up. There are other things that can be tweaked as well. See the script's line notes for details I'm sure there's probably a "better" or more efficient way to do what I've done in this script. I'm no scripting expert. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions that can make this better I'm all ears! However, since this is run by the server only and only loads one time on each server restart, I'm not incredibly worried about optimizing it. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! ;) This addon is nearly infinitely customizable and should meet the needs of nearly any situation where a static crate is needed. Credits: Authored by Darth Rogue and Chisel (tdwhite) Special thanks to Robio and deadeye for helping overcome the last couple roadblocks! Modified by Ghostrider-DBD- for better random loot distribution and adding vehicle crashes :)
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    people brute forcing

    so i know this is a common problem and people may have already solved this but is there something i can implement in my server to stop it so little B***** cant force thier way in and can someone link me something to help there are currently a group of 6 people that sit at a door and guess the codes anything would be appreciated :)
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    Stolen vechicle

    I wrote some code for you.... IF playing on Arma3 engine THEN Expected_Glitch_time = FOREVER EndIF
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    [Release] Andre Convoy Patrol

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    [Release] Andre Convoy Patrol

    I'm creating a universal Way Point finder that work in all cases. What this mean? One universal script! There is no need anymore for _aPointNearRoad, now the script uses the spawn points to find roads. See some statistics of the new way point finder bellow, from the rpt log: ALTIS: [ANDRE CONVOY] All Roads: 34623 [ANDRE CONVOY] Time to find Bad Roads: 10.604 [ANDRE CONVOY] Bad Roads: [] [ANDRE CONVOY] Bad Roads Quantity: 0 [ANDRE CONVOY] Time to find all continent roads: 9.059 [ANDRE CONVOY] Time to select way points: 2.121 [ANDRE CONVOY] Initialized Spawn! 1 BORNHOLM: [ANDRE CONVOY] All Roads: 66546 [ANDRE CONVOY] Time to find Bad Roads: 15.687 [ANDRE CONVOY] Bad Roads: [1737859: ,1793960: ,1745880: ,1752571: ,1787092: ] [ANDRE CONVOY] Bad Roads Quantity: 5 [ANDRE CONVOY] Time to find all continent roads: 21.34 [ANDRE CONVOY] Time to select way points: 8.982 [ANDRE CONVOY] Initialized Spawn! 1 PERFORMANCE INPACT: 1 - Number of road segments: If the road segments are too smal or the number of streets is too big, this can lead to a great number of road segments, slowing the waypoint finder process. 2 - Bad Roads: A road segment A is bad if its connected to a road segment B but this road segment B is not connected to road segment A. As an example: Bornhold have 5 bad roads. One is enough to invalidate the process. Other maps can have bad roads, Chernarus, a BI map, also had then, so a check is necessary.
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    Traders - Only Sell

    Is that why you posted 2 times, lol
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    Scare your players

    _nul = [objNull, player, rSAY, "monster"] call RE; I dont know if this will scare the player, but will make other people near him and laugh and reveal his position. Use something like this : playSound "monster";
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    [Release] Andre Convoy Patrol

