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  1. Only came across one issue, on our Bornholm Server. One AI almost always glitches underneath the old A2 apartment buildings when VEMF picks a city with those apartments. Only way to clear the mission when this happens is to satchel the building.
  2. I tried adding "vonid=1" to the ServerConfig.Arma3Profile on our vert server, but it didn't seem to work. Can ya help guide me Zed?
  3. Yep. I guess I'll have to rethink panthera for the time being. Really disappointing. That is the last thing I had to get ironed out before it went live too...
  4. Damn damn damn....lol
  5. I do have Panthera running, but i haven't altered any code aside from the config.cpp for the portals, static traders and shipping container locations. Altering that bit of code you posted would make the server not start due to the .dll am i correct?
  6. Is there a way, to adjust where vehicles spawn? They are spawning fine on the server, but they are all clumped up in 3 different spots on the map, and thats it. More than half the map won't spawn a vehicle. Just those three areas, lol. Is the position determined serverside? Does one of the 100 items in the mission sqm determine it? Any insight is greatly appreciated. Should add I am building a Panthera Epoch server. Again, thanks in advance.
  7. If you were on one of my servers, I could help. But, you weren't on one of mine from reading your first post.
  8. This autoban has been resolved.
  9. Hello, just set up a dedicated server, and want to turn the death messages off. Can't for the life of me figure out how. Trying to leave the 3rd person/crosshairs on. Veteran minus the death messages. This possible?
  10. Only error thats popped so far, I checked the line, but nothing jumps out at me.
  11. You posted as I was typing mine out, sorry. lol
  12. For reference to despawn times... Can confirm no one was near the mission.
  13. These missions seem to spawn and despawn super fast. Like 5 minutes. I didn't touch the initMissions
  14. Getting this as well. On hosted server.
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