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  1. Can confirm that at UK420 we have a single currency system.
  2. custom missions running on UK 420 also.
  3. Yeah that's cool man. Makes sense!
  4. I think Day-Z is actually the only game I don't listen to music while playing. Sound is one of the most important parts of the game, and not being able to hear someone creeping up behind you is going to be a serious disadvantage.
  5. "A VIP holding important information concerning a cure to the plague will be escorted though the Chernarus region later this week." Next weekend (13/07/13) UK 420 will be holding our first server wide event! A convoy of armored vehicles will be escorting VIP's around the server to preset extraction points. Taking down a VIP will net you a large bounty. 21:00 BST Server details
  6. When I was originally looking though the models to use for the camera I did think to use the video projector, but I thought it was too big and noticeably out of place. The loudspeakers look like they could be part of the map anyway and I figured those projects might break player immersion until there's a proper camera model that can be used.
  7. So just been checking out the new traders, and was surprised to see that the Humvee GPK was only 2 10oz gold. I was just wondering what the logic was behind that default price? The GPK is ridiculously hard hitting and with the removal of the anti-material rifles there is basically no defense against them. To put this into context, a Vodnik with 2 weaker mg's is 3 times as expensive at 6 10oz gold. So yeah, wat.
  8. I've also had a key/safe related bug. Putting keys into a safe just deletes the key as if there was no room for the key inside the safe. I've tried it with various amounts of items in the safe including the safe being empty. Super annoying.
  9. Hi There, So I've been playing Epoch for a while now, and I've spent a lot of time talking with the solo players on the server I frequent, and all I seem to hear is misery stories of having camps raided and gold lost before they are able to save enough to purchase themselves a safe. Originally I put this down to them not hiding their camp well enough etc, or skillful banditry, but I've been thinking about it recently and thought this might be a interesting observation/solution for the Epoch team to even the playing field a little for solo players. I propose introducing a 3 tier safe system, similar to how the bags are currently different sizes. Tier 1: "Lockbox" Cost: 2 10oz Gold. Item slots: 15 Use: 2 10oz gold is definitely achievable for a solo player in one session, allowing them the choice to have a box to store either 1 gun and 2 mags, or use to save for a larger safe much more safely, and it doesn't stop bandit players from being able to raid the rest of whatever camp this player has set up. Tier 2: "Safe" Cost: 12 10oz Gold Item Slots: 200, 20 Guns, 10 Backpacks. Use: This is the current safe in Epoch, and it would stay essentially the same. Tier 3: "Vault" Cost: 5 50oz Gold Item Slots: 500, 50 Guns, 20 Backpacks. Use: Clan level storage, Larger model so it's more obvious to other players they are in a clan held area. The only issue with this idea is the need to introduce another tier of gold storage. However this tier isn't strictly necessary, just an extra interesting thought. Anyway, I'd love to hear other players experiences with safes, the dev's thoughts on this idea, and potential ideas on how to make Epoch more fun for lone wolves.
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