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  1. never mind - apparently the old logic's in the previous version are not compatible with the latest release [RESOLVED]
  2. I've spawned by zombies, they roam about fine, but the server appears to be killing them an cleaning the bodies within a few moments of them spawning. Is there a cleanup script running that can be tweaked?
  3. configs - great! classnames huge help.. teleport plates.... not so much.. is there way around these? i tried that halvs spawn system but that locks up the game..
  4. Richie, you rock dude, thanks - this should be a great starting point
  5. Looking to do up a map config for United Sahrani - Does anyone have a config for this map already? and if not what exactly is required to correctly enable spawns? I note some of the configs have teleport locations listed and i've seen some discussion about respawn markers.. wondering what is current method to the madness How is the correct map config (mapname).h selected on the server? How is world size figured? I have spawned into the box on the map, but there were no "man hole tops" to teleport into the map. Also not sure how to figure out "worldsize"
  6. Constructive criticism for you: You should keep your constructive criticism to yourself, it makes you look like a smug jackass. un·der·age adjective (of a person) too young to engage legally in a particular activity, especially drinking alcohol or having sex. (of an activity) engaged in by people who are underage. "underage drinking"
  7. My guess is because you own/have played Agricultural Simulator 2013, maybe the servers are smart enough to know you make bad choices.
  8. Or cities - large population areas like buildings are hazardous , open land not so much. Makes it so you have to locate enough filters to scavenge a town without becoming sick. Risk/Reward (sorta metro-2033 ish)
  9. Yay! 90+ Script kiddies "players" in one server! /Call me when they get some real anti-cheats...
  10. yeah... "personal reasons", that's it... has nothing at all do with the epic failure that is SA.
  11. ATM the mod feels empty. I'm aware it isn't finished, I'm holding my final thoughts until the majority is released.
  12. Have you tried doing something stupid, maybe attempting to build something way beyond your skill level? Or possibly get lost on the map and never ask for directions..
  13. xxisww01
  14. Yeah, that wasn't the issue, the issue was once your in a trader area, your trapped. We basically had three options: A) fight our way out B ) leave the server or C) Wait them out. We tried C for a little bit, and were going to wait a bit longer outside of the trader area, not knowing how large the protection zone was is what got us killed. I'm not a fan of spawning into a trader city because of this very reason.
  15. After 30 minutes of trying to get my game functional (seems the arma 3 launcher method wasn't working, had to go to the config screen and enable the mod this way) we finally get into the game and spawn at a trader. My buddies have a few items as they were playing the 30 min I was trying to get going... First - guy with a sub gun is running around and his buddies are trying to steal the things we are passing to each other.. (because trading doesn't seem to work). We finally get the items passed around and step maybe ~10m away from the trader area, planning our route to the next town, and we are slaughtered by some one waiting out side the trader area.. the two jackasses who were trying to steal from us walk over and take the items from our body...
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