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  1. There is an option to lock vehicles for players only, so only AI units can use them. Maybe the AI Script you run uses this option/setting. If this is not your server you are talking about, contact an admin, he should be able to change this setting.
  2. @raymix That's the reason why I always tell people that I don't give private/direct support. If I have time, I check the forums and try to help, if I don't have time I don't want people to constantly text me about their server/scripting problems.
  3. KiloSwiss

    typeOF player !=

    First you have while { _count < 1800 } and after that you have a If ( _count == 900 ) Think about that for a second.
  4. KiloSwiss

    typeOF player !=

    «help stabilize the results» by adding additional "workload" to the script. According to that logic: If you want to make a taste comparison between Pepsi and Coke, better mix some Rum (Or Jack, or whatever) into it, to "help stabilize the results"... I'm also not talking about any returns, only about the part between the ():if ( boolean ) then {}; No Photoshop, just run both "codes" 5 times and made a screenshot at the last one! The results for both tests varied between 0.0019... and 0.0022... ms /edit I edited this post 20 times now because I'm trying to figure out, why this forum is messing up with the formatting of my post? Where is the "classic" view, where you can add/remove all those CODE, B, I, QUOTE, URL etc. tags manually?
  5. KiloSwiss

    typeOF player !=

    Yes you can, because It does not nothing, it uses "isEqualTo" or "==" to make a comparison between two strings, resulting in a bool and since you want to compare the performance between those two, adding additional "workload" in form of a hint or other code, will have an effect on the end result that might end up like my examples. The hidden hint in these four pictures was: If you add something to the "naked" comparison, it will most likely mess up the results. And as I already mentioned: We can continue to compare code snippets with different results (both true, only one true and the other false, etc.) but as I already wrote it is not worth the time.
  6. KiloSwiss

    typeOF player !=

    Anyway, if you want a neat (but case sensitive) comparison, use this line of code: waitUntil{typeOf vehicle player in ["VirtualMan_EPOCH", "B_sniper_F", "B_Helipilot_F"]};
  7. KiloSwiss

    typeOF player !=

    Which one is faster, highly depends on the syntax that is used and the return! < > I recommend to use == in this case, because comparing two strings with == is not case sensitive and when using classNames, you don't really need to check case sensitive and you also don't need to write the ClassName with the exact Upper/Lowercase letters, which allows you to code much faster than when you have to look up each exact className that is returned, just for a simple comparison in a simple line of a script. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Code_Optimisation You guys can optimise your scripts as much as you want, but in this case it is already a waste of time to even consider a "optimization", not even talking about starting an argument over it. Focus on working code first, then make it readable and if (a big "IF") it performs worse, look up how you could possibly optimize it. Don't waste more than 2x the time you needed to write a script into optimizing it. If you need more time, then you should probably rewrite it completely or just move on to another script, and come back to rewrite it later on with a "clear" head.
  8. According to the BIS WIKI is the effect of setFuelCargo global. Is there a reason why you execute your script on all clients?
  9. These are colour correction effects, they are part of the mission/created in a script. Contact the admins if You fon't like it, maybe they put in a option to disable these effects.
  10. KiloSwiss

    @custom mod

    You can make a mod self executing its scripts. So you don't have to exec the mod scripts from within Your missionfile. Here is a example: http://kiloswiss.ch/misc/arma3/a3autoexec_addon.zip Greez KiloSwiss
  11. BIS somehow confirmed that trees and other vegetation will be placeable in the upcoming official 3D mission editor.
  12. KiloSwiss

    Ambient sound

    Use playMusic (so players have control over the volume and/or can turn it off) and work with the appropriate musicEventHandlers for it https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Event_Handlers#addMusicEventHandler @READTHESCROLL There are better ways to get the terrain & surroundings, without triggers. Look how it is done in mods like JSRS. Greez Kilo
  13. You can't "script" a server, you add scripts to the mission, but I know what you mean. But people with 0 (Zero) knowledge about Arma servers should not host a complex A3 Epoch server anyway, so in theory there should be zero requests (but we all know that there will be tons of people begging you for help). So in the end we have more servers with the same scripts and the owner/admins of them still have no clue. Makes absolutely no sense to me and sounds like a big, big waste of time. But if you want to do this for free, it's your time. Have fun
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