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[Ignatz] Earplug Script

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1 hour ago, Pvpmedic said:

Yes it says antihack enable True

Here is my init.sqf

if (isserver) then {

      [] execVM "mybuildings.sqf";
      [] execVM "andre_convoy.sqf";
      [] execVM "addons\Ignatz_Client_StartScript.sqf";



I just added your script to it.

Change your init to:


if (isserver) then {

      [] execVM "mybuildings.sqf";
      [] execVM "andre_convoy.sqf";

if (hasinterface) then {
      [] execVM "addons\Ignatz_Client_StartScript.sqf";


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17 hours ago, Pvpmedic said:

Ok so its working now if I push F4 but if i get into a vehicle they do not auto insert and remove getting inside vehicle then back out nothing happens.


Problem still persist or fixed?

The script should work.

If not fixed, I would load me later your mission again from your Server and check.

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Thanks He-man

i got 1 little issue, the manual Earplug insertion and removal does not do anything for me,

I've try'd adding T as a custom hotkey becouse F4 is conflicting with the Group Command Menu

But T doesnt do anything either, I've dissable'd Auto-insertion and turned on Manual insertion, (maybe this was the issue)

But it doesn't do either with T or the F4 hotkey.  Auto-Insertion works like a charm,

My infistar is checked for any keybinding blockers:

Check Keybinds       */ _CKB = false;

/* _blacklistedVariables: The AntiHack will check if one of these variables is existing for the client (only if _UBV = true;) */
_blacklistedVariables = (deleted all the normal Keybinding processes)

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Hi He-Man

Thanks for your reply

/*  Revert KeyUp         */ _RUK = false;    /* true or false */    /* recommended:  true  Removes custom KeyUps and sets back the default ones (false with Task Force Radio ?) */
/*  Revert KeyDown       */ _RDK = false;    /* true or false */    /* recommended:  true  Removes custom KeyDowns and sets back the default ones (false with Task Force Radio ?) */
/*  Check Keybinds       */ _CKB = false;    /* true or false */    /* recommended:  true  _RKB needs to be true! Checks Keybinds, if it finds added ones it shows: "KeyBinds added   %1 should be %2" */

I already had them on false, I've checked infistar settings multiple times can't seem te see any block in it...

I gues i am the only one with this little issue until someone else is gonna mention it, But because i got custom scripts running they might cause the issue..

Im gonna enjoy your script He-man and Thanks again!

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On 29.12.2016 at 3:16 PM, He-Man said:

Here a simple Earplug Script, special for the new Epoch Custom functions since Epoch 0.5


Updated to new File-Structure and usage of Epoch Custom Eventhandlers.

The Custom Eventhandlers make it possible to add custom Eventhandler directly into the Epoch Codes.

So there should be no problems with any Antihack tools blocking this Eventhandlers.

Just copy / paste them after each Epoch Update back into the folder (Epoch should not change this files on updates)

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