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  1. There is a script in a server side archive - Tools\PHP\GetOnlinePlayers.php Can anyone tell how it works? I've tried to test it, and here's what i get: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '.0' (T_DNUMBER) in C:\xampp\htdocs\main\GetOnlinePlayers.php on line 14 If i change to localhost it says: Fatal error: Class 'Redis' not found in C:\xampp\htdocs\main\GetOnlinePlayers.php on line 13
  2. If designator is in equipment slot, than it will dissapear after server restart. But if you put in in your backpack - it stays there. Please help, how to fix this dissapearing?
  3. So, did u find any working scripts of radio ?
  4. aimgame

    Button T blocked

    First case - on vanilla server - the T key is bound for locking targets with launchers... but it doesnt work... if i bound some other key for this - it works fine. Second case - on my other server - i have exoskeleton mod, where T key is used for hand hitting. It works in virtual arsenal and in mission editor, but not on server.
  5. aimgame

    Button T blocked

    The only old code im using is the file "mission.sqm" from previous versions where classes "Vehicles", "Markers" and "Sensors" are used, instead of "Entities". All other files are from 0.3.9 epoch.
  6. aimgame

    Button T blocked

    So it is blocked somehow and somewhere else... But im sure it's in epoch...
  7. aimgame

    Button T blocked

    Strange, but there is no T button at all... (dik code is 0x14) I've searched the whole mission file for 0x14 and there is none...
  8. aimgame

    Button T blocked

    Is it true that T button is blocked in Epoch ? How to disable this block? Please help!
  9. Yes, but with aaaaall previous Epoch versions it was fine... and only 0.3.9 doesnt work properly with all mission systems((
  10. Well, it is working when i place scripted vehicles... But what to do with different mission systems? I.e. ZEV missions... When mission is spawned all the vehicles are present. But if a player gets close - mission vehicles dissapear((
  11. Yep, latest infi works fine! Sorry:) Thanks! It works from serverside now!
  12. So spawning vehs in admin panel (infi) is no longer supported by epoch?
  13. Vehicles, that were spawned by script or the admin in game, are disapearing when players get close to them... simulationHandlerOld is false... turning it to false was helpful in but seems not even working with it. Can anyone help?
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