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Found 22 results

  1. *ZZG*-Missions-SKYBASES-CustomVehicles-500PLOT-LIMIT-Active-ADMIN'S-custom-weed-farm-custom-traders we are an expanding gaming community come and join us on the killing fun server mod's dayz epoch coins wai mission system air drops 500 plot item limit custom base items custom traders added weapons to vehicle weed farm harvest /sell weed safe zones plot management door management group management hotwire safes select spawn rob bank/priest custom maze mission tow/lift custom map eddits and much more !!!
  2. Hello all, welcome to 'Invictus Gaming'. The server has been under development for some time now with the Owners being Jack and myself. We come from two of the most popular DayZ Mod servers so we collectively share an extended knowledge of scripting and community management. We aim to provide high levels of administration and with Jack being highly adept in scripting we can listen to community feedback and react to provide the highest quality gaming scenarios. We are currently a semi-militarised server with a huge variety of missions and juicy rewards meaning you can get straight into the action without any fuss and to keep you interested in the wide variety of situations that will occur. Our staff team: Owners: Jack and DanielV Admin: Hugo Here's some info for all of you: We have all been there grinding to start out so we have decided to give out some perks to new players which will run for a limited time: - Starter Base kits (Comes with materials for a secure but rudimentary base with a safe), 1 kit per player, 3 kits per group max. - 50k Start money so you can easily buy all the gear you need to start doing missions and PVPing. - AND for those first 100 people to join we have decided to give them the choice of a boost to either Bandit or Hero so you can start using the traders straight away. Server Features: - Global Banking (Coins, bankers and online banking @safes). - 50M base height. - Multiple Mission Systems, from easy to really hard for all skill-sets(including AI convoys, banker missions and really juicy loot). - Custom Town and road Network at the north of the map. - Race Track. - Huge selection of Spawns. - Locate Vehicle. - Change View-distance. - TAB Menu (easy access to change view-distance, locate vehicle, vehicle builder and more!). - Raidable safes. - Active admins. - AND MANY MORE! If you have any questions or enquiries about the server or just fancy coming for a chat you can find us on TS.INVICTUSGAMING.ORG or feel free to leave a post in the relevant section. We look most forward to seeing you play and reign strong in the apocalyptic world. DanielV TS: ts.invictusgaming.org Server: Forums: http://www.invictusgaming.org Addons: @dayz_epoch @dayz_overwatch
  3. Welcome to Elite SLK Gaming Community We are a PVE Community. Currently 2 Arma 2 servers We aim to find like minded players to join our community. Respect while playing on our servers is a must. Admins are active. Not always in-game. But always in the Rcon tool We also have a third private server, for admins and long term members. Where most of us can be found. (explained at the bottom of this post) www.eliteslk.com We Have a dedicated box. i7 - 4790k 32GB Ram 240GB SSD Automatic Backups every restart and uploaded to dropbox. Teamspeak 3 - ts3.eliteslk.com or use the IP Cherno server: for this server you will need Epoch and Overwatch Lingor server: For this server you will need Lingor 1.5, epoch and overwatch Sahrani Server: For this server you will need Sahrani 1.5.0, epoch and overwatch You can always search for "Elite SLK" in the dayz launcher also. Our servers have many mods made by modders from this community and other communities. Our servers would not of been possible if it wasn't for all the great people here. Many thanks to all, you know who you are. Too many to name and I know I would forget some lol not looking to offend anyone. List of mods on our servers Antihack and Admin tools by Infistar Intro Tune Spawn/class select With 3 levels of Humanity load outs Welcome Credits with rules Single Currency Plot 4 life Snap Building Pro Vector Building Fast Building Plot/door/group management Trader safezones with anti theft Epic Hero Dynamic trader - Different spot each restart Advanced Crafting with Gems NPC Bankers Tow/lift Careers No overburdened Locate your vehicle with GPS, works with masterkey also Sanford and Son Trader - Does not discriminate against humanity levels, buy everything at a discount! Custom Menu with deployables, change view distance, rules and tips n tricks about the server << Hit TAB Deployables - Bike, ATV and Little Bird Little surprise with the deploy bike ;) - Suicide - Little surprise with this :) - Earplugs (can also hit the letter "Y") Self Blood Base Jumping at the proper altitude Fast rope from helis Service Points Refuel/Rearm/Repair - able to rearm each gun individually, doesn't remove other weapons ammo Custom SUV Skins - Custom USA, Canada, UK and ESLK skins - All DZE4 versions Walking Dead zombies - Harder to kill with body shots - Head shots one shot kill Gain money from killing zombies dependant on humanity levels Zombie free within plot pole area Vehicle masterkey blood regen DDOS Heli Guard Locked vehicles are in god mode Crash Loot - Your loot appears on the ground near your blown up vehicle