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  1. Really great to see this project continue on after all this time. Thanks for keeping it alive.
  2. If I don't have the time to fix an issue due to urgent real life matters, then you tell me what I should do other than tell people not to use something that is causing them problems. My daily schedule for the past few weeks has literally been wake up, go to classes, come home, do work, eat dinner, go to sleep. For the past month and a half I have not left the house for anything other than classes. My weekends are spent doing classwork and studying. Instead of disappearing from the forums completely, I left a message saying that I'm busy for the next few weeks instead of simply disappearing without a word, but apparently that isn't good enough for you. I have things that I need to take care of, things that will decide my future. Developing A3EAI is a hobby of mine, not a job. I'm sharing not because I want praise or fame or anything, it's just something I made for myself a long time ago using info I found by Googling, and decided to share. Unless you are willing to pay out of your pocket for me to drop my education and work on A3EAI full time, you do not have any right to demand my time when I have none to give. Since you're such a genius about finding time to help people with an issue with no specific cause, why don't you offer a useful post other than general "fuck you Face" post.
  3. Regarding freezing issue, if you have it, don't use A3EAI.Please do not contact me in PMs about this. I'm extremely busy for the next few weeks so there is nothing I can do about it.
  4. Extremely busy for the next few weeks. A3EAI/A3XAI development is continuing but at a slower rate.

  5. Regarding the freezing issue, this is an incredibly generic issue and not something I can fix without knowing more. A3EAI has also been updated to 1.0.1, download on Github: https://github.com/dayzai/A3EAI Changelog:
  6. This is intentional. AI vehicles aren't meant to be player-usable because it's not possible to tell the difference between a vehicle that's saved in the DB and one that is not. Rather than risk players losing gear inside AI vehicles (I'm not going to have them save to the DB either), the AI vehicles were made to clean themselves up, forcefully if a player tried to get inside.
  7. Another update, version 1.0.0c. Changelog is below:
  8. Updated A3EAI to 1.0.0b, download at Github: https://github.com/dayzai/A3EAI Changelog:
  9. A3EAI has been updated to version 1.0.0, Github link: https://github.com/dayzai/A3EAI VERY IMPORTANT: Please carefully read the new install instructions in the changelog. If you have an older version of A3EAI (before 1.0.0), you must remove all A3EAI-related files from the @EpochHive folder, especially the old A3EAI.pbo! Changelog is below.
  10. @JerryAtricks Current version is and is updated for compatibility with Arma 3 1.52, you're still on 0.9.2.
  11. @Psythrandir AI can come from other sources: Air patrols can deploy paradrop groups (Chance of this is configurable).Air patrols can evacuate if their vehicle is heavily damaged.Land patrols exit their vehicle if enemy sighted, or vehicle disabled.UAV/UGVs can call for air reinforcements, which can deploy paradrop groups (Chance of this is configurable as well)
  12. The errors related to A3EAI_huntKiller.sqf will be fixed as well as any others I find along the way. I've been doing a lot of code restructuring to make it easier for me to port changes from A3XAI (Exile version of A3EAI) to A3EAI. In the short term this means that some errors may have been made during the restructuring, but in the long term means that I can support both addons without giving up on one. For now, you can suppress the errors by setting A3EAI_findKiller = false; in your A3EAI config file.
  13. @disto1978 That was my bad. Check the Github for the re-released/fixed version of Both A3EAI and its Exile counterpart were badly affected by the Arma 3 update today so I was scrambling to port over the temp. fixes to A3EAI.
  14. Updated A3EAI with a temporary workaround. It's more than likely to be identical to the workaround already floating around. Download at: https://github.com/dayzai/A3EAI Note that the HC is currently unusable for now. I will be following up this update with a better long-term solution. Please note that the config files are located inside the A3EAI.pbo for now.
  15. 1.52 update broke some important things. A fix will be made when I get home (few hours from this post).
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