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  1. What the hell happened to the forums.
  2. I kinda lost touch on ArmA 2 Epoch I'll continue it soon, and to my knowledge he didn't
  3. I had a problem with things like P4L Door Management etc due to that. You will most likely need to modify the writer.pl to make world-space save to cache to it can be loaded to the server correctly. I was close to getting it to work but my hard drive died and I lost all my dev stuff so I'm waiting on it getting fixed and sent back
  4. Make sure all 3 ports are open, ^^ DayZ Commander is broke. that might be the cause I recommend http://dayzlauncher.com/ when you install it make sure to go here http://dev.dayzlauncher.com/home/check and add your server to the list, Make sure the servers started and then enter the IP and Query port and it will tell you if its added or there is a problem somewhere
  5. I'd do what Swordsworn said above. Use EAT for vehicle spawning and read the post I put about getting kicked with the AntiHack. :) ^ also has the fix to get rid of most of the spam that shows in the logs
  6. If you are spawning cars with EAT then disable /* Vehicle Tradercheck */ _VTC = true; /* true or false */ /* checks if a player is near a trader when 'purchasing' a vehicle */ that will stop you getting kicked when spawning perm vehicles. I'd recommend keeping that true though and limit your spawning to trader zones only also if you have the spam the AH generates then remove all lines that have _key call server_hiveWrite; _key call server_hiveReadWrite; and that should get rid of most of the console spam. its only a temp fix. I'd keep a backup of both your database and ah.sqf just incase bad things happen. I was working on a Linux conversion, but at the rate Chris updates the AH it gets annoying having to re-do it all I'm going to speak to him about adding an option for Linux to main releases
  7. http://dev.dayzlauncher.com/home/checkadd your server ip and steam query port to there and it should add it to the launcher within 24 hours
  8. That error is due to Microsoft not saving the file correctly If I remember correctly you can type this in VIM so open file and then press ESC and type the below :) :set fileformat=unix
  9. https://github.com/denisio/Arma3-Epoch-Linux-ServerIts unofficial so you probably wont get much support from the devs, but there are people around that would help :)
  10. Chris wants to provide feedback... but.... you banned him...
  11. Yeah just put it into a file and execVM in init.sqf
  12. you could make a script that gets input from the chat like _chat = _display displayCtrl 28; _text = ctrlText _chat; if(_tex in ["/rules"]) then { systemChat "====Rules===="; sleep 0.5; systemChat "No Haxors"; sleep 0.5; systemChat "No camping safezones"; sleep 0.5; systemChat "Kill me"; sleep 0.5; systemChat "Love infiSTAR"; }; should work. you will need to double check the displayCtrl number for the chat box because I can't remember, if I find out ill update the post
  13. What you should look out for, like mr Kami missed for so long is. Cannot load mission > Loads mission anyway
  14. all you need to do is find where they add up all the Variables to get the code and then //
  15. But then they could just remove the watermark
  16. Its exactly the same for Linux as it is windows, ArmA 2 Epoch Linux: ArmA 3 Epoch Linux: https://github.com/denisio/Arma3-Epoch-Linux-Server
  17. while { true } do { waitUntil {!isNil 'dayz_animalCheck'}; [player,1200,true,(getPosATL player)] spawn player_alertZombies; }; That should alert when players spawn :)
  18. while { true } do { waitUntil {_gearO = findDisplay 106;!isNull _gearO;}; [player,1200,true,(getPosATL player)] spawn player_alertZombies; }; If you are doing it for when a player opens gear this will wait until the person opens the gear and then spawn zombies
  19. try putting if (isNil "_sleepTime") then { _sleepTime = 0; }; above _sleepTime = _this select 0;
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