Animated SUV Folding MV22/AH1Z/UH1H Automatically receive coins from killing AIs, no more Check Wallet Mystery Briefcase for events and in the loot Thermal Weapons Bury Body +25 Humanity Virtual Garage - Able to transfer vehicle from server to server Plant, grow and smoke weed. Smoke from your inventory or from the hookas. with custom sounds. Inventory will heal you. Hooka makes a funny animation. Beware of the dizziness :) WAI mission system, 4 bandit missions at once. Along with 13 new missions, 17 in total 3 Static AI missions - AI Prison - about 20 ais with a few M2s - AI construction Site - about 20 ais with a few M2s - Sector C - about 75 Ais, 20 M2s and one Anti-Air. 3 Loot crates, 2 are random over the Island (must activate this static mission) DZMS missions - Checkered missions DZAI - Roaming AIs with custom SUV textures and Chem suits for AI foot patrol. Also 2 Helis roaming 6 Side missions (no AIs) And many fixes and surprises :) I know the server is heavily moded. But with a clean database (no bases and vehicles), the server runs at 60+ FPS. Very busy times, servers runs about 30 FPS. We Also have a Third Server. I call it the "Special Server". It is a private whitelisted server for long term members of the community. The mature members. This server is not meant to be taken seriously, it is a place for long term members to play a funny and relaxing gameplay with friends. Its basically a server that i've been working on for more than a year. I found tons of addons from the armaholic website and created my own mod pack. The mod pack includes, Alien stuff, star wars stuff, the rmod, the bw mod, sigma vehicle pack (with the general lee), Monster truck, batmans tumbler f-18, f-14, f22, a custom radio, the namalsk gaus rifle and the list goes on. the mod pack is 4.5GB LOL All missions are custom, and each mission gives you bluebrints to craft "special items". This is a custom crafting system i've created for this server. Here is a little video of our special server https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a42D9bwBkks&feature=youtu.be Hope to see you guys on our servers :)
  4. Rehab Gaming is looking for Scripters for our community to help aid in maintaining and building new servers. Must be able to follow direction and work as a team. If interested in being a part of a team dedicated to Hosting Fair and high performance game servers for our players, you can reach us at RehabGaming.Teamspeak3.com , Please come see us for further details. Main requirements: Be proficient in scripting Arma 2/dayz mod and Arma 3. Be willing to learn other games such as 7 days to die and rust. If you don't know arma 3 please be willing to learn.
  5. Hi there, Welcome to "Smoking Walkers Dayz Epoch". Our server doesnt make it as easy as others. Life is a bitch. Foods are rare on our server, so you have to go out hunt your food, or catch some fish. Ip for joining: http://www.smokingwalkers.enjin.com Rules: No safezone camping No building within 1000 meters from a safezone No kamikaze into bases No glitching into bases Do not glitch your plotpole into anything/ it should be visible. No skybases allowed No racism or insulting words Be respectfull for eachother Additions: Plotmanagement Trader safezones AI Missions Custom map additions lifting + towing Build snappin We are hoping to see you ingame! Smoking Walkers
  6. BTS Overpoch - 100 Mods! 1 Million Dollar Bounty! Starter Kits Bricktop Survival TeamSpeak Ts.BricktopServer.Org Some Of Our Server Scripts Zombie Trucks take your friends some zeds (Load Zeds) -Paint Vehicles Scroll on a hived vehicle (you need the key) -Door/Plot Management Add your friends to doors and the plot pole. -Group Management Add your friends to your group. -Single Currency No more goldbars! -Plot4Lift Saves the player id to the plot pole. -Snap/Vector Build Build your ideas no limit! -Plus so much more, Come check us out-
  7. Looking for players to pop my server, its got many mods and ready for players. OverEpoch Chern ->
  8. Looking for players to pop my server, its got many mods and ready for players. OverEpoch Chern ->
  9. Hi if you are interested in a PVP Server with active admins and regular admin events, with all the mods you will need for one server join ZombieFunHouseIP : : eurots1.gameservers.com:9224 Free Base Box for new players and indestructible bases. Check out http://zfhgaming.co....co.uk/Home.htmlfor Donations. No matter what you buy a Loadout or a base box you only have to pay once Contact us at [email protected] or speak to Grayz-Lost or any Admin in teamspeak We hope to see you on the server good hunting Barrie (Admin On ZFH) Server YouTube Video : https://youtu.be/xVNnRVX4wDI
  10. BritWolf is yet another fun Dayz Mod Epoch server! IP: Teamspeak: If you have any problems don't hesitate to contact use on our website: http://www.britwolf.co.uk You can identify admins by the [britWolf] Clan name - Missions - No Admin Abuse - Free Start Up Kit When you ask Admin - Snap Build Pro - 4 Hour Restarts Need help? Feel free to email us! [email protected]
  11. Hi! I am new, i have a VPS where i will host my DayZ Epoch Server. I have all files and i all run successfully, but i would like to know how can i place new addons like "Avanced Trader", "Snap building", etc. I am using Linux server, thanks for the support comunity! PD: Sorry for my english!
