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Live 24h time problem/Gender Selection doesn't appear

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Hi, I have 2 small problems with my server,


I'm trying to get the time to sync real 24h time, but It doesn't seem to happen and when new players connect or someone dies they don't get the option to choose their gender


The time sync can go through the following periods


1. Its always Day

2. Some people are day others are night and they get reverted to day after a re-log or disconnect to lobby

3. It is always Night


and the gender doesn't show at all, I've looked all over for a fix for the gender selection, but most posts are people wanting to disable it. 


let me just quickly tell you the history of the server, basically, The last owners used to have the server hosted through DayZ.ST but the server was really slow and took about 20 minutes for anyone to login again, but their server was 24 hour time synced and they had gender selection about 3 months ago the owners said that they didn't have the time to run the server, and we had a 64GB Linux server so we said we would take over, we are currently using Denisio's Epoch Server for linux and have had no problems, apart from buildings disappearing, but we solved that problem which was apparently being caused by the fact that too many vehicles were being spawned I believe but i've never really found out the real cause, now the only main problem I've had is the fact that I can never get the time to sync with the system which is in Canada and the ability to enable Gender Selection,


Any Help would be greatly appreciated and If needed I can send my server pbo and mission files 



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I've messed around a lot with fsm files as well as the player_setup/login files and have broken the gender selection quite a few times. Many of the times I believed it was not showing up but after I added this diag_log ("Gender Select Started"); above the gender select in the fsm I realized that it gets called but only displays for a few miliseconds and then continues. Some how it seems that !dialog gets true and the fsm believes the dialog has had its input or has been closed.

I never did figure out how to make it stay on screen for longer as you cannot sleep/waitUntil in the fsm. But I did test it after by stating that freshSpawn should be above 3 (freshSpawn > 3) which is never true and this showed the gender selection screen permanently and proved that it was infact displaying it and closing it on its own.

I just wanted to point out that although you might think that the gender selection isn't displaying, it is very possible that it is displaying it but its so fast that we don't "see" it.

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