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  1. Thank You @Waylon194 for posting that. Just So people Know , Unfortunately My friend @Thug Passed away back in November. As of now I can't get access to His GitHub account to make the changes.But will be trying to do so. Me and him did a lot of work together with TBsGaming.com servers and building AI cities. I know he also helped a lot of other people out through the years. We still have an Active Arma 2 OverPock Chernarus server up and running in his Honor. Server Ip: .
  2. Has anyone got this to work with the latest version of Epoch ? When I install it my server won't come back up. Any idea's why this would be happening? I did not make any changes to the config files either. 1. placed "a3_epoch_server_zcp.pbo" in the @EpockHive/addons folder 2. Placed "zcp.sqf" in my main Mission.pbo 3. Placed "execVM "zcp.sqf";" in my Init.sqf Thanks in Advance.
  3. @Zupa , Thanks for responding back. I see why that it's not working now. I tried a bunch of ways from scratch with the updated files and All they do is run and attack. :( Oh well. Thanks again
  4. Has anyone gotten this to work on Vanilla DayZ ? I have it installed but the Zombies are not responding to Players.
  5. Affraid

    Event Question

    Is there anyway to Add Radiation to the event , so it's only in the marked area of the event ? And If a player has a certain skin on they are immune to it? Thanks in advance
  6. Does anyone know How to make the missions a radiation zone ? And if the player has a certain skin on they would be safe to go in ? Sorry if this has been posted already on this forum , I could not find it if it was. Thanks in advance . Affraid
  7. Kool , Let me know what you think of it. Would love some feed back on it.
  8. TBsGaming.com Presents A3Wasteland MiniHattan. MiniHattan Features New Map Everything Saves (base,Vehicles 31+ Unmarked ATM'S Lock Vehicles Vehicle & Helicopter Chop Shops Fast Roping Roaming AI from all 3 Factions Repair/Refuel Centers for Vehicles,Helicopters & Boats Start with 5k Server Details IP: DownLoad MOD Here Make sure you extract the folder to your Arma3 Main directory & Activate the Expansion in your config/expansion menu Help Make this MOD better and please post any problems & suggestions Have Fun & Good Luck Affraid (aka BoxSmella) Check Out our Other Servers at TBsGaming.com
  9. Has anyone ever got this error message "ErrorMessage: File mpmissions\__cur_mp.sauerland\zupa\skins\defines.hpp, line 45: .RscButton: Member already defined." Any Idea's on how to fix this? I'm having no luck. Thanks in advance
  10. The link is the same and file names are mostly the same. But the files are different. And no I have not gotten there yet. Have not been playing, Been updating The OverPoch-Origins Saurland Server to Single currency (Coins). But I will once this is completed.
  11. You might want to check out the new files. I reworked the mansion area , you might like it .
  12. Ok I had Some Time so I put the new Updated files in my dropBox. Also link on first page is current. These files have the AI City updated and using Dynamic Spawns by using DZAI (files included) And WAI with gunners (also Included). Just follow instruction on how to install the files. Very easy to do. And the End Mansion part has been changed a bit. Download Link https://www.dropbox....j/AICITYWAI.rar Hope You all enjoy
  13. I do have an updated version to post up. And I Also if anyone is interested , The AI are Dynamic spawned by DZAI. And the gunners using WAI. Once I'm done working on something I Post new link with the files As soon as I can, Sorry I havn't gotten back , been very busy in RL.
  14. Anyone know how to add pages to the joutnal? Just looking to add Text pages nothing fancy.
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