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Arma 3: Epoch Developer Blog

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It has been nearly one year since the initial test release of Arma 3: Epoch and I want to thank you all for your support! Just to give a quick run down on what is happening with the mod and team.

The Epoch Dev Team has also recently grown as we welcome three new team members. 

  • Raymix: will be working on UI and coding aspects of the mod.
  • SteamPunkGears: will be new creating 3d models for custom epoch items.
  • Richie: will be working on map support as well as assist the development process.

We are also proud to announce that Sequisha is working with Bohemia Interactive on the new Tanoa terrain and wish him luck. Tanoa looks to be a quality terrain that we certainly look forward to supporting in Epoch.

In the next patches leading up to 0.4 large framework changes will be made so we can prep the open world Epoch sandbox gamemode code for public release. This also means that Epoch Mod will soon become more compatible with other mods because the Epoch sandbox gamemode code will then run purely from the server/mission file.

Epoch "Server" Framework project: 

  • Code functions that make it easier to use our callExtension calls.
  • Full callExtension calls documentation and DLL source code.
  • Epoch public github will accept improvements and bug fixes.

Epoch "Sandbox" Gamemode project: (Requires: Epoch Server)

  • This is the core of the Epoch gamemode and will contain most all sqf and fsm client/server code needed for the current Epoch sandbox gamemode minus what is already in Epoch Server.
  • The core of the gamemode code will exist purely in the mission file and will allow server admins full control over what code is running. This will allow even more freedom for server admins to customize there server.
  • Epoch public github will accept improvements and bug fixes.


The Epoch mod will still contain all the same great assets (models, textures, and icons, configs, code, etc.) and new custom creations will still be added as they are made ready by our content creators.

What this all means, is that other mods (like wasteland, KOTH, etc.) will soon be able run @Epoch mod along side their own mods to use for example our female characters without our current gamemode code getting in the way. Alternatively, you may also soon see other mods using our Epoch "Server" framework to power totally new mods and gamemodes in the future. The Epoch "Sandbox" gamemode will be even more developed as this change will allow us to deliver faster updates and work closer with the community regarding fixes and improvements. The goal is to have all of this fully in place before 0.5 so that our team can start the work on our new custom terrain and other great additions planned for 1.0.


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