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  1. Need to reset the array count after updating it or the next test fails and the vehicle isn't spawned. _arrNum = count _arr; needs to go at line 55
  2. The new system seems to be wiping out all saved vehicles, is this intentional? I'm guessing that the db upgrade system in lines 48-56 is the culprit if not. (No, it seems to survive the upgrade OK, its happening later)
  3. Thanks! Not sure what happened to the line numbers, should have been 213 -216! Since it is set unconditionally to false in line 219
  4. In the new Vehicle Sim system _vehObj (lines 219 & 220) isn't defined, should it be _vehicle instead? Also, Lines 3-3 - 316 seem to be superflous?
  5. Seems to have cured itself, must have been a BI issue.
  6. Much better! Thanks again ..
  7. It looks like the code in experimental that is supposed to disable the auto-refuel feature is not working. (At least on our server).
  8. Sounding good... Thank you.
  9. It seems that a lot of the Sapper noises are also AWOL, they seem to be able to creep up on you silently now.
  10. Has anyone else noticed that the noise that used to be heard when the UAV spotted a player and dropped the AI is not happening any more? Not sure if it is something new in experimental, or something I have caused when updating the files, or something that has just happened.
  11. Some more information would be helpful.
  12. It would probably help if you provided a copy of your amended line 34
  13. Thanks He-Man, that seems to have done the trick, at least for the SPs. Auto refuel still seems to not be disabled, but I guess that is another issue.
  14. Having some issues with the SPs in experimental - they don't seem to be working, at least the ones that are specifically defined in the array. Everything shows up as it should, but I never get the action menu prompt to work. The prompt shows up fine for the ServicePointClasses when they are enabled. Also, the Autofuel feature doesn't seem to be getting disabled. Reverted files to all stock and still have the issue - the only change that I made was so that the Client files could be used rather than the 1.0.0 ones, so maybe that has caused the issues?
  15. Thanks Vbawol, that makes sense.