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    Vehicle Flip

    Heya Grahame. would the first instruction - That is an hpp i'm looking into right not sqf? Add the following to epoch_config/Configs/CfgActionMenu/CfgActionMenu_target.sqf: Add the following to epoch_config/Configs/CfgActionMenu/CfgActionMenu_target.hpp
  2. Yes. I went to the server host, purchased an Arma 3 Epoch server for 40 players. The mod came preloaded with @epoch/@epochhive I'll try adding that, hopefully some function in the background will allow it's use, and it was just removed by host. :)
  3. The tool also come with an @epochhive folder. Do i place this with the other @mods? if so i already have this folder do i simply add what i don't have? I hope so because that is what i did the first time around; added what i didn't have from the @epochhive folder. added the batleeye exceptions from the battleye txt added the epoch.mission folder added modified my description.ext and init.sqf according to provided files. added the CfgActionMenu_self lines. while some of these weren't addressed as instructed i assumed they were for the most part self explanatory. If i am not to add the @epochhive files this might explain a lot. In either case i cannot benefit from the servercomandpassword unless i add that command myself
  4. I'm 100% sure the whole thing works, i just don't know where to put them. Your link only goes to show that not all servers or server hosts have or are providing the same base of information. This is the biggest flaw in these mods really, not all instructions are going to work for all instances.
  5. Hello all, I heard a lot of good things about Ignatz_Tools and i am trying to install them on to my server. No luck. I am 100% sure i'm not placing everything i need to, into the right locations. I am having really bad luck with the instructions. My instructions: - copy the files from epoch.mission into your mission file (if init.sqf already exist, paste the code into this file) - Add the following lines from CfgActionMenu_self.hpp into this file: "epoch.mission\epoch_config\Configs\CfgActionMenu\CfgActionMenu_self.hpp" - Put your servercomandpassword in @epochhive\addons\ignatz_server\config.cpp - All other Settings are in Epoch.Mission\ignatz_config.hpp The files i obtained are named as follows; Folder- @Epochhive Folder- epoch.Mission .txt- Battleye HPP- CfgActionMenu_self .EXT- descriptions.ext The first thing that struck me is servercommandpassword... I don't have one of these, or it's called something else. I was going to list all the things i had done to accomplish this correctly, but i'm afraid it is much easier to admit upfront i can't put it together right, as i have no idea where to put some of this. I'm 100% sure i did the init. correctly. I'm 100% sure i added the description ext. correctly. I'm 100% sure i modified the CfgActionMenu_self correctly. One giant hint would be to ask this. Is any of this modified "outside" the epoch.Altis.pbo? I'm assuming so since i found this \epoch_config\Configs\CfgActionMenu\CfgActionMenu_self.hpp" in my file manager folder. My major concern is that from server host to server host the files are set up differently what happens if this isn't done? --->- Put your servercomandpassword in @epochhive\addons\ignatz_server\config.cpp Hope this is understandable. Thanks
  6. Yes. Made sure of that first thing. i dropped worrying about it for other projects, and after like the 4th restart of the day i noticed they were working. Not sure why it changed i hadn't changed anything since it appeared not to work. Working fine now it seems. Thanks
  7. Hello, I am looking to limit the amount of spawns on start/restart. likely MaxVehicleLimit= I had just delete 418 vehicles so i am unclear on that cap. it got to a point you could sit on any mountain top in altis and with binos see at least 3 vehicles. I was looking through the forums for this and i have found. "look in dynamic_Vehicle.sqf" Except I simply cannot find the file. If it is not in this sqf or this sqf is outdated and no longer exists. where would i find this setting? I did however open the epoch_server_setting.pbo and edited the config.cpp file limiting the number of specific vehicles, but even if i set everything to 1 i will still get that number every restart until it caps. thanks for any help pointing me to this
  8. Hello, has anyone tried changing the HS blackmarket trader billboard and flag yet? I cut and saved out the old dkflagpole and trader .jpg and placing new image same size/name .jpg for both into the epoch.Altis\trader folder where they are located. But the old images still remain after i restart the server. I thought perhaps a cache folder on my side is keeping the old files, so i removed the cached missions, then removed both jpg files from the trader folder in the mission.pbo and popped the server...no flag no billboard As expected... because i removed them right? Now once i replaced the NEW images once again, and only them, the old pics come back. My question is. How the heck is it reading the old pictures if they don't exist in the folder? Moreover, why is it not showing the .jpg i placed in that very folder?
