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  1. Hey guys so this version is a little different than the old you need to make sure you have both vehicles unlocked and they have to be near each other to get the scroll option.
  2. anyone know why when i use this mod it only gives you 3 spawns and some are not even in the list
  3. I think the building names are different in cherno redux then in regular cherno map.
  4. Anyone have the cherno redux spawner? I would hook ya up if you can help out thanks.
  5. I didn't see any difference in performance with the newer version but even if there was its not worth it one person should not be able to take out an orange mission in less then 10 minutes from 700-1000m with out getting shot at once. In the old version 3.54 it takes 30-60 minutes and they will shoot you up to 1100m and that's if you don't rage quit from dying over and over, 2 shots the Ai are on you. Thats why i keep coming back to the forum to see if its fixed not trying to complain but my members did like some of the new features in newer version like money on the bodies but they are the ones that told me to go back to the older one because the new one was to easy. If you want me to make a video of both versions and show you that there is a huge difference in ai i can or i can stop bringing it up if you would like.
  6. Ya i had the same issue ill just keep using last years version thanks.
  7. Can anyone confirm if the AI are badass again or are they easy to kill still? I reverted back to old version a few months back and would like to update but they where way to easy.
  8. All good I just reverted back to Ver 2.0.2 Build 3.54 Ai are awesome on that version and i finally figured out why they where not spawning after that arma 3 update and fixed it.
  9. blck_AIAlertDistance = [250,325,450,500,700,1000]; blck_AIAlertDistance = [250,325,700,1000]; I tried both. My skill setting on default but even if i put them all to 1.0 it makes no difference.
  10. I just updated to newest build and Ai are still retarded I took out 5 orange missions from 800m and only static shot at me not one shot from ground ai and i was standing out in the middle of a field. I reverted back to the version from last year and they are dead shots up to 1000m the minute I shoot I start getting shot at. I messed with all skill levels and didn't make a deference.
  11. Just updated made no changes only blue mission and rioters is spawning and even when i shoot at them with a m320 lrr408 from 400m they never shoot back till i get 200-300m and even then they only take a few shots.
  12. Having a big issue with ai not shooting back they just stand around i tried the fix you mentioned on last page and that didn't do a thing. The old version they where ruthless i even added the same changes and skills but since the revisited the sit around like bumps on a log. Anyone have a fix for this.
  13. How can i get this to work on tonoa no missions are showing up?
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