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WebBased Detailed player stats

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Great Job. I run this on our site and folks like to try to climb the list. Is their a way to set it only to poll live players? Also any chance on getting a category for those with the lowest humanity?


you can do lowest humanity, but it would be kind of out of line with the table setup i have going, you would have to do your own tables so it didn't look all jacked up, but it's a matter of flipping the humanity search from DESC to ASC (lowest to highest )


yes, you can list only live players if you wanted


in the userlist.php

$query = "SELECT COUNT(PlayerUID), PlayerName, PlayerUID FROM Player_DATA GROUP BY PlayerUID ORDER BY PlayerName ASC";

change to

$query = "SELECT COUNT(PlayerUID), PlayerName, PlayerUID FROM Player_DATA WHERE Alive = 1 GROUP BY PlayerUID ORDER BY PlayerName ASC";

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Currently, I don't have a website to port the stats data to from my server, but I really like this idea. It gives players real time data on what they have accomplished in the game. Could I query my server's database and post these stats on a forum? It's not as good as real time, but still it gives the players some fairly current feedback on those stat categories.


BTW, are there any cheap web hosts out there now? I don't need an elaborate website. Just something simple with a few pages and possibly a forum.






- you could, simply use your database SQL tab and run the searches manually , but live is much less of a pain in the rear to maintain

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I'm trying to edit the banner. I did so but I cannot seem to have both height and width in this line 

echo "<TABLE BORDER=0><th background='images/logo.png' height=210> <center><h3> $title </h3><TR><TD align=center>";

When I add "width=700>" it just displays it as text . Please help



Here is my player stats



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this is PHP , not HTML,  you would simply upload the files to the server via FTP - 



Thanks,  But I've also tried just uploading via FTP (filezilla) and this was the result I have now:





I'm really stumped, everything seems to be right..........


I used these setting in the config:



//set up the names of the database and table
$db_name ="epoch";
$table_name ="player_data";
$server = "";
$dbusername = "REMOVED";
$dbpassword = "REMOVED";
//domain information
$domain = "cosmicbunny.uphero.com/";

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Try to remove :2302 on the config file (line with $server)


Just tried removing the port and this is the error i get:



Lost connection to MySQL server at 'reading initial communication packet', system error: 111


So I put it back in :-)


Thanks for the idea but that didn't work

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copied and pasted directly from my hiveext.ini 
;Hostname or IP of the server to connect to
Host =
;Port to connect to. The default is the default listening port of a server of the selected Type
;Instead of specifying Port, you can specify Socket and set Value to the socket name
Port = 2303

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