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Standalone Pals

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Hey guys I was curious, if anyone is looking for someone to group up with on DayZ Standalone I'm more than happy to play with/tag along, I'm getting tired of playing solo.

Steam: Valos
It'll have a picture of the first letter of my steam name. (V)

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    • Guest
      By Guest
      So i have watched the PC Gaming show E3 2015 Conference.
      And then suddenly this guy Brain Hicks comes up stage.. and i was like "Maybe i should stop watching.."
      But you know, i like to take a adventure, so im listen carefully to what he is saying while im listing to music....
      And then he starts telling about single player... and i have mixed opinions about this. 
      Offcourse its still a survival game, but i think isn't it the idea off survival that you work together (except when your a bandit) and stay alive and slowly start building up society again? 
      So i would like to hear your opinions about this, and things you dont agree with me.. 
      (And for the people who dont know what im talking about: 
      - a small video about it)  
      Thank you for taking the time to read this, and keep on surviving,
    • By DominicFGaming
      Hi, every once in a while, I will try to join a DayZ (mod) server, and when I do, a command prompt will open saying Battleye failed to install.  When this happens, I go to Steam, and verify the files, then launch Arma 2: OA, then Battleye will install succesfully.  I just want to know if there's a fix for this, because I'm getting tired of doing this little fix all the time.  I just want to play DayZ without problems.  Please help?
    • By AkillesOfSweden
      Hi Everybody this is Akilles of Sweden bringing you another DayZ Standalone video featuring me going on a quest to find the holy barracks. On my way there I run into some trouble.
      This is kind of a funny moments video so please if you enjoy it leave a like and maybe a comment too? :)
      And if you subscribe, you make sure that you don't miss any content in the future :)
      THX 4 READING :D
    • By AkillesOfSweden
      Hi everybody my name is Akilles of Sweden. I bought the DayZ Standalone yesterday so I decided to post gameplay and commentary of me playing it for the first time :)

      If you want more DayZ content please like the video.
      If you like my channel please subscribe so that you don't miss any content :)
      THX 4 READING :D
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