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  1. No worries! Glad to hear they are getting some use.
  2. Hey, I don't have much experience with how server side scripting is structured, but you'll need to place these signs manually in the editor (or via code triggered in init.sqf when the server starts). I have been using a sign with the class name SignM_UN_Base_EP1. Then add... this setObjectTexture [0, "texture.jpg"]; ...to the "init" expression on the object, where "texture.jpg" is the file name for the image placed in the main directory of your scripts. I've used the .jpg as an example just because that's the only compressed version i've provided (100kb each). Obviously if you convert to .paa or use a different name you'll want to update that. If anyone can explain this better, or has a link to a more thorough tutorial, please link it.
  3. Hey guys. I made these signs for a server I play on and they've had some good feedback so I thought i'd post them up here if people want to use them on other servers too. They are designed to go on the outside of safe-zoned traders to warn players of the rules as they enter. It helps keep the immersion that you lose through a chat channel message. I have a small imgur album here with various sizes depending on file-size needed to keep your mission file small. You'll want to convert them to .paa or .jpg depending on what is your preferred method of adding it as a texture. My only condition of use is that you include my forum name (Sli) as attribution and don't claim it as your own. Other than that, let me know what you think! Edit: Accidentally posted this here rather than under the server mods corner, it probably makes more sense there right?
  4. It would be a shame to drop the zombie concept, but I can see why this has been put out there as it would help to keep the mod distinct from DayZ. If zombies do indeed get dropped you would have to consider an alternative 'apocalypse narrative' that helps to support the fruition of the factions you want as replacements. The three factions you described above do sound good. I think scavengers should be less human to position them more distinctly from the other two. In my opinion a scavenger is a person who will go to any lengths to get what they need (including cannibalism if they are hungry enough). They need to be unrelenting, unpredictable and non-negotiable.
  5. The intent of this is good, but I think it has the danger of being overcooked. I think you would want to keep it limited to only a handful of skills that are distinct from each other but useful to a particular play style, rather than ending up with a system that begins to augment what could be considered a hack (reducing recoil, improving ads). Specifically the gun skills you mention I think would end up being quite cumbersome, typically I find the more I use a gun the better I get at judging ranges, timing and knowing the situations to fire it in and none of that requires it to be programmed in to the game based on play time. Expanding off of this I would like to see is a sort of 'stamina' or fitness system akin to GTA V. This could actually make running around the map beneficial as your character gets more fit and is thereby able to run for longer and carry more weight without shaking. There is a lot of focus on vehicle gameplay in Epoch and it would be nice to think that running around can be reasonably beneficial in the long term to your character, rather than an exercise in holding down w. Similarly some of the animation times on actions should reduce in time the more you do them, to simulate familiarity. If I sit for an hour converting wood piles to lumber, i'd expect to be doing it considerably faster than a new spawn on his first go. This could definitely add more meaning and value to a late game character.
  6. If they had more drawbacks - limited range, required batteries etc I could see them being a lot more balanced, provided they are still extremely rare. Realistically I think you might also only find these in vehicles and helicopters (like police choppers) where their role is not immediately tied to their ability to kill people (like an as50 tws). If there is a good communication and coordination between spotter and shooter that should be rewarded. A narrow field of view and a degree of zooming would also go a long way to making sure it is only used as a focused spotting tool rather than being able to do periodic 360 sweeps to check the entire area around your group. It's the one man armies that existed in early DayZ that I think a lot of people are trying to avoid by saying no.
  7. Interesting idea. One issue I see is that, say you do lock the car while you are driving and then are shot out of it, your body will drop out of the car and then anyone can grab your key from your body? I can't say I have had many people attempt to get in my car while i'm driving it without shooting me out first, either. Perhaps if there was a way to remove keys from a player driving a vehicle before their body died then functionally it might work, although I think it may just become too easy for people to protect their investments by doing this. Part of the vulnerability of having a car is knowing to avoid situations where you might get shot at and lose it. Funny you should mention about people hopping in the back of other's cars. I do recall one situation on a dark night at Klen where we managed to get one of our teammates in the back of someones parked SUV by lying prone next to it and waiting for them to unlock and drive off. He pulled over a couple of kilometres away to check his map when we ambushed him. Best hijack ever.
  8. I believe it is highly likely this issue is related to humanity levels. Four guys in my group, three are bandits with < -5000 humanity, the last is a friendly with > 2500. If the one guy with friendly humanity gets in first, the rest of us are unable to hop in. We solved it by that one friendly always getting in last. Saying this I have heard of other situations where groups who are all bandits but have bigger discrepancies in their humanity (so for example one is -5500 and another -50k), are unable to get in. In this case the only option is to sync up and ALL hop in different seats at the same time. Perhaps if humanity wasn't so prohibitive (and it was easier to gain humanity) these issues could be more easily rectified. My memory is sketchy but I could have sworn in earlier versions of DayZ you gained humanity for giving player's lifts in your car/plane etc. From a purely narrative point of view I do like the idea that humanity plays a role in restricting your interactions in game. Of course if you do tag friendly with a serious bandit shouldn't you be considered hostile too? Side note: does the load-in option work for knocked out players in Epoch? Has anyone tried knocking someone out who couldn't get in, to see if they can be forced into a seat that way?
