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Found 10 results

  1. heres a video that shows you how to make an epoch server http://youtu.be/1HW4xhVwsns
  2. Hi all, I recorded an encounter with a strange being that is changing the survival of the world of Arma 3 Epoch. The video is not very action packed, but through out the video I toy with the mechanics of this strange creature. (See the video description for quick look at mechanics of the hooded man). Let me know what you have found as far as creatures or npcs and what you have found out about them!
  3. Hello guys here is my new epoch server tutorial on my channel more will be coming out soon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HW4xhVwsns&ab_channel=TheFlyingJetsvvvv
  4. Needed: Voice Actors/Models/Photographers/Musicians This project is %100 pro bono. I am filming a web short series; 12 Episodes. We are using an originally composed soundtrack. 1.I am casting international voice actors and actresses. If English is your second language or if you're from the UK, I want to talk to you. I am looking for some incredibly accented folks to be reading a very short English script. You can record these from your home computer. I need less than 60 seconds of script recordings 2. I am also casting female models in the DFW area; East Asian, Middle Eastern, Eastern European, Slavic. This project is a 100% pro bono project. Involvement for models is a simple, single one hour hour still photography shoot. No nudes, nothing sleazy. 3. Comic artists: I need comic artists to draw one color drawing in any medium as a caricature of one of our characters. This can be done electronically. 4. I am also seeking studio musicians who are interested in some exposure, genres: electric blues, metal, hardcore rap, screamo, hardcore, punk, horror punk. This talent can also be fulfilled electronically as well. This is a great opportunity for exposure, you can enroll to be shown in the credits or anonymously just to support creative arts. Please message me if you're interested. [email protected] 469-682-4453 Location of Set: 6900 Sumner Street The Colony, TX 75056
  5. Hey guys post more videos in here about the updates and change logs here plus go watch my video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oUjL5nBCjQ
  6. I've seen most of the US gear in real life, but not the Russian. So, it was interesting to watch this video. In the beginning of the video I noticed a winter camo VSS Vintorez, a UAZ jeep driving by, and the Spetsnaz parachuting out of what looks like an Mi-17. There are also BTR APCs and the Russian guns like the PKP, AKM, AK-74, etc. Many of the things I've only ever seen in DayZ. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwGBbMRd40I And this was a surprise, here are the actual metal panels used in DayZ. I didn't know they were based off actual panels. Go to about 5:10 in the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1fY8lblBlQ
  7. hello, Objects like portal, table, wheelbarrow... are increasing (multiply) in trade zone on my DayZ Epoch Napf server. Do you have any idea of the cause ? I made a video :)
  8. Hi everybody my name is Akilles of Sweden. I bought the DayZ Standalone yesterday so I decided to post gameplay and commentary of me playing it for the first time :) If you want more DayZ content please like the video. If you like my channel please subscribe so that you don't miss any content :) THX 4 READING :D
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