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  1. You can't just comment [_vehicle], even if you are not using any. Change: //[_vehicle], // cleanup objects to [], // cleanup objects
  2. It depends on your config file. If you have custom_per_world = true then place settings in chernarus.sqf If you are running single server then make it false and place settings in default.sqf
  3. I have never met them, do you have any working download link to that WAI system so i can download and see them? Converting old system missions to new one is pretty easy, you just need to see main frame and variables of the missions, new system got some new.
  4. Drop in spoiler your RPT, or contact me on skype. RPT will say you everything, always :D
  5. I've been working with WAI old one and this for longer time, reworked them for my server purposes, adding new missions, broadcast informations etc etc, and from my experience WAI 2.1.4 ++ is very heavy and causing massive lags for server. As im not 100% sure what is causing that, I was focused on external usage of mission system and changing how does it look for players, however in my opinion problem lies within timers for missions. Hero and Bandit missions have seperate timers with start, stop (timeout) and bit of randomizer while old WAI system got only start "time between missions" and timeout, with one mission type. If you enabled special mission types then you have 3 clocks working all the time in the background for mission system. I wont go further and explain how it is affecting server. Solution is simple, and yet not simple. Rework mission init system. I always wanted to have hero and bandit missions with cap of 2 missions for each side, So i have two options now: - I can go back to old WAI, and create 2 different mission systems, one bandit one hero with all improvements i've created. - Rework WAI 2+ init and timers. HINT for you coders: What I was thinking about and what i will do is to call missions from Epoch Events, so all timers will be gone (except of timeout, which will be built in mission itself), and there will be check and the beggining if there are allready missions on map (max 2) Before you will jump on me - RETHINK 5 TIMES case "I KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT", coz I've read a lot off let say gentle "not smart" opinions. Big thanks for creators of rewritten WAI system, you did hell of a job. Check what I could achieve with new system: Click on Gallery picture:
  6. No limit :D Only fun :D
  7. It seems like you called SQF twice somewhere. Its not only trader that is "doubled", i bet if you will use admin tools to delete one of the buildings in trader - you will have to do it twice. Check your init files, if it won't work out you can contact me on skype.
  8. My mistake, same name for Var and marker itself, try that one: _NWAFtrader = createMarker ["NWAFAir", [4107.6406, 10856.059, 0]]; _NWAFtrader setMarkerText " NWAF Air Trader"; _NWAFtrader setMarkerType "mil_dot"; _NWAFtrader setMarkerColor "ColorGreen"; _NWAFtrader setMarkerBrush "Solid"; NWAFtrader = _NWAFtrader; Sqf works same as any additional building, just place it in buildings and execute it like any other addon / trader city, look at first post Install section. I order to have AI static guns and AI troops running around you need to have either Wicked AI (WAI) or Wicked AI 2 (WAI2) installed, after that just place code for AI into static mission settings of WAI and be sure to have it enabled, especially in WAI2 , its turned off by default. I wont explain how to install WAI, but If more will ask for it i will add short guide how to install static code and make sure it will run.
  9. Not MIA, just a "bit" busy :D During weekend i will try to release some new stuff. :)
  10. Look at first post, There is Spoiler section with all install instructions :)
  11. Chernarus: NWAF Aircraft Trader Top: 041 Side: 045 With many disadvantages of having one Aircraft Trader at NE Airfield second one was needed to give players option which one to choose. Trader is selling same stuff as his NE equivalent. Trader inside is fixed to standard Neutral traders in your server_traders.sqf from Chernarus mission file. (instance 11) Marker: _NWAFtrader = createMarker ["NWAFair", [4107.6406, 10856.059, 0]]; _NWAFtrader setMarkerText " NWAF Air Trader"; _NWAFtrader setMarkerType "mil_dot"; _NWAFtrader setMarkerColor "ColorGreen"; _NWAFtrader setMarkerBrush "Solid"; NWAFtrader = _NWAFtrader; NWAFtrader.zip
  12. AI STATIC CHERNARUS: Prison AIPrison.sqf start as any of other custom place sqf. PrisonCrate put into "crates" folder in your buildings folder One of many AI static missions I have created for dayz servers, Prison site have two possible locations: Version 1. Top: 028 Side: 108 Version 2. Top: 003 Side: 109 AIPrison1.zip AIPrison2.zip prisoncrate.zip
  13. AI STATIC CHERNARUS: Construction Site Top: 013 Side: 028 One of many AI static missions I have created for dayz servers, Construction site is located far North East part of map and by completing it you can get construction materials as a reward. AIContruction.sqf start as any of other custom place sqf. ConstructionCrate put into "crates" folder in your buildings folder Marker: _Contruction = createMarker ["ContructionCamp", [1382.1833, 12527.856]]; _Contruction setMarkerText " AI Construction Site"; _Contruction setMarkerType "Dot"; _Contruction setMarkerBrush "Solid"; _Contruction setMarkerSize [0.8, 0.8]; Contruction = _Contruction; WAI 2 static setup: // Construction [[1472, 12537,0.001],4,"hard","Random",3,"none","GUE_Soldier_Sab","Random","Bandit"] call spawn_group; [[1331, 12485,0.001],4,"hard","Random",3,"none","GUE_Soldier_Sab","Random","Bandit"] call spawn_group; [[1424, 12472,0.001],4,"hard","Random",3,"none","GUE_Soldier_Sab","Random","Bandit"] call spawn_group; [[[1356.66,12494.9,3.65],[1359.9459, 12532.396, 4.35043],[1366.6877, 12517.218, -0.055966262],[1380.8385, 12553.244, 7.7632465],[1386.1068, 12497.722, 11.530006],[1421.0057, 12525.689, 13.765746]], "KORD_high_TK_EP1","hard","GUE_Soldier_Sab","Bandit","Random",2,"","Random"] call spawn_static; WAI (old) static setup: // Construction [[1472, 12537,0.001],4,1,"Random",4,"","GUE_Soldier_Sab","Random"] call spawn_group; [[1331, 12485,0.001],4,1,"Random",4,"","GUE_Soldier_Sab","Random"] call spawn_group; [[1424, 12472,0.001],4,1,"Random",4,"","GUE_Soldier_Sab","Random"] call spawn_group; [[[3050.7842, 10881.893, 13.765746],[3015.981, 10853.813, 12.447275],[3010.5227, 10909.313, 7.7632465], [2996.4946, 10873.238, 0.56721449],[2989.7017, 10888.398, 3.8481393]], "M2StaticMG",0.5,"GUE_Soldier_Sab",1,2,"","Random"] call spawn_static; AIconstruction.zip ConstructionCrate.zip
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