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EpochServer.ini Guide


EpochServer.ini Guide
  • [EpochServer]
    • BattlEyePath This is the path to the battleye folder which is needed for the AntiHack
    • InstanceID Current server instance for the database
  • [Redis]
    • IP Redis server ip/hostname [default:]
    • Port Redis server port 0-65535 [default: 6379]
    • DB Database index [default: 0]
    • Password Password [default: <no password>]
  • [steamAPI]
    • Key Steam Web API key (can be requested here: http://steamcommunity.com/dev/apikey), if no key is given the SteamAPI is disabled [default: <no key>]
    • VACBanned Players with a vac ban will be banned by writing the ban in bans.txt [default: 0, 0 means disabled and 1 means enabled]
    • VACMinimumNumberOfBans Players with the given minimun of vac bans will be banned, same as VACBanned [default: 0, 0 means disabled]
    • VACMaximumDaysSinceLastBan Players will be banned until the VAC ban will reach the maximum, same as VACBanned [default: 0, 0 means disabled]


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I rent a server and i have obtain a ApiKey on Steam, after added the key to my EpochServer.ini:

AGAIN   SteamAPI initialization failed. Steam features wont's be accessible!    


My questions is:

-What is the utility of steamAPI  ?

-Why my key not work ?

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