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  1. hi I conecte hc_hal on the server, in baseserver.sqf I enabled SEM mission. but the server does not spawn mission. what should I do? thanks
  2. hi I managed to installed FUMS with HC . but I do not understand how to set up missions ( helipatrol, zombie or sem). how to do? thanks
  3. hi i need your help you had to install a tutorial HC . because I do not understand. I read the install.txt file. I have to create another server ? how should I do?
  4. thanks I can not , to understand how to configure . I saw the install.txt file. but it does not tell me if I should create another server. sorry for my bad english
  5. hi I do not understand how to install HC . I have to create another server on my dedicated server ? I can install it on another server? thanks
  6. hi redis does not save from yesterdays restart evening. I have not changed, it was an automatic restart. redis.confi and epochserver.ini are right parametrer repeat starts right but it does not save what should i do?
  7. laurent09

    script handcuffed

    hi I Would like to know if it was possible to create handcuffs scripts? so that the player takes hostage in another player ? I have seen but it is for altis life . thanks
  8. hello I am interested, how you installed R3F logistics? thanks
  9. if I want to add the R3F pack http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=20128 What should I add to mission.sqm file?
  10. I have to run , "start-redis" ? withs arma3server.exe
  11. @MONK i don't install Direct X on windows server 2012 with this link. when I got this tutorial " http://www.arma3.fr/tutoriels/12-divers/73-monter_un_serveur_d%C3%A9di%C3%A9_arma_3_sur_windows " I get an error at step "8" C: \ arma3server \ DirectX \ DXSETUT how to do?
  12. I did not get to install DirectX with the console. I just copy the DirectX DLL file on my old server . this has has to be that. how to install DirectX ? I downloaded the epoch file directly epochmod.com
  13. it's the same . i had in redis and epochserver.ini i'm really lost. do not know what to do.
  14. What should I check? in redis.conf and epochserver.ini I have my IP address and port 6379
  15. I start my server . I conect me. I load the mission.pbo and the server that stop . my rpt
  16. I'm really lost . it is very urgent. Can anyone help me ?
  17. hi I try to install a new dedicated server. I've got installed . I run my server with " arma3server " I conect me on the server, and the server itself off . why ?
  18. anyone can help me ? it is, which is that?
  19. no, the doors are just on the ground. or on the wooden floor.
  20. hi I have a problem on my server, I have my door that are indestructible, and I do not know where is the problem. I tried it on my test server, without just mod with infistar, in infistar I disable indestructible, but it is always the same. sorry for my english. thanks
  21. how to change, mozzie or ebike by the vehicle I want ? and is it possible that the vehicle despawn after the restart ?
  22. hi I wonder if it was possible to bring up the buildings, with the admin actionmenu? for events I would like to create a mapping, but I would just make it appear and disappear when it's over. is it possible to do that? thanks
  23. i change WeatherStaticForecast
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