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[Release] addons for SEM (missions and @mas weapons)

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@clarky i set up a local server and im in the process of finishing them up, got the vehicles moveing along a random string of waypoints based on worlddata just got the get the markers to follow the lead vehicle 

ok man good luck

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Leigham why are You doing something I already wrote the scripts for?

Convoys, a route finder, moving marker, etc. is all in a state to be finalized and then released soon.

I'm okay with it, but I'm sute that my SEM update will again brake some of Your scripts.

Anyway, have fun scripting, I send You my files as soon as I'm close to a release so You will have time to adapt.

Greez KiloSwiss

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link is dead,update please.



Not found the link, Reapir links please-



So with @mas does it disables othee SEM missions and only Disabled Hunter Mission?

Edit : Links are down anychance to re upload?



Link is down



Can anyone link the files please?



link is dead ?



yeah both are broken



files are missing, both of them


Please fix links or if someone can repost files?

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