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  1. Not to forget about Napf which is (kindOf) working.
  2. respawn_west and respawn_east are the coordinates
  3. I agree to wait some days more because the "Unofficial" hosts will then have a bugfixed version (maybe 0.3.1) time to prepare a fresh test installation :)
  4. I like to share this piece of code shoing how to add all available weapons defined by a certain type to an array. The code can run client or server side. //Config _allWeaponTypes = ["AssaultRifle","MachineGun","SniperRifle","Shotgun","Rifle","SubmachineGun","HandGun"]; // Other types (if you like them to include): GrenadeLauncher,Launcher,MissileLauncher,Mortar,RocketLauncher //Full List: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_itemType -> section Weapon _allBannedWeapons=[]; //add banned weapons (eg M107_epoch), make shure to use the base version of the weapon //Main Script _baseWeapons = []; _wpList = (configFile >> "cfgWeapons") call BIS_fnc_getCfgSubClasses; { if (getnumber (configFile >> "cfgWeapons" >> _x >> "scope") == 2) then { _itemType = _x call bis_fnc_itemType; if (((_itemType select 0) == "Weapon") && ((_itemType select 1) in _allWeaponTypes)) then { _baseName = _x call BIS_fnc_baseWeapon; if (!(_baseName in _baseWeapons) && !(_baseName in _allBannedWeapons)) then { _baseWeapons = _baseWeapons + [_baseName]; }; }; }; } foreach _wpList; _baseWeapons will have for instance 51 weapons in vanilla epoch, 171 with @mas addon may someone find it useful.
  5. this is my altis randomspawn. feel free to use as u like it. Spawnpoints are mostly nearby cities. Players spawn usually at a max distance of 1km from town or city
  6. indestructable bases doesnt seem to fit in a survival world. It only fits in a server description to attract players. The only thing that needs to be changed in my opinion are the hitpoints.
  7. thanks so far :) Looking forward to hear good news from momo :)
  8. Would be nice to share your fixes with the community. Thanks
  9. still working on it as a complete replacement for Groundloot. Once its done i will share
  10. What exactly is not working. Are there no weapons spawning, do you get errors in the RPT , FPS drops , something else ? Do you start the Server with [email protected] as an addition ?
  11. cool feature :) forget the towing script and put your car in the backpack *g*
  12. for this you might have to adapt the traders from dayz epoch (zupas currency), with extDB and dropt the Epoch defaults
  13. got more progress. Have a working script now that can generate a weapon list dynamically (no more need to add weapons of addons by hand) and provide a manual "blacklist" of weapons not to spawn.
  14. Hi Face, im very interested in how you crate dynamic weapon / ammo item lists as im working on something similar for a loot spawning system that adds dynamically all addons and maps. If you dont mind i kindly ask to probably use some code (if needed) with credits
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