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  1. Cool, I thought you'd included them! Just players asking for all the overpoch weapons and said they can't find em at traders - I used these as config files: https://github.com/oiad/modPack/tree/master/DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus/dayz_code/configs/Category - Overwatch 1 more question (sorry!) - I'm slowly getting back into the A2 scripting (switched to a3 for a while) - could you give me a steer to where the categories are defined for each trader? Sorry to ask such a basic question lol - just a nudge in the right direction would be cool! EDIT - Scratch that! I found the server_traders file - I hadn't updated that one to be overpoch lol - explains a lot :D
  2. Quick question :) Do you know if your mission file has all overpoch trader items? Have players asking for a load to be added, just checking to see if you have any files with them added already, before I go doing manually :P Thanks!
  3. Email sent - disabling infi didn't help
  4. Thanks for the PM! Just thought, I'm going to reboot the server without infistar running to check it's not blocking the action, then if not will email you my files. Ta!
  5. Not sure what's wrong, but I can't get any scroll option for virtual garage... I left as the default classname, placed plot pole, used ruby to build helipad, bought vehicle and put it on the heli-H... there's no option for virtual garage :( Confirmed I've added the SQL, extdb and added to launch params. Nothing in the log files either. Anyone have ideas?
  6. Okay, cool - So if I understand this, using a shortcut to launch arma 2oa (on the client PC), with the mods listed in the correct order (overwatch first, then epoch) should fix this? I'll give that a go, thanks! Odd though, as I don't get the error with other folks servers, is there something I can do server-side to lessen the impact of this?
  7. Hey - This looks great. Only problem is, when I enable single currency, clients have Arma crash, with the error below: ErrorMessage: Include file z\addons\dayz_code\Configs\RscDisplay\ZSCdefines.hpp not found. I can see this file is included in your description.ext and your instructions say to uncomment this line when enabling single currency, here: https://github.com/oiad/modPack/blob/master/DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus/description.ext Also, when setting up the dayz_epoch and dayz_overwatch mods, as followed a guide that said to copy the dayz_code and other pbo from the dayz_epoch mod to the dayz_overwatch mod and overwrite - could this be causing an issue? Note: This happens for anyone trying to connect it seems, not just me. Any ideas? Just wondering if the PATH is correct? (the z\addons\dayz)code part especially!) Thanks :)
  8. So how come the client and server files available don't match? When will the new server files be released?
  9. Hi, just checking something..., If players d/l 0.3 client files, can they still play on the older server files? Just asking as the server files have obviously not been released yet, so my players are asking this question, hence me asking it here :)
  10. Same, integrated into EPOCH would be best - I think VBAWOL mentioned something coming soon like this.
  11. Agreed! This is impressive! Hmmm how to use this functionality to keep vehicles locked over a reboot... it must be possible, surely!?
  12. This is GREAT! However, isn't there a way to check if the vehicle is locked, and only do it for unlocked vehicles? That way, players would be able to only open 'non-owned' vehicles (well, on our server the lock time for groups is set to 6hrs, so a full reboot)? EDIT: Also, how about adding a check to see how damaged the vehicle is, so only allowing it on vehicles damaged over a certain level? That way, if the vehicle had to be: 1) Unlocked 2) Over 'x' damaged it would stop the trolling a bit. FINAL THOUGHT: Check to see if there's a jammer within 100 meters of the vehicle, exitWith { // funny message here} if it's within 100 meters of a jammer? (stops some degree of base trolling, at least!
  13. Hey :) Did you get a chance to check the info from the log file I posted? Any ideas? No worries if you've been too busy etc :)
  14. Hey :) Thanks for offering to look at this! I get the following, looping a LOT of times in the scripts.log file: (Of course I've changes the steamid and IP for obvious reasons :)) if (getPlayerUID player in [""])" 28.12.2014 19:51:33: Mike (82.46.IPIPIP) xxxx - #26 "pon "ItemCompass"; player addWeapon "RangeFinder"; player addBackpack "B_Carryall_cbr"; player addVest "V_TacVest_camo"; player " while {true} do and 08.01.2015 17:22:37: Mike (82.4682.46.1IPIPIP) xxxx - #23 "dWeapon "srifle_EBR_F"; player addWeapon "MultiGun"; player addMagazine "EnergyPack"; player addMagazine "Repair_EPOCH"; player addM" 08.01.2015 17:22:37: Mike (82.46.1IPIPIP) xxxx - #25 "ack "B_Carryall_cbr"; player addVest "V_TacVest_camo"; player addItemToBackpack "FirstAidKit"; player addItemToVest "Repair_EPOCH";" 08.01.2015 17:22:37: Mike (82.46.18IPIPIP) xxxx - #26 "eapon "ItemCompass"; player addWeapon "RangeFinder"; player addBackpack "B_Carryall_cbr"; player addVest "V_TacVest_camo"; player ad" 08.01.2015 17:22:37: Mike (82.46.1IPIPIP) xxxx - #44 "2x51_Mag"; player addItemToBackpack "FirstAidKit"; player forceAddUniform "U_O_GhillieSuit"; EPOCH__unitEnergy = EPOCH__unitEnergy" 08.01.2015 17:22:40: Mike (82.46.1IPIPIP) xxxx - #20 "(_this select 0) execVM "\A3\Soft_F_Bootcamp\Offroad_01\scripts\randomize_colors.sqf""
  15. LOVE IT! - Vbawol, This would really help :)
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