    Thanks to both of ya, It works like a charm so far, bugtesting while using of c :)
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    /* Code by blckeagls Modified by Ghostrider Code to delete dead AI bodies moved to AIKilled.sqf Everything having to do with spawning and configuring an AI should happen here */ //Defines private variables so they don't interfere with other scripts private ["_pos","_i","_weap","_ammo","_other","_skin","_aiGroup","_ai1","_magazines","_players","_owner","_ownerOnline","_nearEntities","_skillLevel","_aiSkills","_Launcher","_launcherRound","_Vests","_vest","_index","_backpack"]; _Vests = [ "V_1_EPOCH","V_2_EPOCH","V_3_EPOCH","V_4_EPOCH","V_5_EPOCH","V_6_EPOCH","V_7_EPOCH","V_8_EPOCH","V_9_EPOCH","V_10_EPOCH","V_11_EPOCH","V_12_EPOCH","V_13_EPOCH","V_14_EPOCH","V_15_EPOCH","V_16_EPOCH","V_17_EPOCH","V_18_EPOCH","V_19_EPOCH","V_20_EPOCH","V_21_EPOCH","V_22_EPOCH","V_23_EPOCH","V_24_EPOCH","V_25_EPOCH","V_26_EPOCH","V_27_EPOCH","V_28_EPOCH","V_29_EPOCH","V_30_EPOCH","V_31_EPOCH","V_32_EPOCH","V_33_EPOCH","V_34_EPOCH","V_35_EPOCH","V_36_EPOCH","V_37_EPOCH","V_38_EPOCH","V_39_EPOCH","V_40_EPOCH" ]; _backpack =[ "B_TacticalPack_rgr","smallbackpack_red_epoch","smallbackpack_green_epoch" ]; //Gets variables passed from spawnai.sqf/spawnai1.sqf _pos = _this select 0; // Position at which to spawn AI _weap = _this select 1; // Weapon to give AI _ammo = _this select 2; // Ammo to give AI _other = _this select 3; // Other stuff to give AI _skin = _this select 4; // Skin to give AI _aiGroup = _this select 5; // Group to which AI belongs _skillLevel = [_this,6,"blue"] call BIS_fnc_param; // "blue", "red", "green", "orange" _Launcher = _this select 7; // If true then add a launcher to the unit //Creating the AI Unit _ai1 = ObjNull; //Creates the AI unit from the _skin passed to it "i_g_soldier_unarmed_f" createUnit [_pos, _aiGroup, "_ai1 = this", 0.7, "COLONEL"]; //Cleans the AI to a fresh spawn removeBackpackGlobal _ai1; removeAllItemsWithMagazines _ai1; //_ai1 AddUniform _skin; _ai1 forceAddUniform _skin; //Stops the AI from being cleaned up _ai1 setVariable["LASTLOGOUT_EPOCH",1000000000000]; _ai1 setVariable["LAST_CHECK",1000000000000]; //Sets AI Skills _ai1 enableAI "TARGET"; _ai1 enableAI "AUTOTARGET"; _ai1 enableAI "MOVE"; _ai1 enableAI "ANIM"; _ai1 enableAI "FSM"; _ai1 allowDammage true; _ai1 setBehaviour "COMBAT"; _ai1 setunitpos "AUTO"; _ai1 setVariable ["Engaged", 0, true]; sleep 1; //For some reason without this sometimes they don't spawn the weapon on them // Add a vest to AI for storage _backpack = _backpack call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _ai1 addBackpack _backpack; if (_Launcher == "none") then { if (blck_debugON) then { }; }; if (_Launcher != "none") then { _launcherRound = getArray (configFile >> "CfgWeapons" >> _Launcher >> "magazines") select 0; for "_i" from 1 to 3 do { _ai1 addItemToBackpack _launcherRound; }; _ai1 addWeaponGlobal _Launcher; _ai1 selectWeapon (secondaryWeapon _ai1); }; //Adds 5 magazines to AI Unit _ai1 addMagazine [_ammo,5]; // Add items to the AI unit _i = 0; while {_i < 4} do { _i = _i + 1; _ai1 addItem _ammo; }; //Adds the weapon specified to it from spawnai.sqf/spawnai1.sqf _ai1 addWeaponGlobal _weap; sleep 1; //For some reason without this sometimes they don't spawn the weapon on them //adds items to AI. _other = ["ITEM","COUNT"] _i = 0; while {_i < (_other select 1)} do { _i = _i + 1; _ai1 addItem (_other select 0) }; if (blck_debugON) then { }; // Infinite ammo _ai1 addeventhandler ["fired", {(_this select 0) setvehicleammo 1;}]; // Do something if AI is killed _ai1 addEventHandler ["Killed",{ [(_this select 0), (_this select 1)] execVM blck_AIKilled; }]; // changed to reduce number of concurrent threads, but also works as spawn blck_AIKilled; }]; _index = 0; switch (_skillLevel) do { case "blue": {_index = 0;_aiSkills = blck_SkillsBlue;}; case "red": {_index = 1;_aiSkills = blck_SkillsRed;}; case "green": {_index = 2;_aiSkills = blck_SkillsGreen;}; case "orange": {_index = 3;_aiSkills = blck_SkillsOrange;}; default {_index = 0;_aiSkills = blck_SkillsBlue;}; }; _alertDist = blck_AIAlertDistance select _index; _intelligence = blck_AIIntelligence select _index; [_ai1,_aiSkills] call blck_setSkill; _ai1 setVariable ["alertDist",_alertDist,true]; _ai1 setVariable ["intelligence",_intelligence,true]; if (blck_debugON) then { //diag_log format["[spawnUnit.sqf] -->> aiSkills are %1",_aiSkills]; //diag_log format["[spawnUnit.sqf] -->> alertDist = %1 and intelligence = %2",_alertDist,_intelligence]; //diag_log "============================================================================================="; }; _ai1 I think i found the problem. you cant put the rockets for granate launcher into a vest, You need backpack for this. hope i make the changes correct. on my testserver it runs. and sorry for my bad english.
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    Need a Free Overpoch Scripter

    Then stop considering starting a Server. There are enough Servers not being optimized and filled with bugs and so on. You won't get far if you don't have a slight knowledge of scripting and you will just end up having a Server noone will join because there are enough of the same quality.
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    [scarCODE] S.I.M. (Server Info Menu) by IT07

