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    mumys reacted to IT07 in a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07   
    @Scorpi: just have a little more patience :) The next update is huge so yeah it is taking me a lot longer to do ;)
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    mumys reacted to Salutesh in Action Menu Version 1.5 ALPHA   
    Thanks for testing, i will fix this and post the Update later.
    - Fix for suicide option (Rewrite of onPlayerRespawn.sqf,) [needs test]
    - Event option currently removed
    - Private Message System added (needs test)
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    mumys reacted to Janski in Will there be Taviana Map for Epoch A3?   
    This is because you have two files in the @taviana mod that needs to be removed. 
    Do this both on the server and in your client files.
    An addition to help connecting players with the wrong mod files is to add 
    if(isClass(configFile >> "cfgPatches" >> "A3_emod")) then { "Attention - Very important!!" hintC "Please check your @Taviana\addons folder and remove any files called emod.pbo or emod.bisignkey. Otherwise you get kicked after ca 4 min in-game! :("; }; Some where appropriate in you mission file. It will execute if you have the emod files and alert an warning to the player.
    In the future please read the thread before asking something that probably occurs like 10 times in the thread. 
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    mumys reacted to Sharkking in @MAS weapons Lootspawner script (More weapons!)   
    if you want to have weapons always spawn with the correct magazines you could add the following:
    in fn_LSgetBuildingstospawnLoot.sqf (Line 83)
    _lootholder addWeaponCargoGlobal [_loot, 1]; add:
    //Function to add the right magazine for a weapon. _ammo = [] + getArray (configFile >> "cfgWeapons" >> _loot >> "magazines"); _lootholder addMagazineCargoGlobal [(_ammo select 0),(round(random 2))]; //max 2 magazines per weapon //end custom funtion result:

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    mumys got a reaction from IT07 in a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07   
    Awesome thank you verry much, we all love lots of FPS :D
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    mumys reacted to IT07 in a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07   
    @all: big patch coming soon. I have been doing some testing own my own test server and found out that there is quite a few server-FPS draining functions in VEMF.
    Those functions will be replaced by much less cpu-heavy code and should prevent your server from dropping to below 10 FPS and from giving yellow links all the time when missions spawn (happens more often if bigger cities are selected).
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    mumys reacted to IT07 in So tired of all the disrespect towards community scripters   
    Hi everyone, this time I am posting a totally different topic.
    It is about the disrespect towards community scripters that is very well and alive in this huge community.
    What I mean with this is that there are TONS of people/admins/players in this community that just grab whatever script they can find and trash it into their server (Most of them do not even know how)
    and then EXPECT US (by us I mean the scripters) to FIX IT FOR THEM.... I mean like, where does that come from? Does the community think we are some sort of charity scripters?
    I am so tired of all that crap. Of course I am not scripting for money, but even the amount of thanks/credits/respect is to CRY ABOUT.
    At the moment of writing this, my continued version of VEMF has about 5000(!) views. And guess what? Only about 6(!!!!) different people replied by either saying thanks or some other respectful message.
    Think about that again! ONLY SIX OUT OF FIVE THOUSAND were respectful enough to say thanks or something else....
    To make it even worse; among those people that reply are usually people that reply with only: "uugghh It does not work" or "I have an error" or "Change that because it does not work on my server". Everytime I receive a message like that I get soooo pissed because it basically says: (excuse my French) "**** you and your script I do not care about all of that time you put into this I am just a selfish bastard that only cares about having the best scripts on my server and I give 0 ***** about the effort and time put into it. And if I have an issue I just post without even saying one word: THANKS."
    And that is what I mean by the disrespect towards community scripters. Pfeww that is out now. I feel much better already.
    The real reason why I am posting this though is that I want raise awareness of the fact that this is happening everyday and it is ruining all of the potential that can be achieved with EPOCH and ArmA.
    Feel free to reply.
    Best regards,
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    mumys reacted to Richie in How to Install a new Epoch Build   
    Just copy the files over and overwrite the old, you won't lose anything as your database is unchanged :)
    You don't have to do all files, depends how confident you are, if in doubt do them all and re-add the scripts, windiff or winmerge will allow you to compare files, if nothings changed do nothing, it'll list the differences.
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    mumys got a reaction from Demi in [scarCODE] introCamera by IT07   
    Here you go:
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    mumys got a reaction from IT07 in [scarCODE] introCamera by IT07   
    Here you go:
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    mumys reacted to BetterDeadThanZed in Helicopter Parachute Supply Drop   
    Very cool addon. I'm using it on my server. I do have two requests:
    1. Percentage chance of it running.
    2. Percentage chance that the heli will crash before dropping it's crate, just to make it more interesting.
    Now, if anyone wants to use it for Chernarus:
    1. Open SDROP_SupplyDrop.sqf.
    2. Replace the "_posArray" line with this:
    _posArray = [[72.0000,8184.00,200],[15320.0,7816.00,200],[7528.00,15320.0,200],[6888.00,40.0000,200]]; 3. Replace the "_mapCenter" line and the "_coords" line with this:
    _mapCenter = [7067.50,7798.63]; _coords = [_mapCenter,500,5000,30,0,10,0] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; The _posArray line has positions for helicopters to spawn on the edges of Chernarus. The _mapCenter sets the center of the map at Novy Sobor and _coords sets the distance from the center of the map to spawn the supply drop to 5000km. The edge of the map is around 7.2km from Novy Sobor, so that keeps the supply drops away from the edges of the map.
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