  9. Ok got it working. I created a typo when i copy/pasted. Edited my above post. Great addon works great for me as of. 9/11/2018
  10. Hello, Changed this via page 38 _player = _this select 0; _nr = _this select 1; _cIndex = EPOCH_customVars find "Crypto"; _vars = _player getVariable["VARS", call EPOCH_defaultVars_SEPXVar]; _current_crypto = _vars select _cIndex; _current_cryptoRaw = _current_crypto; _playerCryptoLimit = EPOCH_customVarLimits select _cIndex; _playerCryptoLimit params ["_playerCryptoLimitMax","_playerCryptoLimitMin"]; _current_crypto = ((_current_cryptoRaw + _nr) min _playerCryptoLimitMax) max _playerCryptoLimitMin; _newcrypt remoteExec ['EPOCH_effectCrypto',(owner _player)]; _vars set[_cIndex, _current_crypto]; _player setVariable["VARS", _vars]; Even tried both syntax 'VARS' and "Vars" as this is how it is written in the "fix" Still no money changing hands, So i cant even tell if the money comes back after player logs. ***Update: Fixed. Works! To clarify why the fix. This fixes BM trader from selling and buying items with no crypto exchange taking place. Change this line _newcrypt remoteExec ['EPOCH_effectCrypto',(owner _player)]; to _current_crypto remoteExec ['EPOCH_effectCrypto',(owner _player)]; This being said, One of the Masters of the Universe pointed out in my .cfg file that on the last line there was a hidden symbol in the x position. ["VARS",_vats];x can't see it in notepad++ Rewrote the entire line. Works! I likely added it in that space somehow, somewhere a day or two ago and simply couldn't find it. Tip: sometimes copy/paste does this.
  11. Hello, I was also having trouble with the BM traders selling for free and not giving crypto on sales. This is my HALV_takegive_crypto.sqf _player = _this select 0; _nr = _this select 1; _cIndex = EPOCH_customVars find "Crypto"; _vars = _player getVariable["VARS", call EPOCH_defaultVars_SEPXVar]; _current_crypto = _vars select _cIndex; _current_cryptoRaw = _current_crypto; _playerCryptoLimit = EPOCH_customVarLimits select _cIndex; _playerCryptoLimit params ["_playerCryptoLimitMax","_playerCryptoLimitMin"]; _current_crypto = ((_current_cryptoRaw + _nr) min _playerCryptoLimitMax) max _playerCryptoLimitMin; _current_crypto remoteExec ['EPOCH_effectCrypto',(owner _player)]; _vars set[_cIndex, _current_crypto]; _player setVariable["VARS", _vars]; The trader sells/buys with no crypto exchange. execVM "trader\init.sqf"; execVM "trader\HALV_takegive_crypto_init.sqf"; execVM "trader\resetvehicleammo.sqf"; are in my init.sqf. I might be misunderstanding the conversation on duplicate sqf calls but i was certain all these do something different. Thanks
  12. This is what my unpacked pbo looked like before i repacked and uploaded it back to the server. @GMS in the right directory, debug and init.sqf are present, the command line is complete, saved and selected. Like i said the server fires up, no problem, but the mod is shooting blanks for me. Hell i'd even appreciate an error message to give me a foor in the door but that isn't even happening. I know it works and it's a great mod. I am however suspect to believe my host, who provides 0 support for anything but the basic vanilla no frills epoch mod has got the server files in odd places, duplicates and redundancies. While the instructions are pretty clear on the install of this mod, in fact your instructions actually. I cannot be certain any of the folders i was given from my host are accurately portrayed to coincide with your instructions. TBH i have never seen a directory this cluttered and spread out. All i have added is this mod, the rest is what came with the server. I ran a clean 7DTD server, a minecraft server with tons of mods for over 5 years and a Neverwinter Nights 1 server Darksun for 4 years which in peak was all time #2 nwn1mod. I fear i'm becomming senile.
  13. Hello, i played on a friends server a month ago with this Mission addon and we all loved it for a long time. He has since been shipped to the middle east and he had to shut down the server. I thought i would be able to pick it up but i cannot get it to run on my server at all. I started with a fresh Hosted Server, placed the @GMS in the standard location next to @Epoch and @Epochhive, +debug folder, used the provided init.sqf as i didn't have one yet, added ;@GMS to my startup command line, Server starts and runs perfectly as usual with no errors, but no missions start at any time. My only guess is; A) That i placed the init.sqf provided in MPMissions\epoch.Altis\init.sqf of the download folder in the wrong place. B) I need to adjust a setting in @GMS\addons\custom_server\Configs ti have it fire up. C) I need to create custom missions for this to operate. I thought maybe this because it came with instructions for adding them. With C) i perhaps mistakenly assumed missions were already in place and would start spawning. Thanks
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