    Think I figured it out... at least it's working now. I changed the following options to "false" in infiStar's run.sqf file: _OAP = false; _OAO = false; _UDW = false; Hope this helps someone in the future. Thanks for the awesome script, really appreciate all your hard work, donation incoming!
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    Hey IT07, I fixed that previous error. In the description.ext I had the #include inside a { } for RscTitles by accident. Once I moved it outside that it worked fine. I'm having a new problem now. infiStar is blocking the script. When a player firsts connects to the server they're able to pull up the interface, however after infiStar loads on the client, the scrollwheel menu option, and interface are no longer available. I have changed the settings as quoted by you above and it's not made any difference. No idea what to do now. As an Admin in infiStar it works fine, just not for regular players.
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    Problem with this error from Script.log

    Add to line 61: !="player switchCamera "Internal";" If A kick gives you #60, look at line 61. #30, look at line 31, and so forth. Also note that at the start of line 61 it says "7 switchCamera"
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    Stolen vechicle

    im sorry man i took it kids needed food and water
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    Stolen vechicle

    THIS! So it likely never locked the second time. You just thought it locked, and the thief drove away. If losing your stuff has you ready to quit, maybe you should. Just being honest here... No shame and I'm not poking fun at all; if it hurts that much this isn't going to be an enjoyable experience for you so save yourself the stress and frustration.
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    Need a Free Overpoch Scripter

    Why do you think someone will make a server for you for free, there is hundreds of tutorials here, go take a look yourself and ask questions. Good Luck
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    [EVENT] Server Hosters Meeting - Outcome

    It better have Duran Duran or it can be left at home :p
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    Exploding Choppers

    In arma 3 even bicycles would explode.
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    official support for Linux ?

    Official Linux support will be released with the next server build we release for, along with many other fixes. Denisio, now a part of our team now and did give our existing codebase a once over to get it to properly compile on Linux. We look forward to supporting Linux from here on out and will be looking for feedback and bugs from Linux server owners very soon.
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    official support for Linux ?

    We will provide Linux support probably in the next patch. This is not 100% as we still have some stuff to work on. But what we have so far is ready for load testing. Feel free to jump in and help us out.
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    Helicopter Bug explosion

    Like a prayer helps curing AIDS. OP, I have a patented temporary fix for this problem, and I named it "get in as co-pilot and take over controls" or in short GIACATOC. This fix does not support hellcat though, so avoid that helicopter. So far I had 100 percent success rate. As long as you fly your helis as co-pilot, they won't explode. Cheers.
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    [Release] Andre Convoy Patrol

    ROGGOS, The Altis version is configurable to other maps. You can use Richie map configuration for Chernarus, above. The Bornholm version is just for Bornholm because the way point finder take ages to work in it (Bornholm have a high amount os streets and streets interconnections) and his special version make use of a new and less generic way point finder.
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    [Release] Andre Convoy Patrol

    My Chernarus locations : //VEHICLES SPAWN: [[vehicle spawn position],[nothing],spawn angle,spawn radius] _spawns = [ [[2296.2019,15313.032,0.1],[],152,15], [[9732.4609,13466.489,0.1],[],184,15], [[13361.161,5430.0034,0.1],[],269,15], [[33.576424,1589.0095,0.1],[],82,15] ]; //========== A POINT ON THE MAP NEAR A ROAD =========== //The script will find a road near this point and map //all the roads connected to it, creating way points //in the points where roads intersect //===================================================== _aPointNearRoad = [664.32379,13738.374,0];
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    Dayz style heli crash sites

    Combined with A3EAI you could add the crash location as a spawn location for AI, insert at line 39 of HeliCrashes.sqf: I do the same with Zupas capture points and random crate spawns //Infantry spawns using the A3EAI _CrashName = format ["Crashsite_%1",_j]; [_CrashName,_posOfCrash,75,3,2,false,300] call A3EAI_createCustomInfantryQueue; diag_log text format ["[HeliCrash]: Creating AI at %1 (%2)",_CrashName,_posOfCrash];
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    Preliminary Results for Tavi map fix for 0301

    You're welcome :P
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    TheGreenRooms Custom Mine