  12. Hi all, We have just started our new server, and we could use a great community now! ip to join: or check our website http://www.smokingwalkers.com Some previews from our custom map addons http://smokingwalkers.com/index.php/custom-map-addons Our website: http://www.smokingwalkers.com The scripts we are using at this moment are: AI Missions (wicked ai) Lift + Tow Selfbloodbag Service stations (refuel,repair,rearm) Deploy bike + more Trader Safezones Snap Building + vector and precise building No Weight 1 step building 30 days maintenance Custom trader addons: Militairy vehicles added: (these can be found at hero & bandit trader ) LAV25 LAV25 HQ BRDM2 tk gue ep1 BRDM tk ep1 BRDM2 HQ GAZ Vodnik HMG Militairy weapons added: (these can be found at hero & bandit trader ) Carl Gustav M2 SMAW RPO-A MAAWS Panzerfaust 3 RPG-16 RPG-26 Metis AT-13 M47 Dragon RPG-7D RPG-22 RPG-18 Custom trader for Overpoch items Some previews from our custom map addons http://smokingwalkers.com/index.php/custom-map-addons/ You can join us via this ip: or search for Smoking Walkers on Dayz Launcher! We have active (lovely) admins to help u out, and we would love to have some good events. We would love to see you join !
  13. It seems like every overpoch server I've tried to play on since the update lags pretty bad and averaging 20 fps and below. Is there a way to fix this or is it just overpoch?
  14. Hi, every once in a while, I will try to join a DayZ (mod) server, and when I do, a command prompt will open saying Battleye failed to install. When this happens, I go to Steam, and verify the files, then launch Arma 2: OA, then Battleye will install succesfully. I just want to know if there's a fix for this, because I'm getting tired of doing this little fix all the time. I just want to play DayZ without problems. Please help?
