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  1. Hey, Im trying to get the server to do stuff (delete a marker basically) when a certain player disconnects. either _MEH_disconnect = addMissionEventHandler ["Handledisconnect",{ if ((_this select 3) == plyrname) then {dcname = (_this select 3)}; diag_log format ["%1 disconnected",(_this select 3)]; }]; or ["Stacked_EH", "onPlayerDisconnected", {dcname = _name; diag_log format ["%1 disconnected",_name];}] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler;works. Its not even giving me an rpt error... Am i even close to using those eventhandlers correct? the documentation on the BIKI is not enough =( loop that is waiting for variable change is waitUntil {_startTime + territory_time_limit > time or (getMarkerColor "TerritoryWars_dot" == "") or (dcname == plyrname); sleep 5;}; Or is there a way for a script running clientside to exitWith {deletemarker "blablabla"}; when he disconnects?
  2. from what i recall it is only addactions attached to player that gets you kicked by epoch ah, not addactions attached to objects, in this case a vehicle (_cab), so it could be worth a shot if you change the method to call a cab, maybe attach an addaction to an object inside each trader instead?
  3. thanks for reporting, but im not developing this any further, you should check out Transport for Arma instead:
  4. remind me, why do i even bother checking back on this thread? its NOT epoch antihack compatible! atleast read the first post before you attempt to install a script... Im gonna help you anyway, use mgm's Transport for Arma instead, because IF you read his first post, it IS epoch AH compatible, but you might have to spent a couple of minutes configuring that script which might be to much for you lazy f-cker.. edit: oh, i forgot to give you a link to mgm's thread, because searching is probably not for you now, is it?
  5. edit this: class RscTitles { #include "dialog\statusBar.hpp" class CfgNotifications { class cabtext { title = "Nibble Taxis"; iconPicture = "\A3\ui_f\data\map\mapcontrol\taskIcon_ca.paa"; color[] = {0.8,0.8,0,1}; description = "%1"; duration = 5; priority = 0; }; }; }; into this: class RscTitles { #include "dialog\statusBar.hpp" }; class CfgNotifications { class cabtext { title = "Nibble Taxis"; iconPicture = "\A3\ui_f\data\map\mapcontrol\taskIcon_ca.paa"; color[] = {0.8,0.8,0,1}; description = "%1"; duration = 5; priority = 0; }; };
  6. for that i need your description.ext, you probably have duplicate class cfgnotifications
  7. post it on github already! =) i have a airtaxi script in development, maybe we can merge/use your framework?
  8. make sure you edited your mission.sqm properly, post it here and i will have a looksie, or just wait until mgm publishes his Transport for Arma, which looks awesome
  9. I will install epoch 0.3 on my testserver this week and see what has changed, I've not bothered updating since a rarely play any more.
  10. yeah its because you already defined cfgfunctions somewhere else, likely in the greenzone/notifications.hpp
  11. This can easily be done and I would gladly do it just press the spoiler below and donate what you think it is worth: In all seriousness, I cant think of a way to give a certain player the scroll action unless you add his GUID to a list, but that would be a pain.. Maybe something you can choose to do with your freq jammer? And also add a cost to it? Give me some ideas!
  12. Yes, im terribly sorry about that, i made a mistake when I introduced marker_refreshtime. A fix has been pushed to github
  13. hmm, thats weird since i clearly stated in the first post that this is NOT epoch AH compatible
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