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  1. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA_2:_Infantry#CIVILIAN
  2. That was mine for a 4 hour restart have it its yours
  3. @lwbuk very strange behavior from them i have opened 4 different servers with them in the past they have never denied me access, do you want me to ask "jokes" well good luck
  4. @lwbuki told them i needed access to the dll files they granted me it no problem, maybe they are selective
  5. you don't need to give them the dll files to upload have to do it via there file manager ;p
  6. what have i cocked up here is it something in the variables https://gyazo.com/336226fbe4440695aa7a074d10246c75
  7. this is my init https://pastebin.com/sQbcLaBV what i just posted was my configvariables.sqf
  8. ok this is what it is set to https://pastebin.com/uXKj5Rjd
  9. yeah im using a custom configure variables, i changed zombies to slow and the build god..... zombies are fine build god mode not much luck. I will take a look again, good to know about the infistar too
  10. config variables, does the cinder take a lot of hits? i haven't tested it myself im just going of what my players have reported
  11. i have god mode base set to false but bases are still not destructible is it bugged?
  12. i have just set up my dedi box and everything was running smoothly until this spams my chat any suggestions Could not connect to BE Master Update attempt failed
  13. my fps sucks too since 1.06 average 40 and i get fps spikes making it unplayable at times
  14. mrjingles14


    ! = "PVAHR_0_m8n073R8d522K558855" ! = "PVAHR_0_m8n073R8d522K558855"
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