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  1. Hello, im pretty sure you already read this post: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?156684-Tutorial-Server-bandwidth-amp-Optimisation if not, it has some great information. Best regards, Mumys
  2. Hello, This topic is discussed often: You need to run some lines of code to get the job done but its not so hard. Read trough this posts: Best regards Mumys
  3. Hello Unremorseful, I tested your problem and can't prove it, our vehicles are safe. (Epoch 0304) But our servers use this script: It protects Helicopters from exploding, maybe this is the fix or the hitbox of your buildings are messed up. Best regards Mumys
  4. To you talk about A3Launcher ? If so, try to use "Force HTTP Download". Klick on settings and activate the little Checkbox right below your Mods/Download Path. Dont foget to klick Save. Restart your Launcher and check if this speeds up some things. Many mods are hosted on slow servers / servers with a bandwidth limiter. So it won't get any faster even with a fast internet speed. Try to search for alternative downloads, and put the files in your Arma 3 Folder, this is often faster. Best regards, Mumys
  5. Yep almost ;-) @epochive/epochconfig.hpp Line 34: allowedVehiclesList[] = { {"your_vehicleclassname_here",2}, //the Number is the max amount of this Vehicle on the Map {"another_vehicle",2}, {"one_more",2} //Remember no "," for the last Vehicle };
  6. mumys

    Telepos chords

    Ah okay i think it was just to late yesterday, thankyou bouth! :wub:
  7. mumys

    Telepos chords

    Im totally confused now :D Is it still possible to change the teleport holes to something different and move them around ? Best regards mumys.
  8. Hello, thanks for the great scripting work. But i get the folloing errors in the latest version: - Message System: - This is what is displayed for: Earplugs: - Crafting is completely empty: Tested as Admin and Player. The rest works awesome. Best regards, Mumys
  9. Hello community, i need you help again, sorry. You may know that Taviana for A3 has some Emod files included that causes some errors. Players get kicked with the error message "Server not Ready 02" so you have to delete these files on server and client site. But thats "to hard" for some of our players, they don't know where Arma is located, delete the wrong files etc. So i wrote a little .exe wich gets the arma location and deletes the mod files. But even that is not so cool because new player don't know this and get kicked and have to search our website for the tool etc. But there are some servers wich are running Taviana and you don't get kicked even with Emod files in your local Arma folder. So my question: does someone may know how to fix this error on server site ? Thanks a lot, and have a nice day, Best regards Mumys.
  10. Hello Guys, I was told I definitly need to install the newest Epoch Build (9) to fix the server crashes when looting. Im currently running Build 4. But i cant find a way to install the newest release without loosing everything. Is there a method to do this woithout loosing all stuff ? Thanks for your help. Have a nice day, best regards Mumys
  11. mumys

    Map Unknown?!

    You have to edit the Launch parameters for your server starting file. If you have a Windows Server its normaly a batchfile wich also contains @Epochhive ... If you have a rented game server and you cant modify this directly, contact your host. But remember to add Persistent=1; to your server.cfg if it's 0 or the line is missing at all "autoInit" skips. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Startup_Parameters Best Regards Mumys
  12. Use a new CfgPricing.hpp and include it in your discription. You can configure every weapon an loot price there. Here is a usefull post with some sample data: just ignore all further steps. Best regards, Mumys
  13. Thank your very muc., Ill give it a try tomorrow and will show you the results. have a nie day, best Regards. Mumys
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