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  1. I dont think cutText will allow you to change the color as it only accepts a string and not structured text. And you have only a few options for its location and how its displayed. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/cutText https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Title_Effect_Type If you really want something that stands out, you could just make a small resource of your own and put it in your desired position. Then display it with a timed loop and close it after the timer is completed.
  2. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/weaponsTurret A pilot/driver has turretPath set to -1. EDIT: Might be of interest to you as you.
  3. Thats all that gets added to the quote :wacko: anyways.. I guess that would work. And I think this might be simpler to read than so many nested ifs and the redundant 'if (DZE_StaticConstructionCount > 0)'. if (DZE_StaticConstructionCount > 0) then { _limit = DZE_StaticConstructionCount; } else (isNumber (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _classname >> "constructioncount")) then { _limit = getNumber(configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _classname >> "constructioncount"); }; if (!((getPlayerUID player) in ["11111","22222"])) then { if (_limit > 1) then { _limit = 1; }; }; Although I find it odd that you are stating that players not in the uid array get a limit of 1 while the players in the array get the default limit.
  4. Not sure if this might help but worth a look..
  5. That is possible too. But I am not sure what it is as the op has only posted a part of the code. So I have just added a suggestion to check that part which I believe might be the problem.
  6. Well.. what I can see missing from your last post is this waitUntil {! (vehicle player in list _Basis)}; titleText ["HAVE A NICE DAY!.", "PLAIN DOWN", 3]; }; That means the waitUntil is broken? probably the 'list' command. Rewrite it to take account for the basis like this maybe.. or make an array containing all the basis and then you could just call the in on that. waitUntil {((!(vehicle player in _Base1)) || (!(vehicle player in _Base2)))};
  7. Have any of you guys actually done this to see what the log file says?
  8. I would just change it in player_login on the server. pseudo code below so make sure you use the correct variables. add it after '_isInfected' is retrieved and set if (_isInfected == 1) then { _isInfected = 0; }; This is how i did it for when I tested stuff so as not to spawn as a z.
  9. This doesn't seem impossible. There are probably a few ways to do this. You could use the server_playerLogin file to set a variable and publicly broadcast it to all players and then use a public variable event handler to write the information in chat. OR use something like this http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1026-server-side-hintglobalchat-fix-deathmsg-fix/ to directly send a message to all players when a player logs in.
  10. Hell if you still struggle with this issue. I would dump a bunch of diag_log lines before the if calls and see which variable is actually not getting set right. Then you can easily determine the next step like icomrade above suggests by setting default values yourself if they are not set. This should in theory clear the error you get and help you determine what is actually the source of the issue.
  11. The server_monitor.sqf file manages the spawning of vehicles for the server. // spawn_vehicles _vehLimit = MaxVehicleLimit - _totalvehicles; if(_vehLimit > 0) then { diag_log ("HIVE: Spawning # of Vehicles: " + str(_vehLimit)); for "_x" from 1 to _vehLimit do { [] spawn spawn_vehicles; }; } else { diag_log "HIVE: Vehicle Spawn limit reached!"; }; As you can see it should be setting the value based on the vehicles on the server as well as the MaxVehicleLimit. If you still think its broken add this after it so you can check the logs for info. diag_log (format["Total Vehicles: %1", _totalvehicles]); diag_log (format["Max Vehicles: %1", MaxVehicleLimit]); diag_log (format["Vehicles to Spawn: %1", _vehLimit]); Then check your server's rpt file after the restart and see the values it spits out.
  12. '[] execVM' is the same as 'execVM'. People just seem to prefer to write it as '[] execVM'. The empty brackets simply denotes that no arguments are being passed to the file being executed. I on the other hand prefer to save pressing those 3 extra keys on the keyboard and just do execVM 'blahblah.sqf'.
  13. Sarge AI have a config file so you can change the settings. They also come as heroes, survivours and bandits. I have stood in the middle of a group of heroes and none shot at me so yes it is probably working as it should. Theres a youtube video on how to configure it. Maybe search for that and learn how you can change it to do what you wish.
  14. The value sets the default first to 3. Then it checks if there is a constructioncount value in the cfg file and if there is it uses that. Else the value remains on the default. Dont delete any of the config values. Theres no reason to be messing with it. As stated in my post you simply set the value after those lines. Use an array to set the value for multiple constructables to a limit of your choice after. I can't see this not working unless they have changed the code since I posted this.
  15. If self_actions is broken then there is probably a syntax or logic error somewhere. First, do it in steps rather than 1 giant leap armstrong :P This would be my work flow - 1) Get/Set the database values. 2) Then attach it to the player and test retrieving it. 3) Make the required changes to the trader file. Always use isNil ("MY_VARIABLE") to test if it gets it as well as diag_log to spit out the values to the rpt file.
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