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  1. I would strongly recommend using config based traders and not on the database. Much better performance and MUCH Easier to work with.
  2. I'm thinking of purchasing a Dedicated Server quite soon. My budget is reasonably tight, so I'm trying to save where I can. My question is: ROUGHLY, How many Epoch based servers would I be able to host on a box with the following specs. Let's say each server has 10-15 players connected on average, at any given time. Specs: CPU: Intel Xeon E3 1245v24 Cores8 Threads3.2GHz+ Clock Speed32GB RAM3 x 120 GB SSD's Help would be very much appreciated... Thanks!
  3. Quite unique and seems really cool bud :D
  4. Hey epoch community! I'm currently having an issue... I've installed coins, with everything working fine... Aside from one problem. The "Money Storage" menu does not appear on vehicles, or storage devices. So I suspected there was something wrong in my selfActions, so i replaced it with Zupa's as I have not installed any other modifications.. Still no look. There are no errors in the RPT and I've never had this before.... Anyone have any suggestions/ideas on how I would fix it? Issue resolved, Easy solution I somehow missed. [CLOSED]
  5. "still got loot RPG's" .... I don't understand. You want to be able to loot them or not?
  6. You haven't even said what missions system you are using or anything... If its WAI: (WAI>Config.sqf) Change this: wai_use_launchers = false; To this: wai_use_launchers = true; If you are using DZMS Then: (DZMS>DZMSConfig.sqf) Change this: DZMSUseRPG = false; To this: DZMSUseRPG = true; For any others I'm not perfectly sure as I don't use any others... But I doubt it is anything massively different :)
  7. Georgie

    Scripting For Noobs

    If you are asking for money, you are violating the rules... And should be banned
  8. Georgie

    Scripter needed

    I have pm'ed you.
  9. No... "Creating" is a perfectly normal state after a server has restarted. The server is creating the missions and basically setting things up how they should be. Once you connect, it is setup and "running" - Don't worry :) EDIT: Or you can do that what Richie put^
  10. Georgie

    Custom traders

    As he said he has the location of the trader... :P EDIT: Or the marker atleast. However I would strongly recommend having your traders config based. This means it's much easier to change and create a new traders whenever you wish :)
  11. Plot4life Plot Management Door management Coin Currency (Causes the most issues!) Are the scripts I would most likely install first on a server. EDIT: Or at least some of the ones, I'd install first.
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