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  1. Woah lol, why you gotta be sassy... i asked a simple question, to yourself, which you never answered.
  2. Hi, let me fix your English! "Worth noting" change this to "Worth nothing" Kappa (I'm joking)
  3. Use this version by @ebaydayz https://github.com/ebayShopper/WICKED-AI Works fine for me on 1.0.6, make sure you follow the instructions below the gibhub
  4. Hello, so i followed this: from: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/tree/master/SQF/dayz_code/Configs/CfgLoot but i can't tell when i edited something if it works... i mean to me the loot is REALLY BAD, you'll be lucky if you get a pistol, so i would like this to change. Does anyone know how to properly edit the loot tabled to allowed better loot to be spawned more common? EDIT: i confirmed that the changes i was doing were taking effect i made the M107 '99' and yeah it works!
  5. Haven't changed a thing, clean install of WAI. Edit: I shall reinstall it and report back, is there a recommended version for 1.0.6?
  6. WAI doesn't seem to work with me (Epoch 1.0.6), i mean it works but, some missions don't spawn a crate and 1 AI always spawns without anything (No gun backpack or anything), and when certain missions are done it doesn't trigger that the mission has been done/finished, also body's disappearing instantly... Anyone else been getting these issues? Btw i am currently using this version by @ebaydayz: https://github.com/ebayShopper/WICKED-AI Here is my rpt:
  7. np bro anytime, i would appreciate if ya like that post :p
  8. its #52 which mean you add 1 line to it so it will be line 53 :D you line 53 is (the bit in blue is the bit you add i already done it for ya) 7 displayAddEventHandler !"[_display] call _fnc_animate;" !"tVersion select 4) == \"Development\") then" !"_display displayaddeventhandler\n[\n\"mousemoving\"," !"(findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler [\"KeyDown\",\"true\"];" !"(findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler [\"KeyDown\",\"_this call EPOCH_KeyDown\"];" !"_display displayaddeventhandler [\"unload\",\"uinamespace setvariable ['BIS_fnc_guiMess" !="findDisplay -1337 displayAddEventHandler ['Unload'" !="KeyDown" !=""sion;BIS_fnc_advHint_hintHandlers = true;_display displayAddEventHandler["KeyDown"" if ya need more help PM me (or even join me ts and have a chat and i will help tomorrow ima go to sleep as it is 3 in the morning :'D cya dude hope i helped :p -clarky
  9. sure thing (sorry for the short notice but its 3:36 in the morning im going to get some sleep cya dude)
  10. line 53 of the scripts.txt try add this !=""sion;BIS_fnc_advHint_hintHandlers = true;_display displayAddEventHandler["KeyDown"" to the end
  11. i would like to know how to do it with CfgSound but it doesn't work and i wanna know how to do it!
  12. try this please So basically i tried all sorts of things.. so there wasnt just one thing i tried so start off by putting your BE Filters in (even tho you dont get kicked) Second, Some addons/scripts you have might be blocking it as i had a mission system that i think was the problem! I also tried moving the execute path to the top of the init.sqf
  13. on line 18 of the scripts.txt try add !="">> 'CfgVehicles' >> typeOf _x >> 'displayName')];};}forEach allUnits-playableUnits;};if (exjuwhvot) then {};if (gfkzufml) then {"" ON THE END OF LINE 18 -clarky
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