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  1. Kinda disappointed as in the video showcasing the editor Maca is placing trees :D Roads are also a must in my opinion to really add something different but so far can't complain really the editor is fantastic as very easy to use. Just really wish roads and foliage were added to the placable items in the future.
  2. Where do I find trees and foliage to place? For some reason can not find the menu containing these elements. Sorry in advance, I will probably facepalm myself...
  3. Hi all, ok so I'm starting to mod for Arma 3 as I've been away from the scene for a while but with this amazing tool I can finally get some nice areas made. First things first... How the hell do I unblock the dll's?! I'm going to facepalm when I find out but please for the love of God help a brother out.
  4. Thanks man I really appreciate that. Hopefully I can start similar projects for A3 Epoch.
  5. Nice addition! I like all the details. Good work indeed.
  6. Thanks very much, just a shame the engine means large additions lag the server out a tad sometimes :(
  7. No, setDir determines the compass direction it faces but using "this setvectorup [0.1,0,0.01]"; and messing with the values you can change the orientation of objects.
  8. Hi, that tower is actually already in the map like that. But if you mess around with the settings you can make stuff lie on their side. For example the Ural wreck I have on it's side I use this "this setvectorup [0.1,0,0.01]"; Let me know how you get on!
  9. Hi man, thanks for the kind words! No it's the standard model that comes with Epoch. I just made this a while a go but the new model is the exact dimensions it just replaces it :)
  10. For the bridge pieces make them "LOCKED" in the Vehicle Lock setting and apply this to the Vehicle Init: this setPosASL [getposASL this select 0, getposASL this select 1, -2.5] Obviously edit the -2.5 to suit the height you want for each item. Do this in the editor for each item. Once you find the correct height for the first piece, then the rest of them should all be the exact same height (if the pieces are the same type).
  11. I have updated the file with a new industrial area just south of the airstrip near the dock there. This will add some anti-sniper spots for those annoying fire station campers! It is entirely optional, so remove the section AFTER the update marker in the .sqf if you do not want to have the addition! If you DO however use it and want to use the optional building that is enterable please remember to add "warehouse" to your AddOns section in your mission.sqm to stop that annoying error! To use the optional building delte the default vehicle and uncomment the optional version :) The unenterable version which causes no errors is the default one used in the .sqf file. Screenshots Default - http://imgur.com/HcMX15s,iReVwh8#1 Optional - http://imgur.com/HcMX15s,iReVwh8#0
  12. To fix the missing warehouse error add "warehouse" to your mission.sqm file in the addons section. Like this as an example. addOns[]= { "chernarus", "ca_modules_animals", "dayz_anim", "dayz_code", "dayz_communityassets", "dayz_weapons", "dayz_equip", "dayz_epoch", "dayz_vehicles", "cacharacters_pmc", "ca_modules_functions", "glt_m300t", "pook_h13", "csj_gyroac", "map_eu", "jetskiyanahuiaddon", "warehouse" }; If you put the file into your server then you mission file will be smaller for players who join. And if it's server sided AI interact with the buildings properly.
  13. Just updated with a new small industrial area near the docks. It's an optional addition but it adds an interesting area for new spawns and also gives any Balota camping snipers on top of the fire station an area to worry about. You will need to add "warehouse" to your mission.sqm to stop the error message. As soon as I get home I will add the option to use the other version of the building with no error messages. Just have to uncomment the building you would like to use but for now it's the enterable one. Screenshots to come.
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