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  1. 82ndAB_Bravo17

    A3EAI not working since arma3 update

    Seems to be working OK for us, does your log show any units being created?
  2. 82ndAB_Bravo17

    Epoch bag/inventory bugs 2018

    If you swap a bag that you are wearing with one in a storage unit and there isn't enough room for it to hold both bags then one of the bags (can't remember which one) gets duplicated. They appear as 2 bags, but their content is linked. When I have done that my character distorted whilst wearing one of the bags, so maybe something like this happened to one of your players, and the second player picked up the duplicated bag somehow and then they moved apart before they noticed?
  3. 82ndAB_Bravo17

    Strange effect on screen

    That will quite likely depend on the server and how it has been set up. On our server, for instance, you will find some medical items in the mission crates - but that is only because that is how we have set it up. I'm guessing that the default is for them to be found among the regular loot, but I suggest you check with the server owners or regular players on the server for specifics.
  4. 82ndAB_Bravo17

    Strange effect on screen

    From the screenshot it looks like the radiation effect, you have probably spend too much time near a radiation source. Check your radiation level on the debug monitor.
  5. 82ndAB_Bravo17

    [SOLVED] Major glitch with Enhanced Movement and Epoch

    Thanks, glad I checked!
  6. 82ndAB_Bravo17

    [SOLVED] Major glitch with Enhanced Movement and Epoch

    Was this ever sorted? Was just about to enable Enhanced Movement Mod on our server and wanted to check first.
  7. 82ndAB_Bravo17

    Server not starting with Epoch files loaded.

    You don't need mods in both the -servermod and -mod sections of the command line. Mods that are needed by both the client and the server go in the -mod section. All clients that join will need these mods, and it is these mods that show up in the server browser as being needed to join. Mods that are only needed by the server go in the -servermod section. Clients do not need these mods in order to join the server. You can also put optional mods in this section if the server needs to have them as well - clients will not need them to be able to join, but will be able to use them if they have them loaded.
  8. 82ndAB_Bravo17

    Rcon Tool for Android?

    Not sure I would trust the link above .....
  9. 82ndAB_Bravo17


    Was the server running? The server needs to be off to transfer the files. Or your ftp at the server doesn't allow the transfer of certain file types Or something else
  10. 82ndAB_Bravo17

    BEC Bug after Last Update

    It should work - did you change the port in both the battleye config file (the active one) and the BEC config?
  11. 82ndAB_Bravo17

    Nice shout out to Epoch by Bohemia

    Its actually in sitrep 205 https://dev.arma3.com/post/sitrep-00205 Good job!
  12. 82ndAB_Bravo17

    A big thank you to the Devs

    Having been able to follow along with the Devs private Discord I have been able to get an idea of just how much time and effort has been put into this latest release, especially in the last few weeks leading up to the release. And they are still at it, tweaking settings and so on with the feedback that has come since the release. So, as the title says THANK YOU for all your hard work.
  13. 82ndAB_Bravo17

    Fav bar issue

    With that option set it does indeed drop it on the floor, but gives no warning that it has done so. Pull request added with fix suggestion for both situations.
  14. 82ndAB_Bravo17

    Fav bar issue

    I've noticed an issue with scope sights placed in the fav bar. If you have a scope already fitted to the weapon and don't have enough space in your kit to store the scope then when selecting a different scope from the fav bar it gets attached to the weapon, you get a message that there wasn't enough space, and the previously attached scope vanishes into thin air. Is there a setting that would stop this from happening?
  15. 82ndAB_Bravo17

    How radioactivity works now in 1.0.0?

    I Guess that I'll have to layoff the sweetcorn then! Thanks!