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  1. GZA

    run scripts server side

    Have a look at this post.
  2. GZA

    run scripts server side

    You could compile the scripts server side and broadcast them via publicvariable.
  3. GZA

    Disable loot spawn in plot pole range/safe zone

    Yeah right if you use old mission.sqm you have to use canbuild but your example was wrong canbuild must be true. if(_canLoot && (_IsNearPlot == 0) && canbuild) then {
  4. GZA

    Disable loot spawn in plot pole range/safe zone

    Posted this months ago http://pastebin.com/ZNNpmPCR. Just create a custom player_spawncheck.sqf. I hope it works ;)
  5. GZA

    Will there be Taviana Map for Epoch A3?

    Just a short information. We will release an updated taviana pack soon. Changelog so far: V0.2 - fixed bridges - fixed barriers - map cleanup (removed many wrecks, trash and plants) - added new enterable and updated buildings http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26806 - added loadingscreen and author - removed some unused textures/objects to lower pack size
  6. GZA

    Will there be Taviana Map for Epoch A3?

    I fixed the bridge :D I will send the fixed file to Santa so he can update the taviana pack.
  7. GZA

    Will there be Taviana Map for Epoch A3?

    Found out exactly the same ;) We could overwrite the config but then we have to adjust all "radiusA" entries. But you could use this fix so far. https://seafile.zombieapo.eu/d/50f9357911/ It spawns vehicles without the use of city names. Put the PBO in your @epochhive\addons folder.
  8. GZA

    someone could send me Mission.sqm

    You could use unRap or any other tool to decrypt it. Anyway i uploaded the decrpyted mission.sqm ;) : https://seafile.zombieapo.eu/d/3e2964b3df/
  9. Any progress? Would be nice if you could release the source code even if it's not stable.
  10. GZA

    @MAS weapons Lootspawner script (More weapons!)

    Already posted a fix check my last post.
  11. GZA

    @MAS weapons Lootspawner script (More weapons!)

    To fix this issue replace "GroundWeaponHolder" with "WeaponHolderSimulated" in all files. This will enable PhysX so the items will fall on the ground.
  12. GZA

    What about Taviana? )))

    Seems like Taviana Origins runs without problems. Only some errors because of missing files. You can join our DEV Server if you want to test it out. IP: You need the AllInArmaTerrainPack and DayzOrigins 1.7.9. Delete all files except origins_pack.pbo, tavi.pbo, taviana.pbo and usec_rig_a.pbo in your @DayzOrigins/addons folder.
  13. GZA

    {Request} Vehicle Garage

    You can ;) i tested it a few minutes ago. Check again if you have the latest file. https://seafile.zombieapo.eu/d/1cdde343bd/files/?p=/Virtual%20Garage/missionfile/scripts/garage/vehicle_store_list.sqf
  14. GZA

    {Request} Vehicle Garage

    It's fixed:) Redownload and replace vehicle_store_list.sqf.
  15. GZA

    {Request} Vehicle Garage

    You can ignore this error. It will fix this asap. It happens because the array is empty if the gear is empty. EDIT: It's fixed. Redownload and replace server_spawnVehicle.sqf.