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  1. now this. i understand the duplicate entry...it's IN the database but when i try to buy it fromt he trader, there is no icon/picture in the trader and when i buy it, it takes my money, gives me a key, shows red arrow where the vehicle is supposed to appear, but never appears.
  2. yes. i did. it's at the very top of my list. unless there is a limit to the amount i can put in using this sql query, then i don't knwo what's wron with it.
  3. now i have no idea if the jackal2 is considered an upgraded vehicle, and if it needs step 1) sql query from OP, but i tried adding it in yesterday. this is what i got: dafuq! i checked, re checked and re re checked my sql command to see if it was correct...seems as though it is. please, if i missed something, tell me :) thanks guys.
  4. open dayz is down. no group management until it comes back up...shit!
  5. does anyone possibly have the file where the precide base building is implemented so we can compare files maybe? that would help.
  6. shouldnt like an if(ai has rpg)= remove backpack or something? i'm not one for coding. so dont hold me to what i say hahaha
  7. and here we go again. this time the doors aren't reverting to horizontal position upon upgrading, it's just i got this error as i was trying to upgrade stairs to hand rails: inb4 "something's messing with your database, check player_upgrade.sqf" and all sort of stuff. i merged everything well last night and today i get this. server_swapObject.sqf: advice maybe on a fix?
  8. i have a defines.hpp from zupa SC 3.0...now what? hahah
  9. maybe i didn't properly install this. i saw a mention that some files have to be merged... i'm using zupa 3.0 single currency. should i post my pbo?
  10. yeah dude, loads of people have posted about it. im pretty sure everyone who posted about it has been told by striker to check the player_upgrade.sqf but there's nothing to be the checked there. so we have to merge a certain file? and if we do, there are some who have never merged, is there any sort of way someone could tell us how? or maybe points us in the right direction? and now i'm getting this rpt error server side:
  11. this is taken care of. i've wiped the server and switched to zupa 3.0 cuz old epoch fears feel good. now if i can just get that damn vector script to work.... lol.
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