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  1. Yeah no sense giving someone something with restrictions....that must suck. I just gave them VPS with full access :P
  2. Are there any posts with info on how to setup a Arma3 Epoch Namalsk Server?
  3. Ask and you shall recieve.......All set man. Enjoy! Just glad im able to do this for the community
  4. I may have another server Gen0cide :)
  5. Glad i could help out Ron....and glad to have met you as well.
  6. LMAO.......Thx for vouching bro
  7. Well if your interested Gen0cide......just let me know. Im not a crook and would never screw anyone over.
  8. Not looking for free labor at all......I have been gaming since Quake2 and a while back had a very active community with 60+ members. Alot of them have dropped off due to the real world like kids, family, etc. Right now our community is pretty thin and im just looking to help people out. Ive never been in this for the money and never will be. Im just happy if i have people playing on my servers. There is no red flags. I am not a crook and am not too lazy....i just dont have the time. The server will be paid for every month and dont expect anything for it except what i stated in the initial post. I keep my community going now for my 3 kids that game and all the other current members that play with us. Not looking for anything but some populated servers. And if i can help another community by doing so then so be it.
  9. Hey Richie you around ? :) ts3.zombiebattalion.net
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