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    Was the server running? The server needs to be off to transfer the files. Or your ftp at the server doesn't allow the transfer of certain file types Or something else
  2. BEC Bug after Last Update

    It should work - did you change the port in both the battleye config file (the active one) and the BEC config?
  3. Nice shout out to Epoch by Bohemia

    Its actually in sitrep 205 https://dev.arma3.com/post/sitrep-00205 Good job!
  4. A big thank you to the Devs

    Having been able to follow along with the Devs private Discord I have been able to get an idea of just how much time and effort has been put into this latest release, especially in the last few weeks leading up to the release. And they are still at it, tweaking settings and so on with the feedback that has come since the release. So, as the title says THANK YOU for all your hard work.
  5. Fav bar issue

    With that option set it does indeed drop it on the floor, but gives no warning that it has done so. Pull request added with fix suggestion for both situations.
  6. Fav bar issue

    I've noticed an issue with scope sights placed in the fav bar. If you have a scope already fitted to the weapon and don't have enough space in your kit to store the scope then when selecting a different scope from the fav bar it gets attached to the weapon, you get a message that there wasn't enough space, and the previously attached scope vanishes into thin air. Is there a setting that would stop this from happening?
  7. How radioactivity works now in 1.0.0?

    I Guess that I'll have to layoff the sweetcorn then! Thanks!
  8. How radioactivity works now in 1.0.0?

    I seem to be getting increased radiation levels even when not near any radiation source marked on the map. Has anyone else noticed this? Or are some sources not marked?
  9. Auto refuel still working in experimental

    Working correctly now in latest experimental.
  10. Tried googling with no luck. Battleye script exception #47

    Just delete all of the .txt files in the battleye folder
  11. Error in new Vehicle Simulatiion system?

    Need to reset the array count after updating it or the next test fails and the vehicle isn't spawned. _arrNum = count _arr; needs to go at line 55
  12. Error in new Vehicle Simulatiion system?

    The new system seems to be wiping out all saved vehicles, is this intentional? I'm guessing that the db upgrade system in lines 48-56 is the culprit if not. (No, it seems to survive the upgrade OK, its happening later)
  13. Error in new Vehicle Simulatiion system?

    Thanks! Not sure what happened to the line numbers, should have been 213 -216! Since it is set unconditionally to false in line 219
  14. Error in new Vehicle Simulatiion system?

    In the new Vehicle Sim system _vehObj (lines 219 & 220) isn't defined, should it be _vehicle instead? Also, Lines 3-3 - 316 seem to be superflous?
  15. Group hex's bugged in experimental

    Seems to have cured itself, must have been a BI issue.