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    Here is my clean server/mission pbo's with base building 1.2 with kikyou2's 0.3 improvements for epoch Chernarus. Also Have more Materials to build with now so now possible to add more stuff to build. I have added 10ozGoldBar Goldbar 10ozSilverBar Pole Plywood and Burlap There is a few issues 1.Cant remove plot poles (I feel this is better for base building mod anyway as it will stop the retards building in silly places) 2.Cant remove wrecks (this breaks the remove object option for some reason and worst of all the admin override function) All credits to Daimyo21 & kikyou2 for there amazing work (best mod ever!!) Edit updating.
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    Is there a item list?

    i was just wondering if we could get an item list as it would help alot? Thanks.
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    How to stop auto remove base building

    I think on some setups this is missing be default (Vilayer I think I read)... In which case, be SURE it's not already there, and if it isn't, then try copy/pasting the one above :) If you want to disable it completely, change it to -1
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    Yes. At the end should be fine
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    Loot not spawning in when in a car

    This is not a bug, it is intentional you need to keep your car 120+ meters away just like normal DayZ.
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    Ingame Camera with Monitor control

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    "A VIP holding important information concerning a cure to the plague will be escorted though the Chernarus region later this week." Next weekend (13/07/13) UK 420 will be holding our first server wide event! A convoy of armored vehicles will be escorting VIP's around the server to preset extraction points. Taking down a VIP will net you a large bounty. 21:00 BST Server details
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    Bases do last after death. Plot poles didn't but now they do, just put it away after you build.
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    Bungle vehicles

    I use it currently as my "Do not shoot I come in peace vehicle!" as people tend to just start cracking up when they see it drifting around the corners at 110kmph :D
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    If we knew, it would be done. If anyone knows and would like to share that would be great.
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