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  1. Figured it was just mission specific issues, Ill just take those ones out, yesterday was a seperate issue from this it seems. So thanks for the help, i appreciate it.
  2. This, starting since i added the .pbo into my @epochhive/addons 2018/05/09, 15:23:45 Error in expression < ["CfgMainTable", _type, "tables"] call EPOCH_fnc_weightedArray; if !(_lootTable> 2018/05/09, 15:23:45 Error position: <EPOCH_fnc_weightedArray; if !(_lootTable> 2018/05/09, 15:23:45 Error Undefined variable in expression: epoch_fnc_weightedarray 2018/05/09, 15:23:45 File epoch_server\compile\epoch_server\EPOCH_serverLootObject.sqf, line 33 This now spamming the RPT 2018/05/09, 15:30:31 Error in expression <ount (units _group) < _cnt} do { _group createUnit ['I_Soldier_EPOCH', _pos, [],> 2018/05/09, 15:30:31 Error position: <createUnit ['I_Soldier_EPOCH', _pos, [],> 2018/05/09, 15:30:31 Error Foreign error: Unknown enum value: "NO_COLLIDE" 2018/05/09, 15:30:31 File sem\scripts\ai\fn_spawnAI.sqf [SEM_fnc_spawnAI], line 21 MV-22 Spawned underwater on Tanoa, and the first time i tried it there was a filled yellow circle, dont remember what the mission name was. No one spawned there, the crate was empty and then i was blackscreened until i removed it, and it was spamming this 2018/05/08, 17:00:24 Error in expression <ount (units _group) < _cnt} do { _group createUnit ['I_Soldier_EPOCH', _pos, [],> 2018/05/08, 17:00:24 Error position: <createUnit ['I_Soldier_EPOCH', _pos, [],> 2018/05/08, 17:00:24 Error Foreign error: Unknown enum value: "NO_COLLIDE" 2018/05/08, 17:00:24 File sem\scripts\ai\fn_spawnAI.sqf [SEM_fnc_spawnAI], line 21 Attempting to test it just now, like i said, MV-22 missions spawned underwater, the Comms center was full of people and without godmoding i wasnt able to complete it in time to test the crate.. Seems to somewhat working however so i might just go through and remove all the missions that are having problems.
  3. @[email protected] Did you guys find a fix to this? Seems I'm having the same issue.
  4. AHA!! Thank you sir.. I got it fixed.. Not because of your .sqf's but found my own mistake of forgetting to replace the system_updateobjects.sqf THANK YOU for making me recheck everything..
  5. I just added www.ibattle.org ibattle.org To the end of it, that didnt work so i got rid of all the LocalHost's that I had in there.. Is this wrong?
  6. This isnt the one working with Zupas coin system is it? If its not ill just set all costs to 0, no biggy.. I havent tried it yet but will here soon, thank you for your help and quick responses :)
  7. Has anyone found the fix for this? This guy claims to have fixed it but mine keeps saying that it cant connect to battleeye server after i edited hosts file.. then shuts itself down.
  8. Ive tried, 1.4, and whatever other ones were released in this thread by the community, they all have the same problems.
  9. Well, this is basically a last resort, ive been working on this for a few hours now. My problem is that this isnt working for me at all, lol. Ive followed the above intructions (the post i quoted) and I had the option to change vehicle key, when I selected it, it would notify me key blah was moved to backpack and then the vehicle became locked and i couldnt access it unless i pulled the key back out, i check the rpt and all it shows each time i try is "No owner" ive tried turning claiming on and off, same issue. I just restarted the server and went back in, now i dont even have the option. Im running Overpoch on the latest versions put out on a windows 10 PC. Im using DZAI, AdminTools, SingleCurrency and walkingZombies. I hope this thread hasnt died off to no help, and anything is much appreciated. Above is the most recent RPT log where the option wasnt showing at all and that one is the most recent where it was showing but wasnt working. Any help is much appreciated, Thank You :)
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