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    Scripter needed

    Hey, im looking for a serious scripter that can work permanent for me, i cant script but im learning but takes time. i have some files but they need to be fixed my name on steam is Daniel Eira skype is danieleira87 im willing to pay between 100-200 usd, payment date will be at 20 of every mont, payment will start in january. im serious, will make a contract with the guy i hire so if intrested answer ehre or message me privite, or add me on steam or skype Reguards Zombiekiller (Daniel Eira) QZG
  2. Hey, u got two servers i need help with, my main scripter dosnt have time to continue as scripter sadly enough. im learning my self but im not good enough, il pay beetween 100-150 usd/euro per month 200 if alot to do I need a scripter who has time to be there or who can do the work what we agrees about. i allways pay after the work is done. overpoch servers my chernarus server my taviana server Reguards Zombie Killer QZG
  3. Hey, im looking for a new scripter i have a community calleed QZG we have about 20 players, we had 60 players but alot of bullshit happend. and many left. same with scripters.so i need new scripters. anyone who enjoy this as much as me? who is intrested of working for my comunity. i got a dedicated desktop remote join my ts. ask for myninos
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