  9. The super-mega-impenetrable fortress strategy doesn't work on Epoch like you think it should. Basically, don't put all your eggs in one basket.
  10. As the title suggests. I realize that the hide body feature is half-intended to do some of the work of the server in cleaning up left bodies, but it makes no sense that a player could make a body completely disappear digging with just their bare hands. Requiring an entrenchment tool to hide the body - in the same way a hunting knife is needed to gut a corpse - would be a lot more realistic and perhaps stop those people that auto-hide bodies just out of spite. There is always the option to pick up the gun/ammo off the body and stash it in a nearby tree if people are worried about players coming back to get their gear.
  11. I think everyone who is new to Epoch goes through the 'wow safes are so expensive' phase. Really though, they are a good price as they are. If you are in a small group you can easily scrape together the cash from a nights work to afford one of these. Since you can sell them back for the same price at any time and they are indestructible, they are actually a very good investment for your money. I'm guessing they don't disappear after 6 days as per the building maintenance cleanup? If you really want to bring in some cash, it is much easier once you have access to the bandit/hero camps to sell the military gear (especially heli's) you find at a premium. At the moment there aren't many options for getting hero rep, but bandit is very achievable. Also C130's on the edge of the map tend to get overlooked as they can be difficult to fly but if you practice with them in the ARMA editor you will find they are actually quite easy to land. My group made 400g in half an hour selling two of these at NEAF. =)
  12. That's some sick banditry right there! This has to be implemented as a sort of 'weapon' item that takes up a primary slot and slowly consumes jerry cans rather than magazines in order to be used. It wouldn't be the same if it was just a toolbelt item that you right clicked on to activate, or right clicked to 'remove from toolbelt'. Can we get a lumberjack outfit to match?
  13. Gimmic I don't believe you followed my initial post that well. I was advocating for safe zones in the early game while a player does not fall into a particular channel of being a bandit or hero and for removing them late game once they do. I specifically stated that both bandit and hero camps should not offer any protections whatsoever. So my stance was not conflicting, but rather a compromise between both phases. I think that I should also clarify that I am totally for any sort of AI or NPC enforced 'safe zone' in contrast to the existing god mode bubble that has been implemented as you are right that the bubble completely destroys the immersion. The term 'safe zone' was merely implying that for the player it has comforts and a degree of protection from other players that they can enjoy relative to any other part of the map. People who do not have the appropriate humanity/reputation should absolutely be disincentivised from going there. Currently any one with any humanity can sit right next to a trader that they may not even be able to buy or sell from. How does this make sense? Another point to raise would be the length of time that trading currently takes and how this would become very disadvantageous if the safe zones are removed. Perhaps speeding up the buying/selling process by use of an improved ui (selling multiple and different items at once), a wallet to contain money and reducing animation times would also go a long way to solving this. I find it is also very much a grind smelting and trading between different tiers of money that really detracts from the enjoyment of the game. I am certain this whole process could be simplified somehow. I do like your point with adding more traders. I always wondered why the traders were typically north only. It could be interesting to have a few of these unmarked on the map so that players are compelled to search and look for them to find the best prices for what they are looking for.
  14. Believe me, it is that easy. I built one myself to test the theory. I am sure the developers of this are fully aware that anyone with a limited amount of programming knowledge could put one together using the likes of AutoIt or Autohotkey if they had the intention. Note I am talking specifically about the combo locks - the safes can take hours due to the animation timer between entering keys.
  15. I don't have any issues with the safe zones around neutral traders as they are. People who just start playing will have their humanity between -5000 and 5000 and should be guaranteed some degree of protection while they are setting up and haven't had many interactions with players, to determine which way they swing (bandit or hero). The bandit and hero camps however, should not be safe zones. Player's who go here will be seasoned and without spamming blood bags to gain humanity, should be aware that at this level you are purchasing gear that will give you a significant advantage over other players and hence there should absolutely be risks associated with that. If you are in a group it is very easy to do a sweep and secure a perimeter around these camps. Regarding camping outside the zones, that is a tentative issue. I have personally encountered a situation where people leaving the trader in a humvee were able to shoot me first, before I could shoot them. I received the disabled text as I entered, but due to lag and general armaness they were still able to shoot me on the perimeter and kill me. A fix for this in my opinion is that not only should player's encounter an even more significant loss of humanity when they shoot in the general area around a safe zone (as they are violating player etiquette by doing so), but that if their humanity is too low and they are nearby, AI should try to protect the camp and try kill the bandits until they leave, similar to how npc's will often protect camps if your reputation is too low in most MMORPG's. I agree with Eegore that ambushing is inherently part of the game, but there is currently no deterrent (other than players) to get these players to leave and every incentive to camp it. You only need to disincentivise camping the safe zones, rather than just put in a restriction to prevent it completely. This still allows smart bandits to camp albeit maybe only in select locations or for a limited period of time. Smart people going to the trader will have strategies to get into the safe zone that develop around this. The teleportation thing is completely flawed in my opinion, because it doesn't encourage either party (especially those going to the safe zone) to improve their game. Ultimately this is what the essence of DayZ is - continually developing more effective and flexible strategies to staying alive. Not just finding a fancy gun.
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