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  1. SWAT_BigBear

    Antagonist Avoidance

    I've seen the Phantoms in the past few builds, they are amazing, especially when it swoops up to you in a ghostly, fast animation. Wish I had it videoed.
  2. SWAT_BigBear

    Antagonist Avoidance

    I'd rather just have them headbutt me to death, a slow painful death. Boom is an easy way out of the situation. The "2" times I've seen them spawn in quantity, once they were trapped in a small house...boom...boom boom, problem solved. The 2nd was more fun since I was already perched in a tower with plenty of ammo. :)
  3. SWAT_BigBear

    Persistant landmines

    Metal & Wood spikes seem to be persistent. Try those :)
  4. SWAT_BigBear

    Epoch mission PBO - Compatibility with Eden Editor?

    According to the 0.3.8 changelog:
  5. SWAT_BigBear

    New helicopter spawns

    Dslyecxi parked it there :)
  6. SWAT_BigBear

    Safes and Swords?

    I collected both by completing Trader missions ;)
  7. SWAT_BigBear

    Cannot join server (error 03)

    ArmA 3 is currently 1.52 Epoch is currently
  8. SWAT_BigBear


  9. SWAT_BigBear


    I can confirm the MX 3GL eats ammo clips (not the 40mm grenades) per login. Haven't noticed other weps that do this. Mods: Status Bar Heli Crashes
  10. SWAT_BigBear

    Lift with all helis bugged?

    I had that issue a long time ago with this Taru , but not the other ones. I have not tried lifting with it as of late.
  11. SWAT_BigBear

    Hilfe es werden keine Spieler angezeigt

    umm, can't read language, has anyone asked him about the "claim server" procedure?
  12. SWAT_BigBear

    How to protect a helicopter?

    Also, interact with them within the 7 day (default) settings. At least add or remove an item in it's inventory. Otherwise...poof
  13. SWAT_BigBear

    Epoch Australia

  14. SWAT_BigBear

    Epoch Australia

    Richie's server plays fine for me, I'm in the Southern US, avg ping to him is 120-140.
  15. SWAT_BigBear


    Are there water sources on this map? I seem to be having a hard time finding any around Darwin.