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New bis forums are live

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But dont get your hopes up.

Logins are fucked,

Google searches link to front page of forums only.

All links to bis forums from anywhere on the net are broken.

profiles have been wiped.

Edit profile gets response "oops, something went wrong"

As I mentioned there.....

Broke my heart bohemia. First the 1.46 gamebreaking issues that lost all of arma a ton of population.

7 weeks later it's still not truly fixed, but now you ruin the resource for answers?

Give me a break, isn't enough tinkering enough? Your game updates aren't proof lately that you can't handle proper updates right now?

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Glad to hear you didn't have any login issues, you were one of the few :)

So you can click any link on the net for bis forums and it takes you to the proper page?

You get zero ads on the page in between each post or 2?

The forums fill your monitor width rather than half page bs at 1920 x 1080 resolution?

You get the mobile version while on mobile?

You can search for under 4 character hot words and it works?

Your profile was not reset?

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Yeah mine works now :) had to reset it as it said i had a legacy password

I like the new forums, IPB is clean and easy to use.

Well had a nice chat with Beck yesterday. It seems their Web team is 2 guys, they worked till 3 am Friday and returned yesterday to work more. Several of the complaints have been handled and they are gonna keep at it :)

Links from the webz are working again, I haven't seen any more ads in between posts.

New posts are now highlighted in blue.

Looking better

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