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  1. Its working for me but it take 5-15 minutes until i can lift&tow. Any way to get this script faster loaded.?
  2. Please take the chernarus map for Arma III and combine it with epoch. Altis is a really bad map for survival.
  3. I think the server is out of date. I have the same problem including complete game crash.
  4. Okay, post your dump.log and i can help.
  5. Its a display error. This have all linux epoch server's.
  6. Okay, the dump.log is 40mb. I send it to you via pm //edit This person have AX at the and of the playerID. See this in the log file. //edit 2 It's the Celebration edition of amra (Arma 2 + OA) //edit 3 The next thing is, the player isn't saved in the cache or db with the AX at the end, only the number will be saved.
  7. Hello, Some Player doesn't save correctly in the Database. I Don't know why, the worldspace is empty, CurrentState is empty and last updated is NULL PlayerUID from one player is 17XXX4 (the xxx are numbers, i have censored some numbers) Anyone have a idea why some players doesn't save correctly?
  8. Use Safe Zone Commander. Simply install and all works.
  9. How to change the map to Napf ? im stuck on waiting for host. //edit Got it working.
  10. I use wine and i can say, the sql db is realy slow and i don't know why.
  11. Have long login time too and somtimes load the db not correctly. Sometimes the trader and vehicles don't load and all is realy slow.
  12. Hello, I have get BEC working on wine. Have someone a bat file for autorestart and sql backup ? All files that i have found are down.
  13. Yes, i have see it. Try to edit the post, but forum was down.
  14. Hello, the sauerland traders don't work. There is no menu if i scroll. i don't know why :(
  15. Same here with the same error. :( Create some players, not all. my brother is player and i can't.
  16. I think, its better to run the server with wine. There are so much problems and asynchs with the linux server files.
  17. okay, thx. I have changed the code from the Epoch Heli Lift script at the line for disable if someone is in the vehicle. But your example is simpler than mine :D and solve the problem that the menu is showing for regular players.
  18. Hello, How can do this? I have see that some scripts like Dual Admin Debug Monitor use this line if ((getPlayerUID player) in ["11111","22222"]) then { Where should I put it and what I need to change to make it work? I want to transport also locked vehicles. Some are too close to the trader. For this reason, only admins.
  19. I have one last question. What do i must change here to set the time? I have a 4 hour restart and plan a Day/Night cycle: 3 Hours day, 1 hour night. sub set_time { my ($s, $m, $h, $day, $mon, $y) = localtime(time() - 3*3600); $y += 1900; $mon++; # Uncomment to disabe night #($h, $m) = (17, 0) if ($h > 17 || ($h >= 0 && $h < 4)); my $file = PATH.'cache/set_time.sqf'; open (IN, ">$file") or die "Can't find $file"; # ["PASS", [year, month, day, hour, minute]] print IN '["PASS",[2012,6,6,'.$h.','.$m.']]'; # with full moon close (IN); } And i have another problem. If someone relog, the time is again at the date when the server was restartet.
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