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  1. Had zero issues when upgrading, maybe your DB file got corrupted somehow - do you have a backup that you know is good?
  2. If you select build first, and then approach the plot pole, then it works. And no issues building after a server restart.
  3. Could be a steam connection issue, or try verifying the game files in steam.
  4. I think Steam was having a few issues yesterday, I was unable to join my servers as well and couldn't work out why. Went away to eat and all was well when I came back, but there was a Steam authentication error on the screen.
  5. If you mean a vanilla epoch.altis.pbo then that would be in the distribution zip file, if you mean a blank database that the server will start afresh from then you can either rename the current dump.rdb file (Redis will create a new file next time it starts up) or just change the number on the DB = line in EpochServer.ini. Stop both the server and redis before doing either option. The first way is probably preferable since it will lead to less memory usage.
  6. You need to replace the old epoch.altis file with the new one, along with the client files and the pbo files in @epochhive\addons, the battleye .txt files and update any changes in the epochconfig.hpp file. That error most likely means that you have missed a file or two, look in the .rpt file and see what the error is.
  7. Seems to be working OK for us, does your log show any units being created?
  8. If you swap a bag that you are wearing with one in a storage unit and there isn't enough room for it to hold both bags then one of the bags (can't remember which one) gets duplicated. They appear as 2 bags, but their content is linked. When I have done that my character distorted whilst wearing one of the bags, so maybe something like this happened to one of your players, and the second player picked up the duplicated bag somehow and then they moved apart before they noticed?
  9. That will quite likely depend on the server and how it has been set up. On our server, for instance, you will find some medical items in the mission crates - but that is only because that is how we have set it up. I'm guessing that the default is for them to be found among the regular loot, but I suggest you check with the server owners or regular players on the server for specifics.
  10. From the screenshot it looks like the radiation effect, you have probably spend too much time near a radiation source. Check your radiation level on the debug monitor.
  11. Was this ever sorted? Was just about to enable Enhanced Movement Mod on our server and wanted to check first.
  12. You don't need mods in both the -servermod and -mod sections of the command line. Mods that are needed by both the client and the server go in the -mod section. All clients that join will need these mods, and it is these mods that show up in the server browser as being needed to join. Mods that are only needed by the server go in the -servermod section. Clients do not need these mods in order to join the server. You can also put optional mods in this section if the server needs to have them as well - clients will not need them to be able to join, but will be able to use them if they have them loaded.
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