    "Adigo Ad Mortem Mine" I had a bit of time today so decided that I would make a mine for Chernarus. This is LARGE and has trees inside it. I know some of you wont like that but I find it can make it claustrophobic, so great for battles with AI of PVP. There are plenty of Gold, Silver and Iron Veins in the mine and also a crate with a few essentials. I have added a zombie trigger, but you could easily enough switch them out for AI if you wanted or use WAI missions to place them. If it is of use to you, enjoy! :) 1) Add the MIne.sqf and MineCrate.sqf as you would any other custom map addon.(Either server side or client - personally I use server.) 2) Edit your Mission.sqm file to add the sensor and marker. (Remember you will need to edit the classitems accordingly and also the address in the sensor script, directing it to where you have the MineZombieSpawn.sqf.) Images and Location Mine SQF Mine Crate If you guys would like Zombies to spawn then use this Sensor.(Remember to change your class item numbers) Sensor The sensor will trigger this; Mine Zombie Spawn SQF And if you would like to have a marker add this.(Remember again to edit the Class Items numbers.) Marker If you have any issues or would like a more detailed installation then let me know ~ iCEtIMed
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    DLC Bypass

    Maybe because the content is uber shit bad kart and bad bad helis
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    You guys can stop crying wolf now. This is certainly not a backdoor of any kind since you already have to be an admin to use it. As mentioned it does not really serve a purpose for most that use our AH so we will comment it out for the next release.
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    Maybe u can try mine out soon ;)
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    What we are doing: Setting up an automated build process to compile the server and mission PBO on restart Why: Ever needed to make changes to your server but had to wait for server restart? Ever missed that window and had to wait another 3 - 4 hours till your next restart cycle? I hate that! Requirements: PBOmanager, notepad++, firedaemon(optional) or knowledge of editing your batch scripts, a dev environemnt (you do have a dev environment don't you?), a dedicated server Difficulty: Advanced Ok guys, as stated before it is a huge pain in the ass to have to wait till your server goes down to push changes. Why not automate it so that you can make your changes and be done with them? So to start off you really should have a dev environment that mirrors your production environment. I'm talking about a dev server here people. Quick and dirty, just copy and paste your folder containing the Arma2OA install (you know the folder with @DayZ_Epoch_Server in it) to another directory. Doesn't matter what the name is but you need to make changes here before you make them on your production server so you can verify that you didn't break anything. Step 1: Install PBO manager if you have not. you can get it here: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=16369 Step 2: If you do not have unpacked folders of your PBO's living next to them in their proper directories, unpack your pbo's so that you have a folder with the same name in the same directory. This is where you will make your changes. Step 3: Create a batch script to run BEFORE your server starts. This PBO will automatically pack up the folder into a PBO overwriting your old one. Here is the content of my batch script "pbopack_dev.bat" (note that this is for the dev server, your path will not be the same" "C:\Program Files\PBO Manager v.1.4 beta\PBOConsole.exe" -pack "D:\dayz\DEV_Epoch1\@DayZ_Epoch_Server\addons\dayz_server" "D:\dayz\DEV_Epoch1\@DayZ_Epoch_Server\addons\dayz_server.pbo" "C:\Program Files\PBO Manager v.1.4 beta\PBOConsole.exe" -pack "D:\dayz\DEV_Epoch1\MPMissions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus" "D:\dayz\DEV_Epoch1\MPMissions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus.pbo" Step 4: Integrate batch script into your current server restart method. I use firedaemon, if you use a batch script, just make sure you run the previous batch before you start your server but after you have shut it down. for firedaemon users, just add the batch script to the "pre-service programs". Give it a nice 15 second timeout to ensure we didn't start the server too fast. That's it. Verify it works without breaking anything and you can implement this for your production servers. Development and Deployment strategy: Ok so I touched a little about this earlier but you MUST use a development environment. Any programmer who has worked in a professional environment will know that you NEVER EVER EVER make changes to production code. Firstly, its dangerous, secondly, it makes you look bad if you break a critical system because you were too lazy to test it properly. Always make changes to your dev server first before you migrate those changes to the live prod environment!!!!! Ideally, you would want to have an exact mirror of your production server so that you can accurately verify your changes don't break something. Here's how I do it. Initial Setup: 1. Copy entire DayZ server directory to a new one (this only needs to be done once) 2. Backup your DayZ database and insert it as a new one (I use "DayzEpoch_DEV" for this) 3. Modify your hive.ini so it points to your dev database 4. Make changes on dev server and verify results. After Setup: 1. Delete "@DayZ_Epoch_Server" and "mpmissions" directories from the DEV server folder. 2. Copy over "@DayZ_Epoch_Server" and "mpmissions" from your PROD server folder into the DEV server folder. 3. Make changes you need to the folders (no need to recompile as our script above does that for us) 4. Verify changes Migrating changes from DEV to PROD on a Live server: 1. TEST YOUR CHANGES IN DEV 2. Navigate to your PROD server directory and delete the PBO's unpacked folders you wish to modify 3. Copy the unpacked folders from your DEV server to the PROD server 4. Wait for server restart to automatically recompile the folders into PBOs
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