  15. hiya please let me know if in wrong place i want to change the texture of large wooden walls but i dont know where to fin the files to edit it please can anyone helpt hanks
  16. hiya please let me know if in wrong place i want to change the texture of large wooden walls but i dont know where to fin the files to edit it please can anyone helpt hanks
  17. Howdy Peeps, how goes it? Say I've been asking around on different servers about what players would think if we had Motorcycles that had Dual Machine Guns on them and Rocket Launchers in DayZ, and everyone I've asked so far has said that it would be awesome! :D Slight problem though, These don't exist to my understanding so we need to make them with custom scripts. I've already read up on the Biplane thread where you can add PKM or M240s to the plane that didn't start out with guns, but I don't know and don't have access to the server side data for the motorcycles. I know the class name for motorcycles is TT650 but when I unpack the files and try to edit them with Notepad ++ There are a lot NUL points and zones where there should be text and numbers but there isn’t anything but fillers unless I’m mistaken. Would anyone be willing to help us out, It would take a load off my friend's back who's running our server. If you'd be so kind, please give a tutorial of how to add weapons to these vehicles, Motorcycles, ATVs, Mozzies, Mountain Bike, and show us out to add the following to them. Forward armament 2 or 3 (in a triangle pattern) front facing PKM or M240 Or 2 forward facing AA-12s with 10 reloads (plus the preloaded mag) of HE rounds Or Or 2 to 3 Miniguns or DSHkM each with 4 reloads (plus one chambered) each Accompanied by (in the middle of the guns) 1 RPG7V with a load of 12 (plus one round already loaded in) PG7VR rounds Side facing armament 2 (on both sides) AA-12s with shot shells (with 10 reloads plus 1 in the chamber) Back facing armament A salvo of 3 RPG18 (with 6 reloads each) LOL this thing is kind of like Hell Rider’s motorcycle now that I think of it or that old Motorcycle game on the SNESS that had you racing around the roads to a city and you could fire the built in guns on your motorcycle. LOL I don’t know if I want it to be this overpowered necessarily (though a well placed shot to the driver’s head or a single tank round near the bike would be enough to silence it LOL), unless you want to make one like this, but I’d also like to have a list of different bikes with different sets of abilities, variety is king in life. So you could have one that is a fully OP Death Header (go head on with it and you’re in trouble) or a ZED Mower (with the shotguns on the sides allowing drive by shootings, sort of like the Bike with the dual chainsaws in Left for Dead.) Then you can have ones that excel at leaving presents for would be enemies, with good armament in front and plenty of fire power behind to take out things you just drove past. Also being able to choose single weapon types (all the machine guns in the front/ all the weapons facing the front, all the weapons facing the back and all the weapons facing the sides and being able to turn off selective ones in the scroll wheel UI would be very helpful if possible. Being able to use only The machine guns in the front for Zeds then taking out an enemy AI Tank or Player tank with the RPG rounds, then turning back to the machine guns as to save ammo would be very helpful :) It’s just a thought and no matter what whatever you guys can come up with (if this build list is even possible) will be awesome, and the best thing you can do is make a tutorial so My friends and I can edit stuff and other people can edit stuff the way they want it. Thanks again, See you soon and have a great time guys God bless From Your buddy ~Monturrock
  18. Hey all, Hoping someone here can help me out with an epoch server I'm trying to run with vert hosting. For the life of me I cannot get this to work. Whenever I try to join my hosted server it gets stuck on "waiting for server to start authentication" and then it brings me back to the lobby. FWIW I have successfully been able to install and run my own private epoch server on my pc as a test with no problems. All this tcadmin stuff is a bit different. Tried to get a refund with them, but I get an "email doesnt exist" error when trying to negotiate a pro rated refund. How convenient. ;) Below is a copy of my RPT.
  19. Ok I'm not sure how I managed this or what I even did to cause this to happen. But maybe these screenshots could give you guys a idea on how to fix this for me because I'm lost. Edit: Added rpt http://www.filedropper.com/arma2oarpt1 As you can see in this screenshot my lobby is full of AI I've never seen this before on a dayz server. In this screenshot you can see that after my black dayz loading screen it goes to a default arma 2 loading screen which I haven't even added or messed with the default one in any way considering it still shows before this one. And in this final screenshot you can see the 100 AI that were in the lobby show on my normal player list on infistars antihack. When I teleport to or spectate one of these AI they are invisible and positioned in debug.
  20. Zell

    M134 ammo

    Hi, i have some question about " special " ammo . M134 is very rare, where i can find them ? Depends it of the server configuration ? And the reload ammo at the restart depends of the server configuration or it's equal on all servers ? P.S. Sorry for my grammar but i'm not english :) .
  21. Hi Everyone, A group of friends and i have just began hosting a dayz epoch server on dayz.st via dayz commander and are looking for someone/some people to help with the running of scripts to ensure a smooth running. we may move the server to gtx gaming as a provider once things have been established such as all scripts running and set, we know what we want/dont want, as well as a public vote of server players to see what they want to keep and remove to keep the server a very player friendly community by having votes on what custom scripts to have to make the server top of its game. Forums and videos on how to do this inevitably miss out some sort of minor detail which can cause errors to no end otherwise i would just learn from the web but that is proving difficult as not all the info is there. The selected person/s will also have a choice to also help run the server by being an admin aswell or to just simply script the server, the choice would be yours. please email [email protected] for further info. we have a good community and have players waiting on the back burner to jump on and play our server which is part of the tactical gaming community so we would like this up and running how we would like based on players vote as soon as we can. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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