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  1. I bet i could still replicate the dupe i am talking about which would still mean i'd have whatever the max carry limit is at any time i wanted
  2. The most common problem for overpoch setups is the mod folders. 1) Download and extract Epoch client files 2) Download and extract Overpoch client files 3) Copy dayz_code.pbo and the bisign from Epoch client folder and replace those files in Overwatch client folder 4) Move Overwatch Key into Keys Folder (Main arma install directory) 5) Add overwatch stuff to your mission.sqm file (MPMissions folder) 6) Configure Loot and Trader files 7) Enjoy overpoch Edit: Also add @DayzOverwatch; to server start line
  3. Problem is not the amount of coins they carry or store but how much they pick up. As in, a player can pick up null amount of coins if he knows what he's doing which results infinite amount of money at his disposal. This particaular problem exists on just about every server running global banking (SC 2.0)
  4. For you it's this line call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "Mods\Init\compiles.sqf"; //Compile regular functions
  5. Check your player_build_publish.sqf and post both isntances of this PVDZE_obj_Publish =
  6. Loot won't always be there but from time to time you should see stuff laying around the crate, it was kinda broken since patch so loot actually spawned in a single spot in center of the crate aswell
  7. If you're on about those black boxes around the map then inside them they will always have vehicle ammo, your loot table is used for items scattered around the box and not the stuff inside of it
  8. if ((count _inventory > 0) && !(typeOf( _object) == "Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ") && !(typeOf( _object) in DZE_DoorsLocked) && !(typeOf( _object) in DZE_Garage)) then {
  9. I know i've seen the solution somewhere around here but i can't find it. Basically once a player walks up to the crate it just goes up into the air and stays there
  10. This part of the script, edit that according to plot management instructions if(_IsNearPlot >= 1) then { _proceed = false; _plotReq = false; _nearestPole = _findNearestPole select 0; // Find owner _ownerID = _nearestPole getVariable["CharacterID","0"]; // check if friendly to owner if(dayz_characterID != _ownerID) then { _friendlies = player getVariable ["friendlyTo",[]]; // check if friendly to owner if(!(_ownerID in _friendlies)) then { _proceed = false; } else { _proceed = true; }; } else { _proceed = true; }; }; You can try something like this //Scratch that This should do the trick without the need to add yourself (owner) to plot if(_IsNearPlot >= 1) then { _proceed = false; _plotReq = false; _nearestPole = _findNearestPole select 0; _ownerID = _nearestPole getVariable["CharacterID","0"]; if(dayz_characterID != _ownerID) then { _friendlies = player getVariable ["friendlyTo",[]]; _plotfriendlies = _nearestPole getVariable ["plotfriends",[]]; _fuid = []; { _friendUID = _x select 0; _fuid = _fuid + [_friendUID]; } forEach _plotfriendlies; _builder = getPlayerUID player; if(_builder in _fuid) then { _proceed = true; } else { _proceed = false; }; if(!(_ownerID in _friendlies)) then { _proceed = false; } else { _proceed = true; }; } else { _proceed = true; }; };
  11. You add it right in this section of spawn_group and if you wish your M2 gunners to have it then do the same in spawn_static if (!_unarmed) then { for "_i" from 1 to _mags do { _unit addMagazine _magazine; }; _unit addweapon _weapon; _unit selectWeapon _weapon; _cash = round(random 20) * 100; // number between 0 and 2000 _unit setVariable["CashMoney",_cash ,true]; }; spawn_static.sqf part looks like this _gearmagazines = _aigear select 0; _geartools = _aigear select 1; _unit addweapon _weapon; _cash = round(random 20) * 100; // number between 0 and 2000 _unit setVariable["CashMoney",_cash ,true];
  12. What mods are you running because you have a major problem somewhere and installing another mod on top of it more than likely will cause even more problems.
  13. I can confirm that the game saves ammo count in DB while you are ingame so it looks like this [["BAF_L86A2_ACOG","ItemKeyBlack1972"],["30Rnd_556x45_Stanag",["30Rnd_556x45_Stanag",5]]]Where second one has 5 rounds left and the other is full However it doesn't save ammo count while mags are in your backpack, even if it's just the one with 5 rounds left. ["DZ_LargeGunBag_EP1",[[],[]],[["30Rnd_556x45_Stanag"],[1]]] Edit: Unless you're looking to overwrite epoch/dayz inventory saving system there's pretty much no way to stop this
  14. Someone call the morgue, we have found that stolen dead guy.
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